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What is a Pub Crawl in Marseille and How to Best Enjoy it?

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What is a Pub Crawl in Marseille and How to Best Enjoy it?

Marseille in the south of France is a popular tourist destination with its buzzing nightlife and vibrant streets. Pub crawls in this beautiful city are a great way to experience it while having a great time with friends. Pub crawls involve visiting multiple bars and pubs in one night, allowing you to explore the area, meet new people and try different drinks. Here’s an in-depth guide to Marseille pub crawls and how to best enjoy them.

What is a pub crawl?

A pub crawl or bar crawl is a guided tour of multiple bars and pubs in one night. This experience usually involves drinking in each establishment along the way, though depending on the event, drinking may not be the main focus. Pub crawls are usually organized events that involve larger groups of people and usually have drink specials in each location.

What can you expect from a pub crawl?

Most pub crawls involve multiple bars and pubs, but the specific locations and activities depend on the tour or event that is organized. Generally speaking, during a pub crawl you can expect drinks specials as well as fun activities such as bar games and music. Depending on the event, there might also be food provided or other entertainment such as dancing.

Advantages of pub crawls

There are many advantages to participating in a pub crawl. The most obvious advantage is the chance to try different drinks from multiple locations. This allows you to explore the nightlife of the city while socializing with other members of the group. Pub crawls also give you the chance to meet new people, as different tour groups often mingle together in the same bars.

Another big advantage is that many pub crawls offer discounts on drinks or cover charges at bars, making them more affordable than visiting the same venues individually. Additionally, pub crawls often take place in the evening hours when most bars and pubs offer discounted prices on drinks. This can lead to big savings compared to paying full-price for drinks elsewhere.

Finally, pub crawls are simply a lot of fun! Even if you don’t drink alcohol, you can still join in on the fun as many pubs crawl venues offer non-alcoholic drinks and activities such as karaoke or pool tables.

How to find a pub crawl?

The easiest way to find a pub crawl in Marseille is to do an online search for “pub crawl Marseille”. You can find many different types of events available including guided tours, club tours and student nights. Be sure to read through each event’s description to get an idea of what’s included in the price as well as any restrictions or conditions that may apply.

You can also look for pub crawl events on social media and get-together websites such as Meetup. In addition, many tourist offices offer brief pub crawls which take visitors to some of the city’s most popular bars and pubs.

Tips for participating in a pub crawl

The most important thing to remember when participating in a pub crawl is to stay safe! Drink responsibly and always make sure you have a designated driver if you’re drinking alcoholic beverages. Additionally, carry some form of identification with you, even if you aren’t planning on drinking alcohol, as some venues may require it for entry.

Be sure to wear comfortable footwear as you might be walking quite a bit during your pub crawl, especially if it’s a guided tour. You should also dress appropriately – some bars and clubs may have dress codes which can range from casual to semi-formal attire.

The most enjoyable part of participating in a pub crawl is meeting new people, so don’t be afraid to talk to people who are joining the tour. Often, pub crawls will provide activities such as trivia or team challenges which will encourage socialization between participants.

Finally, make sure to bring cash with you as many bars still don’t accept credit cards. This will save you any unnecessary hassle when it comes time to pay for drinks or entrance fees at some venues.

Where to find the best pubs in Marseille

Marseille is brimming with fantastic pubs, clubs and bars that make for a fantastic night out for pub crawlers! Some of the best spots include:

  • Cabaret Hello Hello, a slick bistro bar located within an old theatre.
  • Docking Station, a music bar offering live DJs and jazz concerts.
  • Mécano, an underground club with an industrial vibe.
  • The Lolita Lounge Bar, a stylish lounge bar serving up exotic cocktails.
  • Le Café Melou, a romantic wine bar with real French vibes.
  • Uno Marco, gastropub with an extensive menu including beers.

Planning your own pub crawl

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not plan your own pub crawl? You can choose a specific theme, or go for something more general that includes multiple types of bars and pubs. For example, you could visit one dive bar, one club and one lounge bar during your pub crawl – or any combination that suits your needs!

Make sure to plan your route ahead of time and make sure there’s no overlap between venues – it wouldn’t be fair for people who aren’t familiar with the city! Be sure to offer activities at each location that will encourage conversation and socialization between participants. Additionally, make sure each venue offers something unique so that everyone has something to experience during their time there.

Finally, it is important to consider safety when planning your own pub crawl – make sure you have someone who agrees to be the designated driver and ensure everyone gets home safely!


Pub crawls are an excellent way to experience Marseille’s vibrant nightlife and meet new people! They offer discounts on drinks and cover charges and provide plenty of activities that make the evening more fun and engaging. When planning your own pub crawl or attending an organized event, always be mindful of safety tips such as having a designated driver, carrying identification with you and wearing comfortable shoes. With this guide, you now know everything about Marseille pub crawls – so why not book a tour now for an unforgettable night out? Book your place on a Pub Crawl Tour now!

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