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What is the Average Cost of living in Boston?

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What is the Average Cost of living in Boston?

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is a top metro area when it comes to providing a quality life. It is also a costly city, with a high cost of living compared to other American cities. To help you understand the general costs of life in Boston, we will discuss the average cost of living in this city.

In order to get an exact cost of living in Boston, you have to factor in rent or mortgage, groceries, insurance costs, transportation expenses, medical related costs, and miscellaneous expenditures. According to, the average cost of living per month amounts to $3,650. Compare that to the national average of $2,650.

Boston has some of the highest rents in the country. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment in an expensive area is anywhere from $2,200 to $2,900 a month. For a two-bedroom apartment in an expensive area, you should budget anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000 a month. In a cheaper area, rental prices are slightly lower.

You also have to look at living expenses such as groceries. Numbeo estimates that in Boston the average price of a one-person meal is around $13. For a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant, you should expect to pay around $70. For housekeeping supplies, you should budget around $45 per month on cleaning products and detergent.

The cost of transportation in Boston has increased over the years. On average, a monthly subway and bus pass costs around $90 per month. If you want to own your car and pay by the month, you should estimate around $620 in monthly car insurance payments. Other transport related costs such as parking lot fees and car repair expenses should also be factored in.

Healthcare is another expense that has to be taken into account when considering the cost of living in Boston. Healthcare policies vary from person to person and can cause monthly payments to range from nothing to hundreds of dollars. One should also factor in medical costs for emergencies, doctor visits and medical tests which can increase health care costs significantly.

Finally, miscellaneous expenses have to be taken into account when calculating the average cost of living in Boston. Examples include electricity bills, mobile phone charges and internet bills. Numbeo estimates an average electricity bill of around $70 per month and an internet bill of around $66 per month.

To conclude, the cost of living in Boston is high when compared to other cities across America but it can still be manageable with proper budgeting and smart decisions. Figures published by Numbeo suggests that the average monthly living cost for an individual person in Boston is around $3,650 per month which includes rent and utilities, transportation costs, healthcare bills and other miscellaneous expenses. Before making any decisions on relocating, it is necessary to factor in all living costs you can possibly encounter when living for long periods in this city.

An Insider’s Guide to Boston: How Much Does It Cost to Live Here?

As one of the oldest and most historic cities in America, Boston is a destination that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. With a reputation for excellent education, culture, and entertainment, it’s no wonder that Boston has become a city of choice for many tourists. If you’re considering a trip to Boston, there is a lot that you need to know, including how much it costs to live here. Here’s an insider’s guide to help you make the most of your visit.


Boston is a city rich in history and culture that attracts visitors from all over the world. Whether you’re a history buff, art lover, or sports fan, there’s something for everyone in Boston. Some of the most popular attractions in Boston include:

1. The Freedom Trail – This 2.5-mile-long trail takes you through some of Boston’s most historic sites, including the Massachusetts State House, Paul Revere’s House, and the USS Constitution Museum.

2. Fenway Park – As one of the oldest baseball parks in America, Fenway Park provides visitors with a unique experience of the sport.

3. Harvard University – As one of the most prestigious universities in America, Harvard attracts many visitors to its campus and museums.


Boston is home to some of the best seafood in the world, but that’s not all the city has to offer. From innovative cocktail bars to local bakeries, Boston is a city that loves to eat. Check out some of the top spots for dining in Boston:

1. Neptune Oyster – Known for some of the best lobster rolls in the city, this North End spot is a must-visit for seafood lovers.

2. Toscano – Offering authentic Italian cuisine, Toscano is a romantic spot that’s perfect for intimate dining.

3. Union Oyster House – As America’s oldest continuously operating restaurant, Union Oyster House is a part of Boston’s long-standing history.

Cultural experiences

Boston is a city that values its cultural heritage. Whether you’re looking for music, theater, or art, Boston has a lot to offer. Here are some cultural experiences that you can’t miss:

1. Museum of Fine Arts – With over 500,000 works of art, including pieces from the Egyptian and Asian collections, the Museum of Fine Arts provides an immersive cultural experience.

2. Boston Symphony Orchestra – Recognized as one of the best symphonies in the world, the Boston Symphony Orchestra plays in the beautiful Symphony Hall.

3. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – This museum features a personal collection of Renaissance art and is housed in a stunning 1902 building.

Local History

Boston has a long and rich history that is celebrated throughout the city through its historic sites, museums, and architecture. Discover some of Boston’s fantastic history here:

1. The Paul Revere House – Discover the life and times of this legendary patriot who is remembered for his famous midnight ride at this historic landmark.

2. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum – Experience an interactive, 3D learning adventure that tells the story of the infamous Boston Tea Party.

3. The Old North Church – As the church that famously signaled Paul Revere of the British attack, this historical landmark is a must-see for any visitor.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions

Visitors who want to get away from tourist hotspots should consider these hidden gems when visiting Boston:

1. Ghost tours of Boston – Explore the haunted side of Boston by taking a fun and spooky ghost tour.

2. Arnold Arboretum – Visit this beautiful oasis in the middle of Boston to see the vast collection of plants and trees from all over the world.

3. The Lawn on D – An outdoor space in the Seaport District that host events and exhibitions all year round.

In conclusion, Boston is a city that is known for its history, culture, and cuisine, making it a must-visit destination. As for the cost, Boston is an expensive city, but there are many free and affordable activities to enjoy as well. With this insider’s guide, you should be ready to explore and enjoy all that Boston has to offer!

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What is the Average Cost of living in Boston?

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