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What is the best way to get from Helsinki to Tallinn?

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What is the best way to get from Helsinki to Tallinn?

Travelling from Helsinki to Tallin is simple and hassle-free, making it a great day trip or weekend getaway. Whether choosing to travel by air, road, rail or sea, there are plenty of options and services to get you there in comfort.

Travel By Air

One of the quickest and most convenient ways to get from Helsinki to Tallin is by air. Both Helsinki and Tallinn airports offer direct flights, with most flights taking around 30 minutes. Prices vary depending on the time of year and airline and tickets can easily be booked online through comparison websites like Skyscanner.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located 17km from the city center, and there are multiple transport options available including bus and train. At the airport you’ll find plenty of facilities including cafes and shops, as well as luggage storage services and ATMs.

The flight to Tallinn lands at Lennart Meri Airport, located 3.3km from the city center. A shuttle service runs from the airport to the city on a regular basis and costs €2.50 one way or you can take a taxi for a direct and hassle-free journey.

Travel By Sea

The shortest, most convenient and eco-friendly way to get between Helsinki and Tallinn is by ferry. There are several major companies that offer multiple daily crossings including Tallink Silja who are one of the most popular. Ferries operate throughout the year, but fares may vary depending on the season and time of day.

The journey by ferry typically takes around 2 hours, but some services can take a little longer due to ports of call along the way. The ferries are speedy and comfortable, offering multiple services onboard. Passengers can choose between an Economy cabin, Premium lounge, Business lounges and Suite cabins, depending on their budget and how much comfort they require. Facilities onboard vary depending on the service chosen, but all cabins come with charging facilities and free Wi-Fi. Snacks and drinks are also available for purchase onboard or passengers can choose to bring some food with them for the journey.

Passengers will board the ferry at Helsinki West Harbour Terminal located in Länsisatama, west of downtown Helsinki. In Tallinn, the ferry will take passengers directly to Old City Harbour located in the heart of the city. Tickets for the only service between these two cities can be purchased easily online or at the harbour once you arrive.

Travel By Road

Helsinki and Tallinn are 536 km apart by road, making it an 8 hour journey if travelling direct. Whilst this is certainly possible, the journey may be more enjoyable if broken into two days, with several stops along the way.

Travelling by car gives more freedom than travelling by air or sea, allowing you to make your own stops in towns and cities along the way such as Tampere, Joensuu and Lahti in Finland, as well as Tartu and Pärnu in Estonia. There are plenty of routes that can be taken to get from Helsinki to Tallinn, so planning ahead is a good idea if wanting to explore Finland’s beautiful countryside along the way.

However, driving from Helsinki to Tallinn does require a valid driver’s licence from your own country as well as arranging the correct paperwork for your car if hiring one abroad. Once these documents have been organised, then make sure to check for any traffic updates closer to time before starting your journey as well as familiarising yourself with Finnish and Estonian road rules before setting out.

Travel By Train

Another convenient way of travelling between Helsinki and Tallinn is by rail, as there are multiple daily services available all year round offering both direct and non-direct routes. Trains from Helsinki usually take between 4-6 hours to reach their destination in Estonia depending on which service you choose. Tickets can easily be booked online through finlandrailwaytickets finlandrailwaytickets or at any train station in Helsinki or Tallinn.

All long distance trains in Europe have a cafe car serving food and drinks throughout the journey or passengers can buy snacks from one of many kiosks located throughout the stations. Most services offer passengers enjoy a range of modern amenities such as power outlets in each seat as well as free Wi-Fi making it easier than ever to stay connected while travelling.

In conclusion, there’s no one best way to get from Helsinki to Tallinn as it depends greatly on many individual preferences such as budget, comfort and personal preference. Travellers should consider how much time they want to spend on the journey when deciding which transport option is best for them as well as considering convenience, comfort and cost as factors when making their choice.

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What is the best way to get from Helsinki to Tallinn?

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