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What is a Singapore Bar Crawl?

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What is a Singapore Bar Crawl?

Tired of your regular evening routine? Looking for something a bit more exciting? Singapore’s got you covered, with hundreds of bars and pubs you can hop around and mingle with locals! A Singapore bar crawl is the perfect way to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife. But what exactly is a Singapore bar crawl, and how do you make the most of it?

What is a Bar Crawl?

A bar crawl, also known as a pub crawl, is an organized event where participants visit several bars over an extended period, typically either one night or over several nights. The main goal of a bar crawl, as with any other kind of bar hopping, is for participants to socialise, network and enjoy different experiences in each bar or location. The Singapore bar crawl sees participants move from one location to the next, typically with a guide or themed drink menu to follow, until they’ve reached the required number of bars and pubs at the end.

Organisers of the Singapore bar crawl usually provide entry to each location, which often includes some form of discounted drinks, unique experiences such as live music performances and mini-games to play with other participants. This makes it an easy and convenient way for participants to enjoy the city’s nightlife!

What Do Bar Crawls Provide?

Singapore bar crawls offer participants the chance to explore some of the best drinking spots the city has to offer, at discounted rates. Participants could enjoy craggy back-lane beer dens, jazzy jazz clubs in restored shophouses or even ultra-modern rooftop bars. It’s also a great way to network with locals and other tourists and make new friends whilst learning about the city’s nightlife culture.

Organised bar crawls often come with different themes that range from Halloween horror parties to trendy rooftop bars. Participating in such crawls means that you get access to unique venues and exclusive programs such as contests and discounts on food and drinks. Plus, bar crawls provide a great way to negotiate transportation between places if you don’t want to navigate around on your own after a couple of drinks.

Where Can You Go for A Singapore Bar Crawl?

Singapore is an incredibly vibrant city full of fun and exciting nightlife spots! There are many neighbourhoods and districts that offer unique experiences for travelers looking for a good night out. Some of the most popular spots for a Singapore bar crawl include Chinatown, Little India, Nagore Square, Sentosa Island and Robertson Quay, which are all high in energy and have a buzzing atmosphere in the evenings.

These areas boast a diverse range of bars, pubs and clubs that cater to different tastes and interests including live music bars, whisky bars, speakeasy clubs and rooftop bars. Some of the most popular spots for late night drinking include The Mad Men Attic Bar, Atlas Beer & Bites, Sir Coconut’s Rooftop Bar and Funky Hens.

Benefits of a Singapore Bar Crawl

Organised bar crawls are popular amongst both locals and tourists alike because they offer multiple benefits. Firstly, there’s the convenience factor – instead of having to plan your own journey around the numerous bars in town, you can take part in an organised crawl and let someone else take the lead. Plus, organised crawls often come with added entertainment such as theme parties, free drinks and discounts on food. They’re also a great way to make new friends, as you’re likely to meet other participants who are just as keen to explore the city’s nightlife!

Secondly, Singapore is a multicultural hub so each area has its own unique atmosphere that’s worth exploring. A guided bar crawl will provide an easy way for you to take in different cultures without having to plan it by yourself. Plus, taking part in an organised tour gives you access to places that are not always open to the general public – your only chance to check out some exclusive spots might be on a guided bar crawl!

Are Bar Crawls Safe?

Organised pub crawls are generally safe and secure as all participants are provided with an official guide. However, it is important to note that alcohol consumption often leads to careless behaviour which could be dangerous. As such, be sure to stick with your group when drinking in an unfamiliar environment away from home – do not wander off on your own!

It is also important to remember that there are legal safety limits on alcohol consumption, so be sure to follow the guidelines provided by the organisers. The legal limit for alcohol consumption is 0.5% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in Singapore, so it is important to stay sober and drink responsibly!


A Singapore bar crawl is a great way to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife! Taking part in an organised tour allows you access to exclusive venues and exclusive discounts on food and drinks, as well as providing a secure guided route for participants. But it is important to remember to stay within safety limits when consuming alcohol and always stick together with your group when exploring unfamiliar areas away from home. Ready for the ultimate night out? Book a bar crawl today!

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