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What is the Largest Employer in Baltimore?

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What is the Largest Employer in Baltimore?

Baltimore is a bustling metropolitan city with a diverse population, a wide array of businesses, and a vibrant culture. One of the most important aspects of the economy in Baltimore is its employers, which offer jobs and provide economic security to the people who live in the city. So, what is the largest employer in Baltimore?

The answer to this question is Johns Hopkins University. According to Johns Hopkins University’s official website, Johns Hopkins is the largest employer in Baltimore, with more than 26,000 full-time employees spanning a range of different fields. Furthermore, the university has an additional 8,700 part-time employees and approximately 600 medical residents and fellows working in its hospital system.

Johns Hopkins is a world-renowned research university and healthcare system that is known for its groundbreaking discoveries. Since its founding in 1876, Johns Hopkins has been at the forefront of many scientific breakthroughs and innovations. At present, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is ranked as the top medical school in the United States. Additionally, Johns Hopkins Hospital is consistently ranked among the best in the nation each year.

The university’s commitment to research and innovation has resulted in economic growth in Baltimore. According to a $3.6 billion economic impact report conducted by The Associated Press, Johns Hopkins University pumped $6 billion into Baltimore’s economy each year between 2008 and 2011. Furthermore, its employees earned $2 billion annually during this same time period.

Aside from the direct economic benefits that Johns Hopkins provides to the area, it also indirectly benefits Baltimore’s economy. There are numerous businesses that are dependent on Johns Hopkins’ research activity or employee base, such as engineering and accounting firms, hotels, restaurants, brokers, and other similar service providers.

Johns Hopkins also plays a vital role in the local real estate sector. The university’s sprawling campus attracts current and prospective students to the area, increasing demand for student housing. In addition, the university employees and faculty members tend to favor specific neighborhoods when purchasing or renting homes, which places a premium on those areas.

Overall, Johns Hopkins is an integral part of the city’s economy by providing jobs and indirectly stimulating investment in the area. The university is a prime example of how research and innovation can have a lasting positive effect on a local economy. Johns Hopkins University’s official website provides further information about the university’s contributions to Baltimore’s economy and its overall impact on the city.

Insider’s Guide to Baltimore

Baltimore, the largest independent city in the United States, has a rich history and diverse cultural offerings. Known as “Charm City,” Baltimore offers visitors a unique blend of traditional and innovative attractions. From local seafood to historical landmarks and cultural events, there is something for everyone in Baltimore.

Local Attractions

1. Inner Harbor – Baltimore’s most famous attraction, the Inner Harbor, features a waterfront promenade lined with shops, restaurants, museums, and attractions. Visitors can enjoy a boat ride, explore the National Aquarium, or take in a show at the Pier Six Pavilion.

2. Fort McHenry – Fort McHenry is a national monument and historic shrine that played a pivotal role in the War of 1812. The fort is home to a museum and offers stunning views of the harbor. Visitors can watch the daily flag-raising ceremony and learn about the history of this important site.

3. Baltimore Museum of Art – The Baltimore Museum of Art houses an extensive collection of art, from ancient to modern works. Visitors can also explore the Sculpture Garden, which features works by artists such as Auguste Rodin and Alexander Calder.

Dining Spots

1. Faidley Seafood – Founded in 1886, Faidley Seafood is a Baltimore institution known for its famous crab cakes. Visitors can choose from a variety of seafood options, including raw oysters, soft-shell crabs, and lobster.

2. Woodberry Kitchen – Woodberry Kitchen serves up farm-to-table cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant is housed in a former mill and features a cozy atmosphere and seasonal menus.

3. DiPasquale’s Italian Marketplace – DiPasquale’s is a family-owned Italian deli that has been serving Baltimore for over 100 years. Visitors can grab a sandwich to go or stock up on imported goods and specialty foods.

Cultural Experiences

1. The Walters Art Museum – The Walters Art Museum features a collection of art and artifacts from around the world, including ancient Egyptian artifacts, medieval armor, and Renaissance paintings. Admission is free, and the museum offers guided tours and special exhibitions.

2. Lexington Market – Lexington Market is a historic marketplace that has been in operation since 1782. Visitors can try local specialties like berger cookies, crab cakes, and pit beef. The market also features vendors selling fresh produce, meats, and seafood.

3. Hippodrome Theatre – The Hippodrome Theatre is a beautifully restored venue that hosts Broadway shows, concerts, and other performances. Visitors can take in a show or attend a behind-the-scenes tour.

Local History

1. Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum – The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum is the former home of the famous writer and poet. Visitors can tour the home and learn about Poe’s life and work.

2. Baltimore Civil War Museum – The Baltimore Civil War Museum is housed in President Street Station, the site of the first bloodshed of the Civil War. The museum features exhibits and artifacts related to the war and Maryland’s role in it.

3. Mount Vernon Place – Mount Vernon Place is a historic square in the heart of Baltimore that features monuments, fountains, and beautiful architecture. Visitors can tour the Washington Monument and other landmarks, or simply enjoy a stroll through the park.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

1. American Visionary Art Museum – The American Visionary Art Museum is a unique museum that celebrates self-taught artists and their work. Visitors can explore innovative and eclectic exhibits, including the famous “Giant Whirligig” outside the museum.

2. Graffiti Alley – Graffiti Alley is a hidden gem in Baltimore’s Station North Arts and Entertainment District. Visitors can explore the colorful graffiti art that covers the walls and snap some Instagram-worthy photos.

3. Baltimore Urban Gardeners Society – The Baltimore Urban Gardeners Society is a group of community gardeners who are passionate about growing fresh produce and beautifying Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Visitors can take a tour of the gardens and learn about sustainable gardening practices.


Baltimore is a vibrant city that offers visitors a unique blend of history, culture, and innovation. From historic sites to cutting-edge museums and delicious local cuisine, there is something for everyone in Charm City. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Baltimore is a must-visit destination.

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What is the Largest Employer in Baltimore?

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