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What Is the Best Activity to Do in Porto?

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What Is the Best Activity to Do in Porto?

When visiting Porto, you may be wondering what the best activities to do in this amazing Portuguese city, known for its wine and stunning coastal views, are. With so many things to do and see in this popular destination, it can be hard to figure out which choices are the best for you. From getting lost in the winding streets of the historic center to experiencing urban nature, here is a guide to the best activities to do in Porto.

Visit the Mercado do Bolhão

Mercado do Bolhão is an incredibly diverse, open-air market in the center of Porto. On your visit, you can browse through the hundreds of stands selling everything from fresh seafood to souvenirs. Eating meals at one of the restaurants or enjoying a glass of wine at the bar is a great way to spend some time. This market is one of Porto’s gems and stands out as a must-see while in the city.

Explore Alfândega do Porto

Alfândega do Porto is a historic building that was part of Portugal’s customs offices from 1764 until 1998. Now, it serves as a space for culture and showcases artwork from both local and international artists. Visiting Alfândega do Porto gives visitors a unique look into Porto’s past that cannot be found anywhere else.

Take in the Views From Miradouro das Virtudes

With stunning views of colorful port-side homes as far as the eyes can see, Miradouro das Virtudes is a must-see while visiting Porto. The miradouro, or viewpoint, is located just outside of Alfândega do Porto and provides a spectacular look at the rooftops, Douro River and the colorful 18th century buildings. This is the perfect spot to take photos or just grab a seat and watch the world go by.

Sample Some Port Wine

Porto is the birthplace of port wine, so it’s only natural that tasting this iconic produce must be at the top of your list. The cellars across from Ribeira Square are home to some of the finest port wineries, where you can learn about how port is made and try sample many different types. Taking a tour of the cellars will give you an up close look at how this historic drink is produced and give you a unique view of Porto in a whole new way.

Discover Jardim do Palácio de Cristal

A visit to Jardim do Palácio de Cristal, or the Palace of Crystal garden, is definitely worth it while in Porto. This incredible 19th-century public park offers plush green lawns, local wildlife and stunning views of the sea. The views alone make this enormous park worth visiting, with wayside paths connecting bluffs overlooking vast expanses of sea. Nothing compares to this public paradise close to the center of town and serves as a great way to spend an afternoon in nature while visiting.

No trip to Porto would be complete without experiencing all that this wonderful city has to offer. Visiting Mercado do Bolhão is a must for any visitor, and Alfândega do Porto gives insight into Porto’s history and culture. Grabbing a port tasting at Ribeira Square or exploring Jardim do Palácio de Cristal are also great ways to spend your time in this Portuguese city. Good luck exploring everything this wonderful city has to offer! For more information on what to do in and around Porto, Source Portugal Ventures – Visit Porto blog offers a great resource for travelers looking for ideas on what to explore while in town.

Insider’s Guide to Porto: The Best of Portugal’s Second City

Located on the northwestern coast of Portugal, Porto is a city with a long and fascinating history that has made it a destination of choice for travelers from all over the world. Whether you’re interested in exploring the rich culture and history of Porto, sampling the local gastronomy, or simply soaking up the unique atmosphere of this charming city, there’s something for everyone here. In this insider’s guide, we’ll take you through some of the best things to do and see in Porto, from cultural landmarks to hidden gems.

Top Attractions

Porto is an incredibly diverse city, with a wide range of activities and attractions on offer. Here are some of the top attractions that should be on every tourist’s itinerary:

Ribeira District

One of the most picturesque parts of the city, the Ribeira district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with colorful buildings, vibrant street life, and stunning views of the Douro River. Stroll along the waterfront, enjoy a drink on one of the many terrace cafes overlooking the river, or take a boat tour of the river.

Port Wine Cellars

No visit to Porto would be complete without a visit to one of the many wine cellars that line the Vila Nova de Gaia riverfront, where port wine has been produced for over 300 years. Among the most famous are Sandeman, Graham’s, and Taylor’s, all of which offer tours and tastings.

Palácio da Bolsa

This impressive 19th-century palace in the heart of the city was built by the Porto Commercial Association and is a masterpiece of neoclassical architecture. Highlights of a visit include the Arab Room, the Pátio das Nações, and the Hall of Nations, all of which are decorated with an incredible level of detail.

Eating and Drinking

Portuguese cuisine is incredibly diverse and flavorful, with a focus on fresh seafood, grilled meats, and hearty stews. Some of the best restaurants in Porto include:


Located in the hip Cedofeita neighborhood, Tapabento is a trendy tapas restaurant that specializes in creative, beautifully presented small plates made with high-quality ingredients.

Casa Guedes

This unassuming little sandwich shop in Praça dos Poveiros is a local favorite for its delicious pork sandwiches, known as “sandes de pernil.” The combination of crispy pork, melted cheese, and a soft, pillowy roll is truly addictive.

Livraria Lello

While technically a bookstore, Livraria Lello is also a great spot to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry while admiring the stunning Art Nouveau architecture. The bookstore is said to have inspired J.K. Rowling’s description of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series.

Cultural Experiences

Porto has a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in its museums, galleries, and historic sites. Here are a few must-visit cultural experiences:

São Francisco Church

Located in the Ribeira district, this Gothic-style church is notable for its ornate Baroque interior, which is covered in gold leaf and intricate carvings. The catacombs beneath the church are also open to the public and end with a macabre chapel decorated with human skulls and bones.

Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves

This world-class museum of contemporary art is located in a beautiful park on the outskirts of the city. In addition to its impressive collection of modern art, the museum also features a sculpture garden, a bookstore, and a restaurant.

Casa da Música

Designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, Casa da Música is a stunning concert hall that is renowned for its striking design and exceptional acoustics. The hall hosts concerts and events throughout the year, ranging from classical music to jazz to rock.

Off the Beaten Path

If you’ve already seen the main tourist attractions and want to experience Porto like a local, here are a few off-the-beaten-path suggestions:

Parque da Cidade

This sprawling park on the outskirts of the city is the perfect place for a picnic or a leisurely bike ride. With miles of walking and biking trails, tranquil lakes, and shady groves, the park is an oasis of tranquility in the midst of the city.

Clerigos Tower

While the Clerigos Tower is a popular attraction because of the stunning views from the top, visitors often overlook the Museum of Sacred Art, which is located in the base of the tower. With an impressive collection of religious art and artifacts, the museum is well worth a visit.

Mercado do Bolhão

This bustling market in the heart of the city is a great place to stock up on fresh produce, local cheeses, and cured meats. While the market is popular with tourists, it is also a favorite destination for locals who come to shop and socialize. Be sure to sample some of the local specialties, like sardines and cod.

In conclusion, Porto is a city that is full of surprises and offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, food, or simply soaking up the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city, Porto is a destination that should not be missed.

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What Is the Best Activity to Do in Porto?

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