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What are the Best Things to do in Melbourne?

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What are the Best Things to do in Melbourne?

Melbourne, Australia, is a vibrant and exciting city, offering plenty of activities to do. Whether you are traveling solo, with family or friends, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic city. From cultural activities and sightseeing tours to outdoor adventures and unforgettable experiences with friends and family, the city has it all. With many unique attractions, activities, and events to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the best things to do in Melbourne. We have compiled this guide to help you find the perfect things to do in Melbourne and make the most of your time in this incredible city.

Cultural experiences in Melbourne

Melbourne has been described as Australia’s cultural capital, and for good reason. It is home to world-famous galleries, theatres and music venues, making it a great place to sample a range of cultures from around the globe.

The National Gallery of Victoria, more commonly known as the NGV, is home to some of Australia’s best artwork. It is also the most visited art gallery in the country, making it a must-see attraction. With its two distinct wings, The NGV offers an eclectic collection of pieces ranging from European masters to indigenous Australian artwork and modern masterpieces. Admission is free to the public, making it a great option for families travelling on a budget.

Travellers looking for a unique cultural experience should not miss out on the Melbourne Arts Centre. This multi-venue performing arts centre is home to theatre companies, artists, musicians and more, offering a variety of performances on a nightly basis. Visitors can enjoy classic stage plays, musicals and ballets, as well as contemporary theatre performances by local and international talent.

The complex also houses an Indigenous art gallery, an exhibition space and a creative workshop for kids. Tickets are inexpensive and available for purchase through their website.

Outdoor activities in Melbourne

For those who are looking for more adventure, there are plenty of outdoor activities in Melbourne to keep visitors busy. From the beaches to the lush parks and everything in between, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The waterfront area of St Kilda is a great place to start your outdoor exploration. In addition to its stunning beaches and boardwalks, St Kilda offers plenty of activities. Visitors can try their hand at paddle-boarding or hit the waves with a kayak or jet ski rental. For those who prefer dry activities there are cycling trails, tennis courts, rock-climbing walls and even skateboarding parks. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby, providing a perfect spot for lunch or dinner after a day on the beach.

Those who want to explore Melbourne’s beautiful green spaces should check out the Royal Botanic Gardens. This sprawling park is home to over 8,500 species of plants and is recognised as one of the great botanic gardens of the world. Visitors can explore the garden’s tranquil lawns, winding paths and meandering lakes while learning more about flora and fauna unique to Australia. Entrance is free, making it a great choice for families travelling on a budget.

For visitors who want to get closer to nature than they ever imagined, Victoria’s Grampians National Park is a must-see destination. This vast expanse of rugged wilderness is home to some of Australia’s most dramatic scenery – featuring towering sandstone cliffs, lush forests and glittering waterfalls. This breathtaking landscape is perfect for walking tours and camping trips, as well as rock-climbing, 4WD adventures, scenic drives and much more.

Nightlife in Melbourne

Melbourne is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene, offering plenty of bars and clubs for travelers to explore during their stay. Whether you’re looking for live music venues or cocktail bars, this city has something for everyone after dark.

Perhaps the most famous destination for nightlife in Melbourne is Chapel Street in South Yarra. It’s one of the biggest hubs in the city, crammed with an eclectic mix of nightclubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants that attract thousands of visitors every weekend. This iconic strip also hosts an array of events throughout the year – from music festivals and water sports events to art exhibitions and outdoor film screenings – making it a great choice for travelers seeking some after-dark thrills.

For those looking for something a bit more low-key – try Fitzroy Street St Kilda. This iconic strip has been described as Melbourne’s answer to New York’s Village – offering a chilled-out atmosphere perfect for chatting with friends over dinner or a few cocktails. Its vast selection of restaurants, bars and cafes serve up everything from Vietnamese street food to classic Aussie pub grub – making it a great option for travelers seeking a lively but relaxed night out.

Unique tours in Melbourne

One of the best ways to explore Melbourne is by going on an organised tour of the city. There are plenty of interesting tours available that showcase all that this incredible city has to offer – from food tours that take visitors on a culinary journey around the city’s traditional eateries, to boat cruises that give passengers panoramic views of downtown Melbourne from the Yarra River.

For those looking for a unique way to experience Melbourne’s culture and history – why not try one of Get Your Guide’s Booze Makes History Better small group tours? This 3-hour walking tour takes visitors through the city’s hidden laneways and little-known bars while providing some insight into Melbourne’s incredible drinking culture – with tastings of locally-brewed beers and traditional cider along the way. It’s a fantastic way to get off-the-beaten-path and explore some of Melbourne’s lesser known attractions – all while learning more about its rich heritage.You can book the Booze Makes History Better Afternoon Drink Tour here for an unforgettable experience.

Final Thoughts

There are so many wonderful things to do in and around Melbourne – it can be hard to decide which activities take priority when planning your trip! To make sure you don’t miss out on any vibrant culture or outdoor adventures – be sure add some cultural experiences, outdoor activities and unique small group tours into your itinerary. Doing so will ensure you make the most out of your stay in this exciting city!

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What are the Best Things to do in Melbourne?

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