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What Are the Best Things to Do in Arnhem?

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What Are the Best Things to Do in Arnhem?

The city of Arnhem is located in the east of the Netherlands and is renowned for its vibrant art scene, rich history and cultural heritage. It’s often known as the gateway to the waterways of the Rhine River and boasts some of the most stunning views of the land. But what can you do once you arrive in Arnhem? Keep reading for a deep dive into the best things to do in Arnhem.

1. Explore Museum Arnhem

For an introduction to Arnhem’s long and varied history, be sure to pay a visit to Museum Arnhem. Established back in 1847, the museum is one of the oldest and most visited attractions in the city and offers an insight into everything from prehistoric times until the modern day.

The museum is home to an impressive display of artworks and artifacts, covering topics such as regional history and art, childhood, Egyptology and naval history. Visitors can also view numerous permanent and temporary exhibitions that offer unique perspectives into Arnhem’s culture and heritage. The museum offers guided tours on certain days, which are always popular with tourists.

2. Visit De Hooge Veluwe National Park

One of the Netherlands’ most incredible natural attractions is located just an hour’s drive away from Arnhem. De Hooge Veluwe National Park is a sprawling 5,400-hectare park full of trees, sand dunes and rivers, with activities for everyone to enjoy. As you explore this paradise, discover ancient archaeological sites and sculptures sprinkled across its landscape.

There are several bicycle routes through the park, so you can explore its kilometres of woodland trails at your own pace. Along the way, there are plenty of wildlife, deer and wild boar, to spot. You could also rent one of the park’s electric cars, making it easier to explore its further reaches without tiring yourself out too much.

3. Admire Neveritaweg Park

For a tranquil and calming way to spend an afternoon in Arnhem, walk along the banks of the Rijnkade at Neveritaweg Park. This charming and laidback promenade boasts some of the most spectacular views of the river and its surrounding area. As you wander along and take in these views, look out for mooring barges, fishing boats and other vessels plying its waters.

The park comes alive in summer months due to its long sandy beach and popular dip spots for brave water sports enthusiasts. In addition to this, it is full of hidden corners where blooming vegetation shrouds peace spots for peaceful picnic interludes and plenty of benches for a rest, you can also enjoy the park’s open air theatre on certain weekends where some classical music or theatre performances take place from time to time.

4. Enjoy a Drink at Hertog Jan

For those looking for a vibrant evening, Arnhem boasts several popular bars and breweries, including Hertog Jan. Located in one of the oldest buildings in the city, Hertog Jan serves up some of Arnhem’s best beers and ales under its impressive vaulted ceilings.

The beer selection changes regularly to reflect local tastes and seasonal flavours, ensuring there is something for everyone here. If you want something beyond beer, you’re sure to find something you love in their extensive wine list or hearty food selection. Hertog Jan is a prime spot for meeting new people or relaxing with good company as music from global DJs or local bands plays until late in the night.

5. Visit Eusebius Church

No visit to Arnhem would be complete without seeing Eusebius Church. This beautiful 16th century building stands out with its bright red brick exterior, making it one of the most visited sights in the city centre. Inside you’ll find four stories that lead up to an impressive ceiling height, each featuring impressive religious frescoes and artwork that were finished by 20th century Dutch painter Jan Wiegers van Son.

The church is open to visitors every day and offers guided tours on Mondays and Saturdays in several languages. This is well worth doing if you want to learn about its facinating history and admire its breathtaking wall art and sculptures with an experienced guide offering insights into this stunning building throughout your journey there.


Arnhem is full of incredible experiences that cater to a wide range of interests and activities. From cultural institutions such as Museum Arnhem to natural attractions like De Hooge Veluwe National Park, you’ll be spoilt for choices during your time in this vibrant city. Perhaps the real charm lies in uncovering its hidden gems such as Neveritaweg Park or Eusebius Church. So don't forget to look out for these hidden gems during your stay in Arnhem!

aranxa esteve pOXHU0UEDcg unsplash

What Are the Best Things to Do in Arnhem?

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