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What is the Population of South Australia?

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What is the Population of South Australia?

Australians can often be seen as one unified entity, but the reality is that Australia is divided into a number of states, each with its own unique culture, people, industries and other factors. One of these states is South Australia, one of the six states that make up Australia. This state is also referred to as “Koonya” by its Indigenous inhabitants, which is the traditional name for South Australia given it by local Aboriginal tribes.

In this article, we will discuss the population of South Australia. We will explore where people are located, the growth rate of the population, and what this means for those looking to move to this beautiful state in the heart of Down Under.

Where are People Located in South Australia?

South Australia covers an area of just over 983,482 square kilometers and with such landmass, it means that about 60% of the population is located in the rural and outback regions of the state. Those living in urban areas, on the other hand, represent 40% of South Australia’s total population.

The Largest and Fastest Growing Cities in South Australia

The largest city in South Australia is Adelaide, with a population of just over 1.3 million people and a growth rate of 3% year-on-year. This city is home to a third of South Australia’s population and houses some of the most vibrant art galleries, museums and cultural attractions in the country.

The second most populous city in South Australia is Mount Gambier, with a population of around 21,000 and a growth rate of 1.5%. Although much smaller than Adelaide, this city still offers plenty for visitors, including a range of attractive lakes, parks and nearby sea beaches.

The third most populous city in South Australia is Whyalla, with a population of just over 20,000 people and a growth rate that is similar to Mount Gambier at 1.3%. This city is renowned for its steel and shipbuilding industry as well as its beautiful waterfront boardwalk.

The Population of South Australia as a Whole

According to recent estimates published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, South Australia has a current population of 1.8 million people, which is approximately 7.7% of Australia’s population as a whole. The state’s population has been steadily rising since the early 2000s and continues to grow at a rate of around 1.3% per annum.

As South Australia is situated close to Melbourne and other large cities in Victoria and New South Wales, it has become increasingly popular with those working in industries such as information technology and finance. Furthermore, the state boasts an array of diverse cultural experiences and a high quality of life for those looking to settle down or move to South Australia for work.


Ultimately, South Australia is home to around 1.8 million people, with most concentrated in larger metropolitan areas such as Adelaide or Whyalla. The state has seen consistent population growth year-on-year and features a high quality lifestyle for those who decide to call it home. For those looking to make their lives Down Under, South Australia remains an attractive option.

An Insider’s Guide to Adelaide, South Australia

As the fifth largest city in Australia, Adelaide has a population of approximately 1.3 million people. This delightful city blends history, culture, and natural beauty making it an enticing destination for tourists. However, there is much more to Adelaide than meets the eye, and as a local, I’m excited to share some insider tips to make your visit unforgettable.

Local Attractions: Discovering Hidden Gems

Adelaide has plenty of famous tourist attractions, but allow me to introduce some local hidden gems that you might not find in a guidebook. Firstly, the Adelaide Central Market, located within the city center, is bustling with vendors selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and handmade goods. It has been a foodie’s paradise since 1869 and is the perfect spot to explore local cuisine. Secondly, the Hope Street Market in the inner-city suburb of Bowden is a fabulous spot to spend a lazy morning with live music, street art, and ethnic food vendors from all over the world. Finally, if you are a lover of nature, the stunning Wittunga Botanic Garden in Blackwood is home to over 15,000 exotic plants.

Dining Spots: Savoring Local Flavors

Food in Adelaide is a celebration of multiculturalism, and a trip to Rundle Street is a must for discovering this city’s lively dining scene. Apart from the plethora of cafes and restaurants, Adelaide has some distinct dishes that you should taste, such as “pie floater” – a meat pie casserole that is topped with mushy peas and gravy. Alongside that, kingfish sashimi at Shobosho and Kaffana’s sizzling cevapi grilled Serbian sausages are local favorites. If you’re exploring the Barossa Valley wineries, be sure to ask for the local delicacy “kaltbach cave-aged cheddar” served with fresh bakery wares.

Cultural Experiences: Diving Into Adelaide Culture

Adelaide is host to exciting festivals around the year, including the Adelaide Fringe, the world’s second-largest fringe festival after the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It runs annually in February and March and features artists from all disciplines, such as circus performers, musicians, theater actors, and comedians. During the festive season, the famed “Adelaide Christmas Pageant” is a once in a lifetime experience that brings together around 300,000 spectators on the streets to delight in a procession of performers, floats, and balloons.

Local History: Discovering Captivating Stories

Adelaide has a rich history that goes far beyond its founding in 1836. Visit the State Library of South Australia to learn more about the Kaurna people, who are the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains before European settlement. Moreover, this cultural mecca will enlighten you about the early colonial settlements in South Australia. Apart from this, the historic North Terrace got its name from being the only road that leads to the northern territories and bears witness to the city’s rich heritage.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Create Memories

Adelaide has no shortage of scenic drives, but one of the most beautiful is the Great Ocean Road. A three-hour drive from Adelaide, this road trip is a delight, featuring stunning views of the Indian Ocean and rugged cliffs. If you fancy something more serene, head to the Himeji Gardens, located in the South Tce parklands, to relax and discover the authentic Japanese Tea House. Moreover, if you’re after an elevated experience, head to the top of Mount Lofty at dawn to experience the sun rising over the Adelaide plains.


Adelaide is much more than a city- it is a home filled with an energy that can only be experienced by its welcoming locals, adventurous landscapes, and exciting culture. I hope this insider’s guide has given you a glimpse of that energy and motivation to create lifelong memories in this wonderful city.

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What is the Population of South Australia?

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