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What Is a Seoul Pub Crawl and Party?

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What Is a Seoul Pub Crawl and Party?

Are you ready to let loose and experience the vibrant nightlife of Seoul? If so, then a Seoul pub crawl and party is the perfect blend of alcohol, fun, and culture. Seoul has a variety of vibrant bars and clubs that attract an eclectic mix of locals and tourists alike. A pub crawl is a great way to explore the nightlife of Seoul with your friends. Here’s our guide to the perfect Seoul pub crawl and party!

What Is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is a group activity that involves visiting multiple bars or pubs in one night. Participants usually drink something at each location, but there are non-drinking pub crawls as well. A pub crawl is a great way to explore the local nightlife, meet new people and have fun. It is a type of event that is popular among both locals and tourists around the world.

What Is Included in a Seoul Pub Crawl and Party?

A Seoul pub crawl and party typically includes exclusive access to bars, clubs, and other venues in some of the most exciting areas in Seoul. It is an all-inclusive experience that includes invitations to multiple venues, standard drinks (beer and soju are popular choices), free shots at each venue, professional tour guides, free entrance to nightclubs, discounts on additional drinks, and more. The exact package may vary from provider to provider.

At each venue, you will also be able to enjoy great music, entertainment, and activities. Most Seoul pub crawls also include social games at some of the venues. For example, you may play beer pong or flip cup to add some fun to the night. Pub crawls may also include cultural activities such as traditional drink tastings (soju is highly recommended).

Where Is the Best Place for a Seoul Pub Crawl and Party?

Seoul is full of vibrant nightlife locations, but the best places for a Seoul pub crawl and party are Hongdae and Itaewon. Hongdae is known for its youthful atmosphere and is filled with bars, clubs and cafes to explore. Itaewon is the perfect destination for international travelers due to its more cosmopolitan atmosphere.

No matter which destination you choose, you will find plenty of choices for fantastic bars, clubs, and entertainment venues. Many pub crawls allow you to customize your tour so you can choose which pubs and bars you want to visit during your night out.

Where Can I Book My Seoul Pub Crawl and Party?

If you’re looking for an easy way to book your Seoul pub crawl and party, GetYourGuide is the perfect choice. GetYourGuide offers a selection of fun-filled pub crawl packages in some of the liveliest districts of Seoul including Hongdae, Itaewon and Gangnam.

GetYourGuide offers package options to fit any budget. For example, their 3-hour pub crawl package includes exclusive access to multiple venues, free standard drinks at each location, free shots at two of the locations, free entrance to clubs with table service, interactive games with tee shirts as prizes, discounts on additional drinks at select locations and more! Plus you get to customize your package with options like bar hopping tours, dance tours and nightclub tours depending on your preferences.

Why Should I Book My Seoul Pub Crawl With GetYourGuide?

When booking your Seoul pub crawl with GetYourGuide, you get more than just a fun night out. With GetYourGuide you gain access to professional tour guides who will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time while exploring the unique bars of Seoul.

GetYourGuide also ensures quality with their strict vetting process. All venues they visit are monitored carefully to make sure they meet their standards. You also don’t have to worry about getting lost as all tours are done in small groups with experienced guides.

Last but not least, GetYourGuide has earned a reputation for offering some of the most affordable package prices on the market. With packages starting at just $37 USD per person, GetYourGuide makes it easy and affordable to enjoy a unique night out in Seoul without breaking the bank.


Ready for an unforgettable night out in Seoul? Then book your Seoul pub crawl and party with GetYourGuide for a truly enjoyable experience! From exclusive access to fantastic venues to professional tour guides and interactive games, GetYourGuide has everything you need for an epic night out in Seoul! To book your Seoul pub crawl now, click here.

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