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What Are the Mysterious Facts About Giza?

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What Are the Mysterious Facts About Giza?

Giza, located near Cairo in Egypt, is home to some of the world’s most mysterious, ancient monuments – the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx and other wonders. But even though millions of people come to Giza every year, there are still some mysterious facts about it that remain largely unknown. Read on to discover just what experts believe are the most remarkable things about this geographic region.

1. It’s Home to a Mummy Graveyard

The Giza plateau is home to a cemetery known as Giza West Field. It’s here that people buried their mummies from the Old Kingdom, during a time period from 2700 – 2150 BC. In all, there is evidence of over 1000 tombs in the area, and over 200 of them have been discovered by archeological teams, allowing for an interesting and detailed look at life in ancient Egypt. Visitors to Giza have the opportunity to take guided tours of the tombs by buying tickets from the Giza Antiquities Plateau Museum.

2. There Is Evidence of Animal Sacrifices

In western Giza, there is evidence that animal sacrifices were made in honour of local gods and goddesses. According to Ancient Egypt, animal sacrificial items such as incense vessels, pottery of animals, religious symbols and other offerings were discovered when archeologists dug in Giza. The underlying reasons for why these animal sacrifices were carried out continues to puzzle Egyptologists.

3. Older Than It Looks?

The monuments in Giza are estimated to have been built between 2550 and 2490 BC, but Egyptologists believe that the structures were built over a period of time instead of all at once — the monuments could be much older than many believe. To make matters more mysterious, no one is quite sure when construction on Giza began, as no giant steles have been found so far with documentations that provide information about the exact dates.

4. The Great Pyramid Was Built From the Inside Out

It’s believed that the Great Pyramid was built from inside out — a unique way of building pyramids to make them stronger against earthquakes and similar natural disasters. Because of how intricate it is, it’s also widely believed that aliens had a helping hand in it.

5. Its Stones Were Not Carved by Hand

Experts agree with the assertion that the stones from which the pyramids were made were not carved by hand — though no one knows exactly how the builders managed to create them with such precision by chipping away from flat stones. The truth is that the Great Pyramid contains 2.3 million blocks which vary in shape and size — each block is extremely precise and shows evidence of being cut from flat stones with extreme accuracy.

6. The Sphinx Is More Ancient Than We Realize

With its human body and cat head, the Great Sphinx is part of the Giza site and dates back thousands of years — some theories suggest as early as 7000 BC. This means it would predate all of the pyramids by a huge margin — making it one of the oldest and mysterious monuments in the world.

7. The Pyramids Are Not Exactly in a Straight Line

It’s tought that all the pyramids were project to form a straight line along the Nile River — however, bearing in mind intregal exactness characteristic of Ancient Egyptian architecture, experts think that Imhotep had another design in mind when building them — instead of forming one straight line along the river, each pyramid is slightly slanted outwards to form a concave arc-like pattern along its perimeter.

8. Imhotep Is Considered An Immortalized Character

Imhotep is an important figure in Ancient Egyptian history — he was an architect, engineer, doctor and priest believed to have designed many of the monuments in Giza. His legacy resulted in him being labelled an “immortalized character’ — one of only four people ever to be immortalized in Ancient Egyptian culture — with Osirsis, Isis and Amun being the other three.

9. The Epicentre of Numerous Paranormal Research Studies

Many paranormal activity studies have taken place in Giza — because of its age and advanced architecture, the intrigues continue even up to today (2021). Ancient Aliens, a television show produced by Science Channel includes a report claiming some of the paranormal activity inside Giza came from supernatural beings or extraterrestrials who were living within the monuments during ancient times — up until now remain unproven theories that continue fueling research among renowned professionals in this genre.

Ultimately, Giza houses some of world’s most mysterious monuments — and sticking out from those amazing sites are other peculiar details that suggest unusual hypotheses about this geographic region and its inhabitants from thousands of years ago. To draw any real conclusions is impossible — but it’s certain that with continued research comes the uncovering more secrets from this incredible location.

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What Are the Mysterious Facts About Giza?

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