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What is the Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl By Lets Roam?

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What is the Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl By Lets Roam?

Are you in or near Scottsdale and looking for a great night out? If so, the Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl By Lets Roam is an experience you won’t want to miss. Let’s Roam has been in the business of creating fun and entertaining experiences in cities around the world for over a decade and this bar crawl is as wild and fun as it gets. This guide offers a comprehensive look at what makes the Wacky Bar Crawl By Lets Roam different and more enjoyable than any other bar crawl experiences in the area.

Overview of the Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl:

The Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl By Let’s Roam takes place every Thursday evening from 8PM-11PM, starting at one of three great bars in the area: The Molly Rose Tavern, The Pub, or The Kings American Bar. Once here, you and your group of friends or family can begin your bar-hopping adventure. The goal is to make it to all three stops in the allotted time – or longer if the group chooses.

Throughout the evening, you’ll be provided with games and activities designed to be both fun and engaging. As you make your way through the three-bar tour, you’ll discover new and exciting challenges. Not only that, but guests will also have the chance to experience signature drinks and exclusive shots at each stop for super-discounted prices.

What To Expect With The Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl:

• A fun and unique way to explore three great bars in downtown Scottsdale: The Molly Rose Tavern, The Pub and The Kings American Bar.

• Games, challenges and activities that’ll make for a night of unforgettable bar-hopping experiences.

• Signature drinks, exclusive shots and other beverages for super-discounted prices.

• Tunes provided by a live DJ.

• Food and snacks available to purchase as well.

• All-inclusive package of all three destinations and activities included in your ticket price.

Benefits Of Participating In The Wacky Bar Crawl By Let’s Roam

The bar crawl by Let’s Roam provides an enriching experience that makes nights out more interesting and engaging. It also offers participants unique opportunities, such as games and vintage drinks that may not be available at any other venues in the area. Plus, with the all-inclusive package, you won’t need to pay out at each stop – the entire experience is already accounted for in the ticket price.

Furthermore, with Let’s Roam, you know exactly what you’re getting – and what you can expect. Sure you’re in for a wild night – as that is the brand’s promise – but you can expect structure and creative scenarios as well. You’ll also get to meet new people, make new friends, or spend quality time with old ones while hopping from place-to-place – the options are endless.

Whether it’s for a birthday celebration, bachelor party or just to let loose after a long week – the Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl promises an unforgettable night out filled with excitement, games and amazing drinks!

How Much Does The Wacky Bar Crawl Cost?

The cost of the Wacky Bar Crawl By Let’s Roam varies depending on the size of your group, ranging from $25 – $45 per person. But if you choose to purchase tickets as a package, you can save up to 20%. Best of all, tickets include unlimited access to all three destinations featured on the crawl as well as access to activities and either two or four free speciality drinks at select locations.

How To Book Your Tickets For The Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl By Lets Roam?

If you want a guaranteed spot on this exciting bar crawl experience while enjoying discounted admission prices (for both individuals or as a group!), you can easily book your tickets here. All you have to do is select your preferred date and add ticket holder names before submitting your credit or debit card information. After doing so, an e-mail containing your tickets will be sent directly to your inbox – making checkout a fast, seamless process.


The Scottsdale Wacky Bar Crawl by Let’s Roam makes for a perfect night out with friends and family. In fact, guests can expect to find an enhanced level of fun when using this service along with exclusive discounts on top-shelf drinks – all for a fraction of the regular price! So if you’re looking for an exciting way to explore some of Scottsdale’s top venues while having a blast – then this is definitely the experience for you! Now what are you waiting for? Book your tickets here and get ready for an unforgettable night out!

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