What Should I Know Before Going on a Pub Crawl?

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Pub Crawl FAQ

Are you getting ready to embark on a pub crawl and don’t know what to expect? Maybe you’ve never been on one before and could use some tips? Whether you’re going with a group of friends or are joining a pre-planned pub crawl, there are some essential tips and facts that you should know before setting off. From planning ahead of time to staying safe and acting responsibly, this guide will give you a comprehensive look at all you need to know before attending a pub crawl.

What Is a Pub Crawl?

Let’s start off by addressing the basics. A pub crawl, also known as a bar hop, is the process of drinking at more than one bar in a single night. Oftentimes, a pub crawl may begin with a pre-planned route, however, participants usually enjoy the freedom of changing the order of their drinking establishments. Beer taps, no matter what your favorite local brewery is, may be visited if the route veers off from the plan.

Safety Tips To Remember

Going on a pub crawl is all about drinking, having fun and making memories! That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an insecure outing. Remember to stay safe and stick to the following rules:

  • Choose an alternative to driving – you may take a taxi or Uber, make sure you stay with your group of friends or have somebody designated to have a sober drive.
  • If someone in your group has gone too far with alcohol, respectfully suggest stopping drinking, or look for someone who’s in control and can help.
  • Ask for help if the place you are in is inappropriate for any reason.
  • Watch your drinks by not leaving them unattended – there’s always the chance of someone slipping something dangerous into your drink.
  • Don’t pick fights with strangers as pub crawls tend to attract hordes of people from different places.
  • Most pub crawls run for up to 3 days. Make sure that you get enough sleep during the night so that you don’t end up making bad decisions that could potentially ruin your weekend.
  • Be aware of people who may look lost or disoriented – it can be helpful to alert someone who is clearly not in the right state of mind. Never put yourself in a compromising situation.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Always make sure you have a way to get home safely-not just for yourself, but for everyone around you too.

Plan Your itinerary

The more knowledge about each stop along your route can make for a more enjoyable experience. Planning out a good route as well as researching each stop can save your group time, money and keep you safe. Choose your destinations wisely and don’t forget to factor in time between places so that you can move from one bar to another easily and always enjoy responsibly. You may also want to make sure that you take time to go outside and take a break to find some food. It will not only help you stay energized, but it will also help keep your blood alcohol levels in check throughout the night.

It can also be helpful to pick out several pubs along the route that offer food. It’s essential to eat even if you don’t think you’re hungry – alcohol has an appetite suppressor effect, so eating more often can help to keep you hydrated and retain your energy levels an no end up feeling exhausted by the end of the night. Also take advantage of our Happy Hours tool which allows you to quickly compare Happy Hours and specials across all bars in your area.

Question Yourself

It’s always important to think about your own personal safety during any activity. Before heading out on a pub crawl, take time to ask yourself some questions: Who will be going? How will you get back? Is it an open or closed container situation? Are there any age limits? Different states have different laws, so it pays off to do your research; this will also help you adjust any plans as needed properly.

Ultimately, it comes down to making good decisions. If something doesn’t feel right or you feel uneasy in a certain place, then it is time to take a break and find another stop or even return home early instead of getting carried away. A pub crawl should be fun, engaging and enjoyable – at no point should it ever become a dangerous situation.

Stay Respectful

In addition to safety precautions outlined in previous sections, consider how your behavior may affect others as well as yourself. Keep in mind that some people might not be as experienced with alcohol as experienced drinkers, so keep an eye on them and watch how much they drink. It’s easy for people who are not used to drinking much alcohol to get drunk when going on a pub crawl–so make sure everyone feels comfortable and drinks responsibly.

Also, avoid potential issues with the locals and staff at different pubs – by not arguing or stealing tips, respecting local laws as far as smoking goes and generally being friendly and good tippers. You don’t want to be remembered for being difficult customers; this could easily ruin a future pub experience at the same bar or elsewhere.


Pub crawls are a great way to enjoy different bar stops in one night but be sure not to drink too much too quickly-this could ultimately lead to health risks; not just physical health risks but emotional risks as well. Drinking responsibly is key here – staying attentive throughout the night, eating often and drinking enough water is going to help everyone enjoy the night without having any unpleasant aftermaths. It’s always important to think about your own personal safety as well – so remember not forget your common sense!

In the end, pub crawls should mostly be about having fun with friends, so make sure that everyone stays safe and respectful throughout the night, plan out your route carefully and keep an eye on each other for any potential signs of danger so that no unfortunate situations occur. With all these tips in mind, it’s time to hit the town!

What Should I Know Before Going on a Pub Crawl?

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