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What is the Best Way to Experience Savannah?

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What is the Best Way to Experience Savannah?

Savannah is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in the United States, located right on the coast of Georgia. Full of rich history and culture, Savannah is a great place to visit for anyone looking for a memorable trip. With so much to see and experience, it can be difficult to decide on one activity or tour. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best ways to experience Savannah and what activities you should consider for your trip.

Exploring Savannah’s Historic District

One of the best ways to experience Savannah is to explore its beautiful Historic District. This district can be easily accessed on foot or by bike, and it is home to some of Savannah’s most important buildings and landmarks. Visitors can enjoy viewing many of the city’s unique squares with distinctive Southern architecture and get a feel for what life must have been like in decades past. The Historic District is an excellent way to experience the unique culture and history of Savannah without any additional costs.

History and Ghost Tours

Another great way to experience the city is to take a guided tour. Guided history tours offer an insightful view into Savannah’s vibrant past, while other tours focus on the city’s ghosts and haunted locations. Visitors can gain an important understanding of both the city’s past and present as they explore its different neighborhoods with knowledgeable guides. For those looking for a slightly spooky experience, there are many ghost tours available in Savannah, ranging from maritime ghost walks to trolley journeys through the city’s cobblestone streets. Many of these tours provide an exciting blend of history, folklore, and entertainment and are suitable for a variety of ages.

Savannah Spanish Moss Haunted Pub Crawl

For those looking for an even more unique experience, the Savannah Spanish Moss Haunted Pub Crawl certainly sounds inviting. This tour takes visitors on an intriguing journey through some of Savannah’s oldest and most beautiful pubs while exploring some of the city’s most haunted locations. Stops along the way include the Olde Pink House, Moon River Brewery, and McDonough’s. The specific itinerary and length of the tour vary depending on the day and time of year, but visitors can expect their hosts to provide educational and entertaining commentary along the way. This is an excellent option for anyone looking for an immersive experience with a group of friends or family who can share in a great adventure together. Experience the Savannah Spanish Moss Haunted Pub Crawl here.

Tastings and Culinary Experiences

Savannah also has so much to offer for those looking for culinary experiences. An enjoyable way to sample some of the city’s best flavors is to join a food tour for a guided sampling of local restaurants and restaurants featuring dishes from around the world. Alternatively, visitors can look into wine or beer tastings if they prefer one type specifically. Many wineries and breweries even offer tours which provide visitors with an inside look into how their drinks are crafted.

So Many Possibilities

As you can see, there are many amazing ways to experience Savannah. There are options for every interest, budget, and group size available, so no matter what type of trip you are planning, there’s always something you will enjoy doing in savannah! For visitors who want a truly unique experience, the Savannah Spanish Moss Haunted Pub Crawl is perfect – offering just enough spookiness while still providing a fun and educational tour of the City! To book your tour today, check out the Savannah Spanish Moss Haunted Pub Crawl here.

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Experiencing Savannah

Savannah, Georgia, is a city steeped in history, culture, and Southern charm. It’s a place where visitors can walk down cobblestone streets, marvel at antebellum architecture, and enjoy some of the best seafood and sweet tea in the South. As a local, I’m excited to share some of Savannah’s best kept secrets that will allow you to experience the city like a true insider.

Local Attractions: Take a Step Off the Beaten Path

While Savannah boasts some of the most picturesque squares, parks, and landmarks in the country, many tourists often overlook some hidden gems that the locals love. For instance, the Wormsloe Historic Site is a 1.5-mile oak-lined drive that leads to a beautiful colonial-era estate. It’s a hidden gem that’s often overlooked yet offers breathtaking views of the marshlands. Another must-see attraction is Bonaventure Cemetery, which is a peaceful and reflective place that’s not only a final resting place for Savannah’s notable figures but also a beautiful spot to walk.

Dining Spots: Taste the Best of Savannah’s Cuisine

No visit to Savannah is complete without indulging in the local cuisine. From Lowcountry classics to international flavors, Savannah’s culinary scene has something for everyone. Dine at the Olde Pink House, an elegant 18th-century mansion that serves southern cuisine with a dash of modern elegance. Or head to the Bull Street Taco for a delectable fusion of Mexican cuisine and Savannah flavors. If you’re looking for something sweet, drop by Leopold’s for some of the tastiest ice cream in town.

Cultural Experiences: Embrace the Spirit of Savannah

Savannah is a city with deep African American roots, and one of the best ways to experience the city’s culture and heritage is by visiting some of its museums and cultural centers. Visit the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum and learn about the city’s civil rights movement. Or go to the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, which is dedicated to the city’s maritime history. And if you’re a fan of music, check out the Savannah Music Festival, which showcases a variety of music styles, from jazz and blues to classical.

Local History: Unearthing Fascinating Stories

Savannah has a rich and varied history, complete with tales of war, pirates, and ghosts. To get a full sense of the city’s past, visit the First African Baptist Church, the oldest black church in North America that has a thrilling story of how slaves used secret tunnels underneath to escape to freedom. You can also take a walk along River Street and learn about the city’s maritime and trading history, or visit the Sorrel Weed House, which harbors a fascinating ghost story.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Unique Experiences You Won’t Forget

If you want to have a unique experience that’s off the beaten path, take a kayak tour through the Savannah River and get a different perspective of the city’s skyline. For a romantic evening, take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the charming historic district and enjoy the view of the oak-lined streets at night. And if you’re a shopaholic, head to the City Market, a four-block open-air market that’s over 300 years old and filled with shops, art galleries, and restaurants.


Savannah has something for everyone, from history buffs to foodies to music lovers. By seeking out these local hidden gems, indulging in the cuisine, embracing the culture, and unearthing the fascinating history, you’ll have an unforgettable trip that will make you fall in love with this remarkable city. So come and experience Savannah like a true insider.

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What is the Best Way to Experience Savannah?

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