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What are the Best Things to See and Do in the Netherlands?

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What are the Best Things to See and Do in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is an enchanting country, home to iconic architecture, stunning natural attractions and lively cities. With its rich cultural heritage and abundance of activities to choose from, it is no wonder why the Netherlands is such a popular destination for travelers. From historic city tours to legendary train journeys and cultural attractions such as Van Gogh Museum, there is something for everyone in the Netherlands. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best things to do and see in the Netherlands.

Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most popular tourist destination in the Netherlands and for good reason. The capital city is filled with world-renowned museums, beautiful canals, fascinating architecture and bustling markets. Amsterdam has something to offer for everyone – whether you’re an art enthusiast, history buff, culinary aficionado, or simply looking to explore the Dutch capital.

Take a boat tour down its iconic canals, visit Anne Frank’s House, stroll through the city’s many parks and gardens and don’t forget to sample some Dutch delicacies at the numerous markets around town. Amsterdam also offers a great nightlife, with some of the best clubs and bars in the country, as well as a variety of music venues including concert halls and live shows.

Explore Delft

If you’re looking to get out of Amsterdam and explore the cities nearby, Delft is definitely worth checking out. Located just 31 miles from Amsterdam, Delft is an enchanting city filled with Dutch charm. It’s one of the most picturesque cities in the Netherlands with cobblestoned streets, centuries-old buildings and canals lined with barge homes.

Delft is perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of famous Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer, and it’s no surprise why: with its narrow canals, alleyways and old buildings it provides the perfect backdrop for inspiring works of art. If you’re an art enthusiast, be sure to explore the Vermeer Centrum museum and visit Vermeer’s house as well. Since Delft is quite small, it’s best explored on foot or by bike so you can take your time to explore the charming streets and canals of this old Dutch city.

Indulge in Cheese Tasting in Edam

Edam is another charming city located on the shores of lake Ijsselmeer, just 18 miles from Amsterdam. The city is known mainly for its cheese production – Edam is home to some of the most famous cheeses in the world and has been producing them since the Middle Ages.

The perfect way to get acquainted with Edam’s delicacy is by taking a cheese-tasting tour. Taste different types of cheese – from young and mild to old and strong – all produced in Edam itself. You can also learn about the history of cheese production in Edam while on your tour and explore the city’s quaint cobblestoned streets.

Have Fun at a Water Park

Slagharen amusement park is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe and it’s located just outside the city of Amsterdam. It’s great for kids and adults alike with plenty of fun activities to choose from. From thrilling rollercoasters to exciting water rides and plenty of water slides, Slagharen has something for everyone.

The park also has plenty of other attractions such as live shows, a unique wildlife park and adventure playgrounds for the kids. If you’re in search of a thrilling day out with your family or friends, Slagharen is the perfect destination.

Celebrate at King’s Day

King’s Day (previously Queen’s Day) is an annual national holiday celebrated in honour of the king’s birthday as well as Dutch culture and traditions. This huge event takes place on April 27th every year and brings more than a million people together in various cities around the country. The celebrations usually include street parties, fairs, parades, live music and fireworks – the perfect way to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Dutch culture firsthand.

Take a Train Ride Through The Dutch Countryside

Experience the picturesque countryside of The Netherlands like never before with a scenic train journey. The Netherlands Railway offers routes that go all over the country; from major cities like Amsterdam to smaller villages located in more remote regions of the country. During your ride you will have a chance to enjoy some unique views: wide open fields, dramatic landscapes of dunes near the coast, boat-filled harbours, quaint windmills – all from inside your train cabin. This unique experience will allow you to experience The Netherlands like a local!

Discover Natural Wonders in Maasduinen National Park

Located right on the border between The Netherlands and Germany sits Maasduinen National Park; an untouched paradise filled with nature reserves, expansive forests and endless hiking trails. Here you will find some of The Netherlands’ most stunning natural attractions including wild rivers, heathlands, gentle hills, a wide variety of wildlife species and even some rare archaeological treasures buried deep within its forests. For outdoor enthusiasts looking for an adventure, Maasduinen National Park offers plenty of activities such as biking through its trees-lined trails or kayaking down its streams.

Go on a Self-Guided Pub Trail in Amersfoort

A great way to experience Dutch culture is to go on a self-guided pub trail throughout Amersfoort’s historic streets. With its many pubs scattered throughout town, this tour allows you to explore Amersfoort at your own pace with an interactive mobile app as your guide. Experience cozy taverns, outdoor beer gardens and quaint cafes – all with a unique twist that only Amersfoort can bring. You can even get rewarded for exploring by collecting bonuses throughout your journey so don’t forget to download the app before you visit! To take part in this unique experience purchase tickets for Netherlands Self Guided Pub Trail in Amersfoort with Online App.

In conclusion, there are countless things to do and see in the Netherlands – from majestic cities such as Amsterdam and Delft to unique activities like going on a self-guided pub trail or cheese-tasting tour through Edam. But whatever it is that you decide to do in this beautiful country, you are sure to have a memorable experience!

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What are the Best Things to See and Do in the Netherlands?

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