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What Makes Dar es Salaam the Most Livable City in Africa?

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What Makes Dar es Salaam the Most Livable City in Africa?

Dar es Salaam is a coastal city in Tanzania and is considered to be one of the most livable cities in Africa. Since it is Tanzania’s major port, it is considered as the centre of commerce and industry in the country. Being the largest city in Tanzania, it offers a great combination of natural beauty, economic prosperity and incredible opportunity for growth. It is also known for its unique blend of traditional culture mixed with modernity that has made it stand out among African cities.

So, what makes Dar es Salaam such a highly livable city in Africa? Here are some of the key factors that make this city stand out:

Climate and Cultural Diversity

Dar es Salaam is known for its tropical climate, which helps to keep the temperatures more comfortable throughout the year. This makes it attractive to locals and foreigners alike, as the pleasant climate creates a conducive environment for work and leisure. The city also has its own unique mix of cultures, with people of different nationalities and religions living harmoniously side-by-side. This diversity brings with it a rich cultural heritage which can be explored and appreciated while living in the city.

Geographical Location

The geographical positioning of Dar es Salaam is great for those looking to travel or take advantage of the numerous business opportunities available in the region. As its name (meaning “Harbour of Peace” in Arabic) implies, The Port of Dar es Salaam is an important regional hub connecting East African countries with the rest of the continent via trade. The Port gives access to a range of global markets like China, India and other parts of Asia, as well as allowing locals to benefit from this commercial activity. Moreover, the Shimbaya International Airport provides further opportunities to travel within and beyond Tanzania.

Economy and Investment Opportunities

With an economy contributing 17% of Tanzania’s total GDP, Dar es Salaam is rapidly developing into an important economic hub in East Africa. According to the World Bank’s 2019 report on Doing Business, Dar es Salaam ranks 145th out of 190 countries (and 3rd in sub-Saharan Africa) in ease of doing business, making it an attractive destination for investors looking to capitalize on the potential. In combination with the wide variety of resources available in the region, this promises a number of opportunities for growth and wealth creation.

Low Cost of Living

Compared with other cities around the world, Dar es Salaam offers an incredibly low cost of living and you can still enjoy all the modern amenities such as internet, electricity and water facilities. Expats will find it easy to get around using bajajis (motorbikes with sidecars), buses, mini buses and tuk-tuks. The city also offers plenty of accommodation options for those relocating, which range from luxury apartments to budget guesthouses. With all these factors combined, it is not hard to see why this city has become a haven for those looking to escape life’s stresses or those seeking business and investment opportunities.

Safety & Security

Dar es Salaam is generally safe for both locals and expats alike. The government has put into place a number of measures to ensure public safety, such as employing uniforms police officers in key areas, installing surveillance cameras and monitoring hotspots at night with police patrols using motorbikes and cars. There are also organisations working towards educating locals on safety issues and raising awareness on what methods can be taken to prevent crime. This all contributes towards making the city an attractive prospect for those considering living in East Africa. Additionally, certain neighbourhoods have established neighbourhood watch committees to protect residents day and night, providing even more peace of mind.


With its tropical climate, cultural diversity, geographical location, economic opportunities and low cost of living, Dar Es Salaam is without a doubt one of the most livable cities in Africa. Not only is it home to some fascinating cultural attractions such as the Dar es Salaam National Museum or Village Museum, but the vibrant nature of the city provides plenty of options for work and leisure activities – offering something for everyone. Furthermore, its notable security measures will ensure that your stay in the city is a safe and enjoyable experience – making it an excellent choice for long-term accommodation or short-term relocation for those seeking business opportunities or leisure activities alike!

An Insider’s Guide to Dar es Salaam: Africa’s Most Livable City

Dar es Salaam, the most livable city in Africa, is budding with breathtaking attractions, rich culture, diverse food, and enthralling history. As an insider, I would like to offer you a unique perspective on some of the hidden gems of this vibrant city that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Local Attractions: Discovering Hidden Gems

While popular attractions such as the Dar es Salaam Fish Market and National Museum of Tanzania are great, the city has a lot more to offer. A visit to Soma Book Cafe will allow you to appreciate literature, while indulging in a cup of locally grown coffee and homemade cake. If you’re in the mood for wildlife, a visit to Pugu Hills Nature Reserve offers a chance to see rare species of birds and insects, which are unique to Tanzania. In addition, a walk along the boardwalk at Kivukoni Waterfront, laughing at antics of local fishermen hauling in their nets, is a must-see activity.

Dining Spots: Savoring the Local Cuisine

Food is an essential part of Dar es Salaam’s culture, and experiencing the local cuisine is a must-do activity. Start with one of my favorite restaurants, Lukmann at Mnazi Mmoja, where you can have a taste of the famous pilau and biriani rice dishes cooked to perfection. If seafood tickles your tastebuds, head over to the legendary Indian Ocean fish market where you can savor a delicious fish meal with coconut rice. To quench your thirst, enjoy a glass of locally brewed passion fruit juice from the street vendors. These unique flavors cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Cultural Experiences: Exploring the Heart of Tanzania

With a diverse mix of cultures, Tanzania is a melting pot of tradition, art, and music. Visit Mwenge Carvings Market to witness the intricate artistry, or head out to Tinga Tinga Art Market to experience the local colorful art that tells unique stories about Tanzanian culture. If you love music, the traditional Taarab music is a must-listen while in Dar es Salaam and can be enjoyed live in at the Sea Cliff or Slipway hotels. Also, be sure to book your trip during the Karibu Music Festival, a popular festival celebrating African music, arts, and dance, usually held in November.

Local History: Discovering the Legends of Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam has some intriguing stories that have been passed down through generations. Did you know that Dar es Salaam was once a slave port? Visit the Askari Monument by the old Boma Government Residence, where you can learn how Askari soldiers helped the British claim the land, or understand the impact of slave trading. The Fish Market holds another intriguing history. It was once a meeting point between Arab and African traders exchanging goods, mainly fish and ivory. You can still see the traditional boats used for trading in the sea near Kivukoni Waterfront.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions: Alleviating Your Adventurous Side

To experience something different, try taking a dhow cruise to Bongoyo Island off the coast of Dar es Salaam, where crystal clear waters beckon and offer the perfect diving spot. Or take part in a day trip to Mikumi National Park to witness the zebras, wildebeests, and other wild animals that Tanzania is known for. A visit to Kariakoo Market will take you through the bustling city streets and let you sample the true Tanzanian culture.

Dar es Salaam has something to offer to everyone, from diverse culture to unique cuisine and breathtaking attractions. It is indeed Africa’s most livable city. With history, culture, and adventure shared in this insider’s guide, your visit to Dar es Salaam will undoubtedly be a memorable experience.

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What Makes Dar es Salaam the Most Livable City in Africa?

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