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What are the Best Things to do in Lubeck Germany?

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What are the Best Things to do in Lubeck Germany?

Lubeck, Germany is a scenic city located on the Baltic Coast and known for its old world charm. This former trading port is now home to a world class museum, impressive architecture and plenty of activities to enjoy. Here are some of the best things one can do when visiting Lubeck.

1. Discover Sites of Historic Interest

One of the highlights of visiting Lubeck is the old town with its well-preserved historic buildings. Visitors can explore the old city center, which is surrounded by a defensive wall, take photographs of landmarks such as St. Mary’s Church, Holstentor and the charming streets lined with merchants’ houses.

The old part of Lubeck was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and offers tourists insight into Lubeck’s maritime past as well as its role in the Hanseatic League. At St. Annen Museum visitors can learn about the Hanseatic League and the nations that were part of it as well as explore artifacts from Lubeck’s golden era.

2. Peek Inside Inside Historic Buildings

The enchanting old streets of Lubeck are excellent for exploring its architectural gems such as museum buildings, churches, palaces and castles that have survived the centuries. The Buddenbrook House is the place where Thomas Mann was born and where one can explore the family’s former home and discover iconic furniture and books from their day.

At St. Nicholas’ Church one can explore its unique interior or visit Town Hall, where one can go on a guided tour. The Town Hall’s inner courtyard, with its vibrant colours, intricate mosaics and sculptures is one of Lubeck’s most attractive sites. Visitors can also explore local art galleries such as the Neues Museum and Kunsthalle Lubeck.

3. Enjoy Starlit Outdoor Adventures

The highlights of a visit to Lubeck don’t have to stay within historic walls, there are many outdoor activities one can enjoy in the city and its surrounding area. The seaside city has plenty of beaches where one can spend idyllic days at the water’s edge while soaking up sun rays and taking a break from sightseeing.

The Lübeck Mountains are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to take part in extreme sports such as mountain climbing or hiking. Many visitors enjoy kayaking or biking along city trails, which offer stunning views of shoreline cities such as Travemunde and Strassburg as well as bird-rich wetlands. One may also see some of Lubeck’s stunning lakes, rivers and canals that provide an ideal spot to relax.

4. Indulge in Traditional Foods

Travelling is incomplete without tasting local cuisine, for that Lubeck has plenty of options for foodies wanting to indulge in traditional specialties such as Labua Fish, Comice Pears, Alsterwasser, Baumkuchen Cake, Zuckerwiener and much more. Being a seaside city, most restaurants specialize in fish dishes prepared with various sauces, herbs and seasonings. Other dishes one can enjoy include Rippenspeer which is pork rib sausages topped with applesauce, Kassler which is smoked pork shoulder and much more.

The best place to try out traditional Lübeck dishes is in local pubs and restaurants scattered across the city, some such places include Ratskeller Zur Rebleuten and Gaststaet Bier-Garten Kaltenhof which both offer delicious regional treats.

5. Attend Cultural Events

Lubeck has something for everyone, no matter what season one visits there are always around town events that appeal to all ages and interests, from cultural festivities to sports events or concerts. One of the most popular events that takes place every April is the Hamburg Film Festival which features acclaimed directors from across the globe with movie screenings from contemporary art projects to shorts from new filmmakers.

For music fans there are plenty of festivals to contemplate during summer months such as Baltic Fly Gigs which offer powerful rock concerts situated on outdoor venues paired with thrilling light shows or Steinbach Festival which offers a lineup with classic and modern rock anthems.


Lubeck in Germany is truly a marvel place to visit as one can easily spend days exploring historic buildings, taking a stroll along its beach shores or dipping into local specialties and attending cultural events. This German port city celebrates its rich cultural heritage while never losing sight of the future and its innovative take on various aspects making it the perfect destination for all kinds of travellers.

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What are the Best Things to do in Lubeck Germany?

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