What Is the Best Pizza in Indianapolis, IN?

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What Is the Best Pizza in Indianapolis, IN?

by | Mar 29, 2023 | City Guide, Indianapolis

What Is the Best Pizza in Indianapolis, IN?

Indianapolis, IN offers an abundance of incredible pizza restaurants that serve up different varieties of pies. From classic Italian-style to unique innovative options, the city has something to offer everyone. To help visitors and locals alike find the best pizza in the city, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks. Read on to learn more.

Arni’s Restaurant

For traditional and classic-style pizzas, it’s hard to beat Arni’s Restaurant. This iconic restaurant has been serving up the same Pizza family recipe for more than 50 years. Besides their classic pies, they also offer up Greek pizzas, grilled pizzas, and a host of toppings and sauces. Arni’s is also one of the most budget-friendly pizza places in Indianapolis as everything on the menu is under $10.

Siciliano’s Subs & Pizza

For a pizza with a New York-style crust, head over to Siciliano’s Subs & Pizza. This restaurant was established in 1989 and is one of the best-rated pizza restaurants in the city. They offer up traditional pizzas as well as a host of specialty pies. We recommend the gyro pizza which is their specialty and comes loaded with gyro meat and feta cheese. Siciliano’s also has a vast selection of subs and sandwiches as well as sides like wings and salads.


If you want a pizza experience like no other, Pizzology is the spot for you. This innovative restaurant offers up made-to-order pizzas in some of the most unique combinations you’ll find in the city. From an olive oil base topped with olives, pistachio pesto and roasted mozzarella to a classic cheese deep dish topped with San Marzano tomatoes and oregano, there’s something for everyone here. Plus, Pizzology only uses the freshest ingredients in all of their recipes for a truly special pizza experience.

Myra’s Famous Old India Café

At Myra’s Famous Old India Café you will find some of the most unique pizzas in Indianapolis. From Mushroom Bhaji pizza to Tandoori Paneer pizza, this restaurant has some of the most unique flavors. Be sure to try the Lamb Boti Kebab pizza which comes topped with spiced lamb and tomato mascarpone cream sauce among other ingredients. And if you’re looking for something more traditional, Myra’s also serves up cheese and pepperoni pizzas.

Bazbeaux Pizza

At Bazbeaux Pizza, they truly believe in making sure each pizza is perfect before it leaves the door. This restaurant offers up classic hand-tossed pizzas with a variety of different toppings, from pepperoni and sausage to roasted tomatoes and kalamata olives. They also have thick-crust and pan pizzas for those who prefer that style. For something really special, we recommend trying the Zydeco Pizza which comes topped with chicken, bacon, and fresh jalapenos.

No matter what kind of pizza you are looking for, Indianapolis has a great selection of restaurants to choose from. All of the above establishments offer quality flavors and great menu items that will satisfy even the pickiest pizza connoisseur. So if you’re in the mood for a delicious pie, you can’t go wrong with any of these restaurants.

To learn more about each restaurant we recommend checking out their individual websites, for example Arni’s Restaurant, Siciliano’s Subs & Pizza , Pizzology , Myra’s Famous Old India Café and Bazbeaux Pizza .

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What Is the Best Pizza in Indianapolis, IN?

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