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What is Tequisquiapan and What to See There?

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What is Tequisquiapan and What to See There?

Tequisquiapan is a small town in the heart of Mexico located in the state of Querétaro. With its good infrastructure and rich culture and history, Tequisquiapan has been a popular destination for visitors interested in authentic and traditional Mexican culture. From colonial churches to monasteries, Tequisquiapan offers a wide array of attractions for visitors to explore.

History of Tequisquiapan

Tequisquiapan has a long and rich history dating back to the pre-Hispanic era. The first settlers of the area were of Nahua Indian descent, who named the area “Tequixtlan’, which means “land of maize” in their language. By the 16th century, the Spanish had colonized the area and the native Indians were gradually replaced by settlers from Europe.During the colonial period, Tequisquiapan became an important center for trade due to its location. In 1568, King Philip II declared it an official caravan city. As a consequence, many constructions such as public buildings and infrastructure were built in order to support the city’s economy.Since then, Tequisquiapan has undergone several changes in its population composition over time. In the 19th century, the city was largely influenced by French culture after the establishment of ironworks there and by German immigrants who later settled in the city. By the 20th century, Tequisquiapan had become an important industrial center and continues to be important to this day.

Places to Visit in Tequisquiapan

Tequisquiapan offers an array of attractions that are perfect for travelers looking to experience true Mexican culture. From historical structures to outdoor activities, the area has something for everyone.

Plaza de Altozano

The Plaza de Altozano is one of the main attractions in Tequisquiapan. Located at the center of the city, it is surrounded by several historical buildings such as the Church of San Francisco, which was built in 1582. There is also a large fountain in the plaza which adds to its beauty and charm. On Sundays, it is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities such as music and dancing.

El Cerro del Tepozteco

The Cerro del Tepozteco is an archeological site located just 6 kilometers from Tequisquiapan. It was believed to have been an important place of worship during pre-Hispanic times, and served as a major pilgrimage destination for natives. The site is now home to a temple dedicated to Tepoztecatl, an indigenous deity that symbolize good health. There are also several hiking trails in the area, perfect for exploring nature and getting some fresh air.

Monasterio de la Luz

The Monasterio de la Luz is a large monastery located just outside of Tequisquiapan. Built by Augustinian fathers in 1780, it is one of the most notable symbols of colonial design. Inside, visitors can explore various artifacts from centuries past, as well as beautiful architecture from all corners of Mexico that have been collected by the Augustinians over time.

La Tunilla Reservoir

For those looking to get out and enjoy nature, La Tunilla Reservoir is a great place to visit. Located just outside of Tequisquiapan, it is a wonderful spot to take in the beauty of nature while fishing or taking boat rides in its waters. It is also home to some unique wildlife such as freshwater turtles and carp fishes.

Reina Brewery Museum

The Reina Brewery Museum is also a great place to visit. Founded by Juan Manuel Herrera in 1892, it was one of Mexico’s earliest and most famous breweries. Visitors can explore different types of beer, explore old bottles and machines used for beer production, and learn more about how Mexican beer was made in the 19th century.


Tequisquiapan is a beautiful town located in Querétaro with a lot of history and culture to explore. From churches to monasteries, there are plenty of places to visit in the area. Nature lovers can explore La Tunilla Reservoir while beer enthusiasts can learn more about their favorite beverage at the Reina Brewery Museum. Whatever your interests may be, Tequisquiapan has something to offer everyone looking for an authentic experience that is off the beaten track and truly Mexican. MexicoMaxico’s guide provides more information about things to do in Tequisquiapan and nearby attractions.

An Insider’s Guide to Tequisquiapan: Hidden Gems and Local Treasures

Tequisquiapan might be a lesser-known city in Queretaro, Mexico, but it is worth adding to any traveler’s bucket list. It is a charming and picturesque colonial town that offers a unique blend of attractions, culinary delights, cultural experiences, and historical landmarks. As an insider, I want to share with you a few of my favorite off-the-beaten-path suggestions that will make your visit to Tequisquiapan an unforgettable and extraordinary one.

