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What to do in Budapest? – Definitive Guide for tourists –

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What to do in Budapest? – Definitive Guide for tourists –

Are you planning a visit to Budapest, the vibrant capital city of Hungary which is officially designated as one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations? Then this comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Budapest and what there is to do and experience during your trip. Budapest, located on both sides of the Danube River, is a mecca of history, culture, art and architecture. The capital city of Hungary is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Danube” due to its gorgeous scenery. There are plenty of adventurous and unique things to see and do in Budapest, so why not take a sightseeing tour to discover the city’s impressive array of tourist attractions?

Top 10 Things to Do in Budapest

  • 1. Take a Sightseeing Cruise Along the Danube
  • 2. Visit Heroes’ Square
  • 3. Explore the Castle District
  • 4. Check Out the ‘Ruin Pubs’
  • 5. Wander Through Margaret Island
  • 6. Visit the Great Market Hall
  • 7. Relax In Szechenyi Thermal Baths
  • 8. Ride to the Top Of Gellert Hill
  • 9. Go Shopping in Vaci Street
  • 10. Spend an Evening At the Opera

Take a Sightseeing Cruise Along the Danube

One of the most magical experiences in Budapest is taking a dinner cruise or a sightseeing cruise along the River Danube. You can book these cruises online in advance or buy tickets at cruise terminals located near the Chain Bridge or Elizabeth Bridge. The sights along the Danube are spectacular, including views of Buda Castle, Elizabeth Bridge and Freedom Bridge as well as mesmerizing views of Parliament. Many cruises also include dinner or entertainment and can be frequently found with dinner packages that include traditional Hungarian cuisine such as goulash, paprika chicken or cherry strudel with ice cream for dessert.

Visit Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square stands proudly at the end of the grand Andrassy Boulevard and is one of the most stunning sights in all of Budapest. The semicircular colonnade features statues and memorable sculptures of Hungarian national leaders. At the center, you’ll find a 36-meter column topped with an iconic statue of Archangel Gabriel, considered a symbol of Hungary. The square is also home to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hall of Art, both excellent stops for art lovers visiting Budapest.

Explore the Castle District

The Castle District is home to several incredible attractions and contains some of Budapest’s oldest and most beautiful buildings, including Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church, Trinity Square and Buda Castle. You can explore all of these attractions on foot or hop on a scenic funicular ride if you’re short on time. Don’t forget to take a stroll around Castle Hill past the ancient walls and you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views across the Danube River.

Check Out the “Ruin Pubs’

No visit to Budapest is complete without checking out some of the city’s most popular “ruin pubs’, quirky venues located in old buildings (ruins) around town. Some popular ruin pubs include Szimpla Kert, Fogas Haz and Instant. They are generally open late and serve beer on tap as well as a range of cocktails and traditional Hungarian food. You can also find live music playlists including classic rock, indie music and modern electro-pop – perfect for getting your groove on!

Wander Through Margaret Island

Margaret Island, located in the middle of the Danube River, is a perfect spot for escaping from the hustle and bustle of Budapest city life. Transport links from Budapest’s City Centre are regular; so why not spend a few hours cycling or walking around the lush gardens, relaxing by one of its many outdoor pools, or enjoy an outdoor concert during the summer season?

Visit the Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall (or Central Market Hall in Hungarian) established in 1897, has been an iconic part of Budapest since it first opened its doors and continues to be a popular attraction for tourists today. The building is packed with fresh fruit and vegetable vendors, mini-restaurants, souvenir counters and much more! If you’re looking for local Hungarian specialties, you’ll find plenty here – salami, sausages, cheeses, cakes and pastries all made with traditional recipes handed down through generations. You can also find clothing, jewelry and artworks made by Hungarian producers.

Relax In Szechenyi Thermal Baths

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Budapest has to be Szechenyi Thermal Baths – a must-visit destination for relaxing after a long day sightseeing! These spectacular thermal baths are located in City Park and offer visitors a fantastic opportunity to unwind in one of their 18 natural hot spring pools surrounded by eye-catching architecture. Szechenyi also offers numerous opportunities for massages, reflexology sessions, venous circulation treatments and much more – definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for some restful respite during your stay in Budapest!

Ride To The Top Of Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill offers an unforgettable panoramic view that extends across the banks of the Danube River and beyond into Buda City Park and beyond! Make sure you visit a few times: once during daytime when you can soak up all the beauty that Budapest has to offer – including Citadel Fortress – then again at night when you can witness amazing views across all seven bridges that cross over Danube lit up brilliantly like diamonds across the sky. If you want to ride up Gellert Hill, take the Funicular or take a ride up on foot – either way offers spectacular views!

Go Shopping in Vaci Street

For those looking for some retail therapy during their stay, head over to Vaci Street – one of Budapest’s main shopping hubs! Here, visitors will find all sorts of souvenirs from Hungary such as paprika, bottles of Tokaji Aszu sweet wine and embroidered shawls from nearby villages, as well as an array fashion boutiques offering up new trends from designer labels around Europe. As night time arrives Vaci Street starts to buzz with entertainment options including cafes and pubs spilling onto terraces meanwhile street musicians create a wonderful atmosphere for evening walks through these cobbled streets full of life!

Spend An Evening At The Opera

The Hungarian State Opera House is located right in the City Centre near Andrassy Avenue; here visitors can experience both classic and modern productions that keep art lovers captivated every evening! With beautiful 19th century interiors this grand building exudes immense class – why not finish off your evening watching an opera or ballet performance? Grab your tickets online or visit their box office right outside; this is a must if you’re looking for an exquisite night out while staying in Budapest! Finally, no visit to Budapest would be complete without taking advantage of its incredible cafes and eateries which serve tasty traditional cuisine such as goulash, paprika chicken and hearty beef stew that go down very well with wines from Etyek-Buda wineries! There are tons of great restaurants with local flavour so don’t miss out –Hungarians certainly know how to make mouth-watering dishes! In conclusion, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Budapest that cover a diverse range from culture, history and adventure to relaxation. Whether it’s taking a sightseeing cruise along the Danube River or tasting traditional Hungarian cuisine in one of its many restaurants – there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city! If you’re looking for more information on what to do while in Budapest make sure to visit , an online travel guide that provides detailed information about tourist attractions in Hungary as well as tips for getting around safely and inexpensively!

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What to do in Budapest? – Definitive Guide for tourists –

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