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What is the best way to get from Mactan–Cebu International Airport to Cebu City?

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What is the best way to get from Mactan–Cebu International Airport to Cebu City?

Traveling to and from Cebu City can be quite a hassle. Many times, figuring out the best options to get to your Cebu destination can be both time-consuming and confusing. When arriving at Mactan–Cebu International Airport (MCIA), located in Lapu-Lapu City, it is often difficult to decide how to get where you need to go in the most timely and cost-efficient way.

The best way to get from MCIA to Cebu City depends on what kind of transportation fits your needs. Here we explore three options: taxi, van, and bus.


For those who value time and flexibility, the easiest way to get from the airport to your destination is by taxi. Taxis have flat rates for many popular locations, including Cebu City. For example, according to the official page of Mactan–Cebu International Airport, it costs 620 Philippine Pesos to travel from the airport to Cebu City Centre. A taxi will typically fit three passengers comfortably, along with their luggage, making this an ideal option for individuals or small trips. Additionally, a taxi gives you the ability to make intermediate stops or changes of direction, as well as makes it is easy to contact the driver directly in case of any unforeseen changes or issues.


Vans are also available from MCIA to various destinations in Cebu City, with each van typically fitting a total of 12 passengers and their baggage. The vans take slightly longer than a taxi, especially if driving routes become busy with traffic, but the advantage is that they are much cheaper than taking a taxi. According to this website, rides in vans from MCIA to Cebu City cost 150 pesos per person.

Additionally, if you are traveling with more than three people, this can be the more cost-efficient route than taking a taxi, with a lower flat rate that won’t increase regardless of the amount of people you come with. Just keep in mind that scheduling stops can be difficult for the drivers of these vans since they have to drop off the other passengers in their designated areas, making it less flexible than a taxi.


Taking a bus from Mactan–Cebu Airport to Cebu City can be a great way to travel if you are looking for an efficient and pocket-friendly way of getting there. Buses also allow you some degree of flexibility when choosing which route to take depending on your destination in the city.

The Cebu Airport Bus Route is the official bus that travels from Mactan–Cebu International Airport to SM Mall in downtown Cebu City. According to Zigzag Magazine, this bus departs from the airport every hour (on the hour) from 5 AM to 10 PM and arrives at SM Mall within around 35 minutes. The fares depend on the part of the city you are going to—for instance, for SM Mall it is 20 Philippine Pesos and for IT Park it is 35 Philippine Pesos—but this does not include your luggage fee and porter charges, which is 20 Pesos per bag and 5 Pesos per person if you use a porter’s service.

Taking a bus is also a great option if you are travelling by yourself and want something cheap, reliable, and comfortable. Just keep in mind that some buses can begin to get crowded and prone to delays as they make regular stops through their multi-stop routes, making it slightly slower than simply taking a taxi or van in terms of speed and flexibility.

In conclusion, when planning your travels from Mactan–Cebu International Airport, consider all of these options prior to making your decision in order to determine which is best for you considering all factors such as time, money, flexibility, and passenger capacity.

An Insider’s Guide to Cebu City

Cebu City is a bustling metropolitan city on the eastern coast of the island of Cebu in the Philippines. Filled with rich history and culture, the city offers endless options for tourists. As an insider, I have compiled a list of must-visit places and experiences that go beyond the typical tourist hotspots.

Local Attractions: Hidden Gems

Cebu has plenty of well-known attractions, such as the Magellan’s Cross or the Taoist Temple. However, if you want to avoid the crowds and experience something unique, head to the Sirao Flower Farm. Located in the mountains, this picturesque farm is filled with colorful celosia flowers and offers a stunning view of the city. Another hidden gem is the Fort San Pedro; it is the oldest fort in the Philippines and is located just a stone’s throw from the city center.

Dining Spots: A Deep Dive Into Local Cuisine

Cebu is known for its Lechon (roasted pig). Still, one should also try some lesser-known delicacies such as ngohiong (a type of spring roll) or puso (rice cooked in woven palm leaves). For a traditional Cebuano dining experience, you can visit the Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant, which serves a delicious seafood platter and offers stunning views of the sea and the city.

Cultural Experiences: Festivals and Traditions

Cebu is home to some of the most festive events in the Philippines. The Sinulog festival, held every January, is the biggest and attracts thousands of visitors. Experience the vibrant dance and music along the streets of the city and feel the energy of the locals as they pay homage to Santo Niño (the Holy Child). Another unique cultural experience is the island-hopping tour of Olango Island, where you can witness the colorful life of fishing communities and the bird sanctuary.

Local History: Captivating Stories From The Past

Cebu is a city rich in history. Take a trip back in time and visit the Casa Gorordo Museum, which showcases the 19th-century lifestyle of the elite families in Cebu, including their heirloom furnitures and elegant dresses. Another historical site is the Cebu Taoist Cemetery, where you can learn about the rituals and traditions of the Chinese immigrants in Cebu.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Suggestions: An Unforgettable Experience

For an unforgettable experience, head to the Osmeña Peak, which is the highest peak in Cebu. Hike to the top for a spectacular view of the island and the sea. Another unique experience is visiting the Temple of Leah, a grand mansion built-in 2013 in honor of a deceased wife. The mansion is a tribute to love, adorned with sculptures and paintings of the couple and is an architectural gem.

In conclusion, Cebu is a city filled with hidden gems, unique cultural experiences, and historical landmarks. With this insider’s guide, you will be able to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the city and take home unforgettable memories.

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What is the best way to get from Mactan–Cebu International Airport to Cebu City?

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