Local Attractions: Beyond the Tourist Spots

While Tequisquiapan has plenty of well-known tourist draws, such as its historic downtown and the La Pila Park, there are some hidden gems that only locals know about. A must-visit spot is the Aqua Park Xotepingo, an ecological park that features hot springs, geysers, and natural pools. It is an ideal destination for a day trip with friends or family. The park also offers horseback riding, zip-lining, and hiking trails.

Another hidden gem is the Tequisquiapan Bicentennial Park, a green oasis in the heart of the city that spans over 20 hectares. The park features a lake, walking trails, sports facilities, and picnic areas. It is a great place to spend a peaceful afternoon admiring the flora and fauna.

Dining Spots: Discover Local Flavors and Stories

Tequisquiapan’s food culture is diverse and delicious, blending traditional Mexican cuisine with unique local flavors. When it comes to dining spots, it is vital to avoid the tourist traps and instead opt for the best-kept secrets, known only to locals. For breakfast or brunch, I recommend trying a delicious ‘platillo de cecina’ at El Guero Cecina. The restaurant is known for its juicy and crispy cured beef, a traditional local favorite.

For lunch or dinner, head to La Parroquia de Veracruz. It has a long history dating back to 1808 and is famous for its spicy ‘molcajete’ (a mix of grilled meats, vegetables, and cheese served in a hot stone mortar). The restaurant has a rustic vibe that will transport you to another era. Don’t miss trying their signature coffee, roasted and brewed in-house.

Cultural Experiences: Celebrate Local Traditions and Art

Tequisquiapan is a vibrant city that honors its cultural heritage with pride, celebrating its traditions and customs through music, dance, art, and festivals. Visit Casa de la Cultura, an art center that showcases local artists’ paintings, sculptures, and photography. It also offers workshops and classes in different arts forms, such as embroidery, pottery, and music.

Another cultural experience not to be missed is attending the Casa del Artesano. The market has over 60 stalls where artisans sell their handmade crafts made from ceramics, wood, glass, and textiles. You can watch the artisans at work and purchase unique souvenirs to take back home.

Local History: Fascinating Stories from the Past

Tequisquiapan has a rich and fascinating history that goes back to the pre-Hispanic era. A must-visit landmark is the La Trinidad Franciscan Convent, a colonial-era monastery that dates back to 1554. The building boasts impressive architecture and has several chapels with stunning frescoes and religious artwork. It also has a peaceful courtyard with a fountain that makes a serene spot to take a break from the busyness of the city.

Another interesting story from the past is about the Puente de la Historia (Bridge of History). It is a pedestrian bridge that spans the San Juan River. According to local lore, the bridge is where two lovers met, one from the Spanish crown and one from the local indigenous tribe. The two could not be together due to societal limitations, and so they committed a double suicide, and their spirits reportedly haunt the bridge at night.

Off-the-beaten-path Suggestions: Adventures and Surprises

Finally, to make your visit to Tequisquiapan unforgettable, consider some off-the-beaten-path suggestions. You can ride a hot air balloon over the city to see the stunning landscape from a unique perspective. You can also visit the vineyards around the city and sample some of the local wines. Several tours are available that will take you through the wine-making process.

If you are looking for some adventure, take a kayak tour down the San Juan River. For a more spiritual experience, head to the Xotol Church, which is a sanctuary built into the caves. The view from the terrace is breathtaking, and the atmosphere is peaceful and meditative.

In conclusion, Tequisquiapan is a hidden gem of a city that offers a wealth of intriguing and remarkable experiences. Whether you want to explore local history, cultural traditions, or cuisine, or if you are looking for adventures off the beaten path, Tequisquiapan has something for everyone. I hope this insider’s guide will help you make the most of your visit and find a deeper appreciation for this fascinating and charming destination.

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What is Tequisquiapan and What to See There?

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