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What Is the Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night Experience?

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What Is the Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night Experience?

The Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night Experience is an outdoor street celebration that takes place in the heart of the city, where revelers come together to celebrate and have a great time. This event takes place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening, and features live music, activities, food, drinks and more. There is no better way to see Amsterdam’s beautiful sights and sounds than by joining in this vibrant evening experience.

What Can You Expect At The Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night Experience?

At The Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night Experience, you can expect a vibrant evening of outdoor entertainment and fun. Starting at around 18:00 pm each Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evening, revelers gather around the iconic square, to enjoy live music from select performers, DJs, and other musical acts.

There are varying levels of activities for all ages that range from dancing to engaging activities for children. During the event, you will also be able to enjoy a delicious array of food and drink options provided by local vendors that span across several culinary genres.

Additionally, the whole square will be lit up with special lighting installations from several local artists. This stunning visual display adds an extra layer of experiences to the night that is truly unforgettable.

What Is The Best Time To Experience The Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night?

The best time to experience the Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night is when the event starts at 18:00 pm each Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evening. The event generally runs until 01:00 am, allowing for you to be part of the full experience and enjoy all aspects to its fullest glory. If you would like to join the night festivities but don’t want to stay until the very end, then consider arriving early. This way you can still experience most of the activities and soak in the full atmosphere of the night.

What Makes This Experience Different Than Any Other Outdoor Party?

The Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night is unique because it brings together so many elements that create a dynamic evening of enjoyment. Between its stunning light installation art displays, its amazing repertoire of musical performers and food vendors, this party night offers a unique level of entertainment and fun that many other outdoor street parties do not have. Not to mention its amazing location right in the center of Amsterdam, which just adds further to its charm.

What Do You Recommend To Make The Most Of Your Time In Amsterdam?

One of the best ways to make the most of your time in Amsterdam is to make sure you take in all the amazing sights and sounds that this great city has to offer. The best way to go about this is to start off with some nice sightseeing tours during the day. This will give you a great overall introduction to what Amsterdam has to offer and you can also learn some interesting facts about its culture and architecture.

At night, we recommend joining in on one of the many party activities such as The Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night Experience featured above. This will allow you to have a great time during your stay as you join locals and tourists alike who come together every week for an unforgettable evening of fun. Aside from partying, Amsterdam also features many excellent restaurants and pubs where you can really taste the flavors of this captivating city.


The Amsterdam Rembrandt Square Party Night Experience offers a unique level of outdoor entertainment that combines amazing light installations with amazing musical performances and selective food offerings. This experience takes place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening starting at 6 pm and runs until 1 am. If you would like to join the festivities but don’t want to stay until the very end, then we recommend showing up early so that you can still experience most of the activities and atmosphere on offer.

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The Insider’s Guide to Amsterdam: Discover the Hidden Treasures of the ‘Venice of the North’

Amsterdam – the city famous for its picturesque canals, romantic bridges, and vibrant nightlife. But as a traveler, it’s easy to get caught up in the tourist traps and miss the quirky, off-the-beaten-path attractions that make Amsterdam truly unique. In this insider’s guide, we’ve compiled a list of hidden treasures that only locals know, from cultural hotspots to hidden dining gems.

Explore Hidden Cultural Spots That Will Take Your Breath Away

Amsterdam is a city steeped in artistic heritage with a diverse array of cultural experiences that go beyond museums and galleries. Start with the NDSM Wharf, an industrial area converted into an open-air cultural space that hosts festivals, events, and markets. For a local music fix, check out Bimhuis, a jazz venue right next to the Muziekgebouw concert hall.

One of the secret spots that even some locals don’t know about is the Begijnhof. This quiet courtyard hidden in the middle of the city center dates back to the 14th century and was originally built as a sanctuary for Beguines – lay Catholic women who wanted to devote their lives to serving the church.

Discover Local Cuisine: Indulge in Amsterdam’s Delicious Food Culture

Amsterdam’s food scene is more than just stroopwafels and herring from street stands. If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, try out acclaimed restaurants like Restaurant De Kas and Rijks, where the chefs work with fresh, organic ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes.

Amsterdam is also famous for its breweries and distilleries. For a true Dutch experience, visit a Genever tasting room – a traditional drink made from juniper berries that is a precursor to gin. Try tasting Genever and jenever at Wynand Fockink, one of the city’s oldest distilleries, and Bar De Drie Fleschjes.

Immerse Yourself in Amsterdam’s Festivals and Traditions

Amsterdam has a rich calendar of festivals, traditions, and cultural events that make the city come alive. King’s Day, Amsterdam Dance Event, and Het Grachtenfestival are all must-attend events for music lovers. For a truly unique experience, visit Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Light Festival, where sculptures made from light illuminate the canals.

Also, witness Amsterdam pride at its colorful best at the Canal Parade – the highlight of the Amsterdam Gay Pride which happens every August. The city becomes a carnival with extravagant boat floats, DJs and live music.

Step back in Time with Fascinating Stories from Amsterdam’s Past

Amsterdam has a rich history that goes beyond Van Gogh and Rembrandt. One of the most moving sites is the Anne Frank House, where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II. Another lesser-known historic site is the Museum Van Loon, a 17th-century house built for one of Amsterdam’s wealthiest families.

Also, delve into the city’s nautical past by visiting the Kattenkabinet, a charming museum dedicated to cats and boats. Check out the Schreierstoren, a 15th-century tower that was once part of the city’s original defense system.

Go Beyond the Conventional with Unique Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

Amsterdam is a city of surprises with many gems beyond the usual tourist spots. You can visit the Museum of Bags and Purses, which houses one of the world’s most extensive collections of handbags, clutches, and purses from the 16th century to the present day.

Another unique spot is the Electric Ladyland museum, a fluorescent art exhibition that provides an immersive sensory experience. And if you’re into street art, check out the NDSM Wharf, where you can see both commissioned works and guerrilla pieces strewn all over the industrial area.

In conclusion, Amsterdam has many layers that go beyond just canals and nightlife. By exploring the city’s hidden cultural spots, unique dining experiences, festivals, off-the-beaten-path suggestions, and fascinating stories from the past, you will discover an Amsterdam that captivates your heart and soul.

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