What is the Bath Treasure Hunt Mystery the Prince’s Stolen Statue?

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What is the Bath Treasure Hunt Mystery the Prince’s Stolen Statue?

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What is the Bath Treasure Hunt Mystery the Prince’s Stolen Statue?

For many years, people who travelled to Bath, England were captivated by the mystery of the Prince’s Stolen Statue, also known as the Bath Treasure Hunt. This traditional treasure hunt, set within the historic city of Bath, has puzzled visitors and locals alike for generations, and is a popular activity for all types of groups, from families to corporate gatherings.

The “Prince’s Stolen Statue’ is a self-led adventure during which individuals or teams hunt for the pieces of a missing statue of the Prince of Bath, who disappeared hundreds of years ago. As participants of the hunt, seekers make their way through Bath’s picturesque cobblestone streets, exploring its breathtaking thermal baths, elegant townhouses, royal crescents and beautiful parks while they search for clues leading to a treasure-filled finale.

Where and How Does the Hunt Begin?

At the start of the hunt, each participant will receive a “treasure map’ – an A5 guide book detailing where and when to find the clues along the way. Clues will be scattered across Bath’s wonderful locations; some in plain sight while others that are harder to decipher will require a bit more detective work. Alongside this you will receive a toolkit with intriguing objects and props to assist with the mission.

As well as piecing together information about the lost prince, each participant will pick up pieces of a jigsaw which will eventually reveal what happened to the statue during its disappearance. These clues are hidden throughout Bath’s iconic spots; from The Roman Baths, The Assembly Rooms and The Exchange.

What Will It Take to Find the Lost Statue?

The Bath Treasure Hunt is an immersive experience that requires skill, cunning and courage. It blends the classic elements of a treasure hunt with immersive theatre, combining history and mystery in an entertaining way. It’s fun and competitive if you choose it to be and suitable for all ages. It can be enjoyed in pairs or larger groups and as it is self-led, it allows individuals to bring their own style to their mission.

There is no time limit and your mission can be as long or as short as you want. Unless you’re a seasoned explorer or have the help of a local guide, it can take between 2-3 hours to complete.

What’s in It for Participants?

The greatest reward from taking part in this mission is gaining insight into Bath’s fascinating history and culture. Aside from that there are many benefits for participants including working together in teams to find clues, developing problem-solving skills as well as challenging themselves mentally with exciting tasks in some of the city’s most beautiful locations. For many people this experience is a source of entertainment and will surely give them unforgettable memories.

At the end of the hunt, participants can choose to either keep some of their amazing discoveries or hunt for their own extras during the mission such as tickets to a historical Manor House or discount vouchers for local eateries.

Where Can You Try the Bath Treasure Hunt?

The adventure starts at Bath Visitor Information Centre, frequently referred to as “The Roman Baths’ at Booth House on Abbey Church Yard. Visitors can buy tickets online at GetYourGuide, and prices start at £18.99 per person and include a complimentary hot or soft drink per person along with other goodies.

To conclude, The Prince’s Stolen Statue Treasure Hunt has been an alluring mystery that, with the assistance of GetYourGuide and Victorian Mysteries Ltd., has been transformed into a captivating experience that blends history and entertainment for large groups, family gatherings and those who want to visit new places with a twist. People can embark on this mission all year round and come away with unforgettable stories, photos and souvenirs. That said, if you’re looking for an adventure that combines mystery, exploration and day out in beautiful Bath then don’t miss out on this enthralling destination before it’s too late! Book your experience now on GetYourGuide!

What is the Bath Treasure Hunt Mystery the Prince’s Stolen Statue?

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