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What is a Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour?

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What is a Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour?

A haunted pub crawl walking tour is a guided walking tour which visits pubs said to be haunted by ghosts and spirits. These tours usually take place after dark or during twilight, giving participants a truly eerie atmosphere. Many times the tour guide is dressed in costume and the stories told along the walk are often quite spooky and atmospheric. Experiencing a haunted pub crawl walking tour can be a fun, exciting, and educational activity for individuals, couples, or groups of friends.

Where Can I Go on a Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour in Austin?

Austin is known for its vibrant arts, music, and nightlife scenes, as well as its interesting haunted past. There are several notable companies offering haunted pub crawl walking tours in Austin. Notable companies offering these tours include Get Your Guide, Austin Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Tours of Austin, The Austin Ghost Tour Company, and Austin’s Weirdest Tours.

Get Your Guide offers an iconic Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour of Austin’s most notorious bars. This tour offers insight on the city’s haunted past and highlights the most reputedly haunted bars along the way. You can expect a fun, interactive experience with plenty of ghost stories and haunted history. The tour begins at 7 PM and lasts up to three hours. To learn more and book your experience, you can visit GetYourGuide’s website.

Austin Paranormal Investigators offers a slightly longer version of the Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour which lasts up to four hours. It’s an exclusive small group experience focused on exploring locations that have been known for their supernatural activity with an experienced paranormal investigator as your guide. You’ll visit some of the most haunted pubs in the city and learn about the history behind the hauntings, as well as some local ghost stories!

What Do I Need to Know Before Booking a Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour?

Before booking your haunted pub crawl walking tour it’s important to remember that many of the stories told along the way are not a guarantee, and sightings of ghosts or spirits cannot be promised. However, most tours provide an interactive experience with unique insight into the haunted past of Austin and its many spooky tales.

Here are some things to consider when booking a haunted pub crawl walking tour in Austin:

  • Length: Most tours are around three hours long, but some can last up to four hours.
  • Price: Prices vary depending on the company and the length of the tour. Most tours ranges from $20-35 per person.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is generally not included in the price of the tour, however, most tours make stops at bars or pubs and you can purchase drinks there.
  • Age Requirements: Pub crawl walking tours in Austin generally require participants to be 21+.
  • Clothing: Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking around for up to four hours! If you plan on entering any bars during the tour, make sure your clothing is up to dress code.

What Can I Expect During a Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour?

A haunted pub crawl walking tour usually begins with a welcome from your guide and an overview of the night’s events. After that, you will begin to explore and visit pubs or bars which are said to be haunted or cursed. You’ll hear many spooky stories, tales of paranormal activity and vivid descriptions of supernatural occurrences along the way. Your guide will likely take the time to offer some in-depth explanations about the local hauntings, adding historical context and interesting tidbits about each stop on the tour. Throughout your time on this type of tour, you’ll be able to explore and engage with your guide, asking questions throughout your journey in order to get a more unique experience and better understanding.

My Final Thoughts: Personal Opinion

I’ve been on several haunted pub crawl walking tours in various cities around the world. I find these types of tours incredibly exciting and entertaining! Each time I go on one I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much I learn about the city’s haunted past while having a really fun time with my friends. Whether you’re visiting or from Austin, or just looking for an interesting activity to do after dark – I’d highly recommend taking a Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour! Book your experience now with GetYourGuide.

The Insider’s Guide to Edinburgh: A Hauntingly Beautiful City

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a city teeming with history and old-world charm. It is a place where medieval castles coexist with modern cafes, and where Gothic architecture blends seamlessly with the greenery of parks and gardens. But beyond its well-known tourist landmarks, Edinburgh has a wealth of hidden gems, fascinating culture, and unique experiences to offer. Here is an insider’s guide to some of the best that this city has to offer.

Local Attractions: Exploring the Offbeat and Unusual

When visiting a new place, it’s tempting to stick to the familiar tourist traps. However, some of the most memorable experiences you can have can be found off the beaten path. In Edinburgh, take a stroll through the Dean Village, a former milling community that looks as if it has been plucked straight from a fairy tale. Or visit the Scottish Storytelling Centre, where performers tell tales of Scotland’s history, myth, and legend. Another unique stop is the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, an interactive museum that will spark curiosity, imagination, and wonder in people of all ages.

Dining Spots: Savoring the Flavors of Scotland

The gastronomic landscape of Scotland can be as exciting as it is intimidating. Haggis, neeps, and tatties may be known staples, but the city has more to offer than its traditional plate. Start your experience with a hearty brunch at Urban Angel, a cozy cafe in New Town that serves up fresh and organic dishes. For dinner, try any of the delicious seafood dishes at Ondine, located in the bustling heart of the city and known for its daily haul from the Scottish seas. End the night at the Devil’s Advocate, an underground bar that serves rare and unique whiskies, and a wide range of craft beers.

Cultural Experiences: Discovering Scotland’s Heritage and Art Scene

For those interested in the arts, Edinburgh has a rich cultural heritage, and visitors can witness this through live performances, exhibitions, and museums. During August, the city is alive with activity with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a month-long celebration of music, comedy, and theatre. The National Museum of Scotland is also worth a visit, where you can learn about the country’s rich history and cultural traditions. Take a stroll through the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh or the city’s many art galleries for a more leisurely experience of the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

Local History: The Stories Behind Edinburgh’s Haunted Past

No visit to Edinburgh is complete without exploring its haunted pubs on a walking tour. Discover the city’s gruesome past on a Haunted Pub Crawl, where you can hear spine-tingling tales about Edinburgh’s most infamous ghosts, ghouls, and poltergeists. Or visit the Edinburgh Castle and learn about the city’s storied military past, dating back to the 12th century. The Palace of Holyroodhouse is also well worth a visit, as you can learn about the events that shaped the history of Scotland and its monarchy.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Adventuring Beyond the Norm

For an adventure that takes you beyond the city limits, take a drive to the quaint seaside village of Cramond, a peaceful haven with stunning views of the sea and the Cramond Island. Walk the trail along the Almondell and Calderwood Country Park and witness the countryside at its most beautiful. For a splendid view of Edinburgh’s skyline, hike up to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano that dominates the city’s skyline.

Edinburgh has a wealth of hidden gems and unique experiences that every visitor will enjoy. Whether you are interested in art or history, great food or stunning landscapes, there is something here for everyone. Explore the city’s history, enjoy its culture, and savor its flavors. You’ll soon fall in love with Edinburgh and leave with a lifetime of memories.

aron van de pol tZDtyUrYrFU unsplash

What is a Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour?

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!