What is a Virtual Pub Crawl?

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What is a Virtual Pub Crawl?

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Pub Crawl FAQ

What is a Virtual Pub Crawl?

A virtual pub crawl is an exciting new way to have fun and socialize while social distancing measures are in place. Unlike the traditional pub crawl, virtual pub crawls are hosted online, usually through video conferencing software such as Zoom or Skype. They allow large groups of people, from friends across the country to coworkers around the corner, to virtually explore the world and its pubs together.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Pub Crawl?

Virtual pub crawls offer a unique way to get together with friends and family while still socially distancing. With a virtual pub crawl, you can avoid paying for transportation to and from the bars and don’t have to worry about scheduling time around travel. Plus, you don’t have to pay expensive bar tabs since all participants need only a laptop or computer and a decent internet connection to join in!

Another benefit that virtual pub crawls offer is that they can be completely tailored to any group’s interests and preferences. With public, craft, and even private “pubs” available in the virtual world, hosts can craft a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone in attendance.

How Does a Virtual Pub Crawl Work?

At its core, a virtual pub crawl works similarly to an in-person pub crawl. It’s simply organized over videochat instead of in real life.

When planning a virtual pub crawl, the host needs to first pick a videoconferencing platform to host the call. Common platforms used for virtual pub crawls include Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Webex, or Microsoft Teams. The host also needs to figure out the time and duration of the call, as well as a virtual “world” to explore during each hour-long segment.

Once the basics are in place, the host will then choose a series of virtual pubs (or bars) for each hour of the event. For example, the host can choose one specific brewery’s website or app for a public pub hour, or they can choose to explore individual group or private “pubs” that have been prearranged by other participants. The host can also choose virtual activities for each pub, such as icebreaker games or trivia contests. The virtual pubs can also be tailored to special occasions such as birthdays or holidays. The possibilities are limitless!

As the call is going on, the host should take breaks for everyone to visit virtual pubs, activities and even snack at home. Then it’s celebrated at the end with everyone!

Traditions for a Virtual Pub Crawl

Similar to an in-person pub crawl, some hosts may incorporate several traditions with their virtual pub crawl. These can include:

Dressing Up in Theme Costumes

Hosts can encourage participants to dress up in theme costumes or uniform t-shirts to commemorate their virtual pub crawl experience! From nerd chic glasses and sweaters to pajama onesies, participants can choose a fun look that best fits their personality and show it off on the call.

Trivia & Pub Games

Hosts can add a bit of fun to their pub crawl by organizing mini group activities such as trivia or scavenger hunts where participants have to search the virtual world for items!

Snack & Beverage Pairings

Snacks and drinks can be pre-ordered or picked up from local stores in advance for participants to enjoy during the call. Hosts can even choose signature cocktails for everyone to make ahead of time for an added dose of fun!

There are several websites and apps such as Drink Deck that offer curations of specialty drinks and snacks from around the world that groups can purchase together for an international experience.


Lastly, souvenirs are always a great way for participants to take home and remember the fun times experienced during their virtual pub crawl experience. Hosts can order personalized items such as t-shirts, mugs, and hats to commemorate their special day and give out as prizes at the end of the event!

Examples of Virtual Pub Crawl Ideas

Here are some examples of unique twists or themes people have brought to their virtual pub crawls:

Brewery Hour

A brewery hour is one popular type of virtual pub crawl where participants take turns giving short talks about different craft beers available online, along with food pairings if desired. To make it extra special, hosts can also encourage everyone to purchase their favorite local craft brews ahead of time for an added touch of authenticity!

International Hour

An international hour is another great theme that helps participants explore pubs from around the world without leaving their home. During this hour, they can choose a specific country or region of the world, and have each participant order their favorite alcoholic beverage from that region, while also sharing stories about their fondest memories of exploring this country or region.

Pub Quiz Hour

A pub quiz hour is a great way for groups to show off their knowledge about famous pubs from all over the world. Participants can form teams (or even take part individually!) and answer questions about trivia related to these iconic pubs. For an added spin on this classic bar game, hosts can award points for interesting answers or creative responses!

Themed Hours

Another fun way to liven up any virtual pub crawl is to include special themed hours. During this hour, participants get creative when coming up with fun costumes that relate to a certain theme – say 80s nostalgia or beach party vibes – and also come up with drinks and snacks that correspond with it!


A virtual pub crawl is an ideal way for any group of friends or coworkers looking to bring some unique flare to their next happy hour hangout. With just a laptop or tablet and decent wifi connection, hosts can bring together people from all over the world and explore pubs both real and virtual in an exciting new way! With endless themes and activities to choose from, every group has the opportunity to create their own one-of-a-kind experience with a virtual pub crawl.

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What is a Virtual Pub Crawl?

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