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What is Memphis Tennessee known for?

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What is Memphis Tennessee known for?

Memphis, Tennessee, is a city steeped in culture and history. It is known around the world for its connection to iconic musicians and legendary food, as well as its unique architecture and its vibrancy. Many of America’s most iconic music acts have made their way through Memphis, such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, and the city has been known for its impact on the shape of popular music for decades. Its culinary scene is equally impressive, with BBQ and fried chicken remaining two of the most popular styles of food in the city.

Memphis is also the home of the storied University of Memphis, creating a cultural oasis in the heart of the city. One of the longest running American TV shows, “Memphis Beat’, is largely based on the city’s image and culture. Art museums such as the Brooks Museum and Dixon Gallery also draw in visitors from around the world to catch a glimpse of Memphis’ unique take on city life.

Historical Attractions

Memphis’ history is showcased within its many museums and preserved sites. The National Civil Rights Museum offers an educational look at some of America’s darkest days, viewed through the lens of those who marched from Selma to Montgomery. The museum itself is housed within the former Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. The Stax Museum of American Soul Music teaches visitors about some of the most influential music of the past century. Beale Street is also well-recognized for its connection to music and its longstanding tradition as a center for popular culture.

The historical significance of Memphis also extends beyond music. Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home turned museum and entertainment complex, draws millions of visitors annually to the city and serves as a symbol of Memphis’ unique flair in showcasing American culture through popular figures. A tribute to the sultry music legend at the site attracts people from all over world to pay their respects.

Food Scene

The food scene in Memphis is one of its most well-known qualities, with countless restaurants serving an international array of cuisines. From classic BBQ and fried chicken, to German-style sausages and Bengali curries, Memphis’ food scene is full of mouthwatering options for every appetite. Many classic eateries have been around for decades, such as Central BBQ and Gibson’s Donuts, allowing visitors to get a taste of local flavor along with classic favorites. For hungry foodie tourists, Corky’s BBQ is definitely worth a try, as well as Arcade Restaurant for classic Southern cuisine.

Memphis’ soulful atmosphere also lends itself to a variety of bar scenes as well. From dive bars offering live blues music to upscale rooftop bars with skyline views, the city has something for all walks of life. Local favorites include Old Dominick Distillery for craft cocktails or Earnestine & Hazel’s Juke Joint for a hip atmosphere with classic soul tunes.

There really isn’t anywhere else quite like Memphis Tennessee in the world; it is truly a unique destination offering visitors a world-renowned combination of music, culture and cuisine. Those looking to get a true taste of Southern hospitality in America needn’t look any further than this legendary city.Check out this official Memphis tourism visitor guide for more information on specific attractions and activities in Memphis!

Insider’s Guide to Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Tennessee is a must-see location for anyone looking for an authentic Southern experience. You may have heard about Memphis as the home of the blues and rock ‘n roll music or the place where Elvis made his mansion, Graceland. However, Memphis is much more than music. The city is pulsing with history, cultural heritage, fantastic food, and outdoor adventures. Here are some highlights of what Memphis is known for.

Local Attractions

Memphis has plenty of attractions that tourists should not miss, including:

– Graceland: A pilgrimage site for Elvis Presley’s fans, Graceland was the iconic home of the king of rock ‘n roll. Visitors can take a guided tour of the mansion or explore the several exhibits, including Elvis’ car collection.

– Beale Street: Known as the ‘birthplace of the blues,’ Beale Street is where music lovers come to see live performances in Memphis. Visitors can enjoy entertainment, blues cafes, and restaurants while indulging in cold drinks.

– National Civil Rights Museum: The National Civil Rights Museum is situated at the former Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. Visitors to this museum can explore the history of the Civil Rights Movement and visualize the events that took place in the 1950s and 1960s.

– Sun Studio: In 1951, Sun Studio started as a record label that recorded the then-unknown Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and other influential musicians. Today, it’s a museum that still records music and offers daily tours.

Dining Spots

Memphis is a food lover’s paradise, with a popular public market and numerous BBQ joints. Here are some places to eat:

– Central BBQ: Central BBQ is a barbeque restaurant that serves the best southern-style pork ribs, and pulled pork, with two locations in Memphis.

– Rendezvous: Rendezvous is famous for its Memphis-style dry rub ribs, beans, and knowledgeable servers. It’s also famous for its celebrity patrons, including Presidents and TV personalities.

– The Arcade: Memphis’ oldest restaurant, The Arcade, opened in 1919, and serves a variety of Southern-style breakfast foods, burgers, sandwiches, and a delightful milkshake in a historic ambiance.

Cultural Experiences

Memphis has many cultural experiences that highlight its rich historical heritage. Here are some to consider:

– Stax Museum of American Soul Music: Filled with interactive exhibits and more than 2,000 rare artifacts, the Stax Museum is a tribute to soul music and its culture that started in Memphis.

– Blues Hall of Fame: The Blues Hall of Fame is home to the world’s most significant collection of blues artifacts, including instruments, recordings, photographs, and memorabilia.

– Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum: The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum is a sound and light experience that exhibits the music’s origins, its evolution, and the impact it has on Memphis’ culture.

Local History

The city of Memphis has a rich history, and visitors can learn about it through its museums and historical landmarks. Here are a few:

– Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum: The Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum showcases the secret system that allowed slaves to escape to freedom during the Civil War.

– Memphis Pyramid / Bass Pro Shops: The original purpose of the Pyramid was as a sports and concert venue, and at present, it is occupied by Bass Pro Shops, a massive sporting and outdoor retailer.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

Memphis has plenty of unknown spots and offbeat things that many tourists miss. Here are a few off-the-beaten-path activities:

– Memphis Riverboats: Visitors can take a Mississippi River cruise on an authentic paddlewheel boat, the Riverboat.

– Overton Park: Overton Park is a 342-acre public park that features opportunities like hiking, golf, and events.

– Shelby Farms Park: This is one of the largest urban parks in the USA and offers visitors hiking, biking, boating, zip-lining, and wildlife watching.

In conclusion, Memphis Tennessee is a city of unique attractions and activities, and a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic Southern experience. Visitors can indulge in the culture and history of music, culinary, and recreation. The city is considered one of the friendliest in the nation, so visitors can rest assured they’ll be met with warm kindness and southern etiquette.

anthony delanoix CFi7 hCXecU unsplash

What is Memphis Tennessee known for?

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