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What are the Best Restaurants to Visit in Alkmaar?

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What are the Best Restaurants to Visit in Alkmaar?

If you are looking to visit Alkmaar, Netherlands, you will want to experience the best of the city’s culinary treats. As the city is located in the northern part of Holland, it offers a selection of tastes which are a combination of Dutch and North-Holland influences. Here are some of the best restaurants to visit in Alkmaar.

Jacobsz Restaurant

First off is Jacobsz Restaurant, which is located in the historic center of Alkmaar. This restaurant features an extraordinary high-end atmosphere that blends traditional cooking recipes from the north with exquisite culinary delights from the rest of Europe. Jacobsz Restaurant serves lunch and dinner menus that serve a perfect combination of French, Italian, and Dutch flavours.

The food here is tremendously delicious, and its ambience is also top-notch. The waiters are always divided among every table to make sure that every guest has access to prompt service. Jacobsz Restaurant also serves a lovely selection of wines and beers to complement your meal.

De Paas

Second on this list is De Paas, which is located in the city center near the canals. This restaurant exudes luxury and elegance, with its classic interiors and white-washed walls. De Paas offers an extensive lunch and dinner menu which combines fresh local ingredients with an array of classic French recipes.

This restaurant also offers daily specials, where you can enjoy the seasonal fruits and vegetables cooked in traditional methods with a modern touch. The atmosphere of De Paas is very pleasant and friendly, and the staff is always willing to assist you with your meal choices.

De Smikkelaer

Third on our list is De Smikkelaer, which is one of Alkmaar’s most popular eateries. This restaurant serves local dishes with a hint of French and Dutch styles, delivering a unique cuisine experience to its guests. The dishes at De Smikkelaer are excellent, plus they also have a selection of daily specials that regularly change.

The menu at De Smikkelaer also includes vegetarian dishes, so everyone can enjoy the experience without sacrificing either their health or their tastebuds! The staff is always friendly and ready to help customers choose the perfect dish for their individual palates.


It’s clear that there are plenty of wonderful restaurant choices in Alkmaar – it’s nothing short of a culinary paradise. Whether you’re looking for high-end luxury experiences or daily specialities, Alkmaar has something for everyone’s palate!

An Insider’s Guide to Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Alkmaar is a picturesque, historic city in the North Holland province of the Netherlands. Known for its cheese market and medieval architecture, it is one of the must-see destinations in the country. In this insider’s guide, we will explore the best restaurants, attractions, cultural experiences, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions for tourists visiting Alkmaar.

Local Attractions

One of the most popular attractions in Alkmaar is the cheese market, which takes place every Friday from April to September. Visitors can witness the trading of cheese by farmers in traditional costumes, learn about the history of cheese-making in the Netherlands, and taste some amazing cheese. Another must-visit is the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, which showcases the region’s art and cultural history. The beautiful Grote Kerk (Great Church) is also worth a visit, as it features stunning architecture and an impressive organ.

Dining Spots

Alkmaar is home to many excellent restaurants and cafes, offering a diverse range of cuisine. De Koperen Bel is a popular restaurant serving delicious Dutch cuisine, with a cozy and charming atmosphere. For a taste of Italian cuisine, head to Trattoria Di Toni, which serves homemade pizzas and pasta dishes. For seafood lovers, KONIJN is a restaurant that offers fresh seafood and fish dishes, as well as excellent wines.

Cultural Experiences

The Dutch love their beer, and Alkmaar is home to many breweries that offer tours and tastings. One of the best is Brouwerij De Die, which produces a range of refreshing, locally brewed beer. For a unique cultural experience, visit the Waagplein square, where you can witness traditional folk dancing, music, and other performances.

Local History

Alkmaar has a rich history, and there are many historical landmarks and sites to visit. The Molen van Piet is a stunning windmill that has been beautifully preserved, providing a glimpse into the city’s past. De Hout is a park that was once a hunting ground for the counts of Holland, and is now a scenic place to take a walk or have a picnic. The Old City Gate is another landmark that is worth a visit, as it is one of the last remnants of the city’s old fortification.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

For those looking to explore beyond the usual tourist destinations, Alkmaar has plenty of hidden gems to discover. One such place is the Beatles Museum, dedicated to the legendary music group from Liverpool. Another interesting attraction is the Beer Museum, which showcases the history of beer-making in the Netherlands. For a unique experience, take a canal boat tour of the city, and discover the hidden corners and waterways of Alkmaar.

In conclusion, Alkmaar is a charming and fascinating city that has something to offer for everyone. With its rich history, beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, and off-the-beaten-path attractions, it is a destination that is not to be missed.

joey thompson 4zN  PKsbWw unsplash

What are the Best Restaurants to Visit in Alkmaar?

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