What to do in Stuttgart for a Bachelor Party in 2020?

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by | Feb 4, 2023 | Stuttgart, Travel

What to do in Stuttgart for a Bachelor Party in 2020?

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, like for example a bachelor party, you should definitely consider Stuttgart as an option. The city is an absolute hotspot and you can find a wide range of activities, ranging from traditional German cuisine to exciting and adventurous nightlife. In this article, we are going to have a look at what Stuttgart has to offer for a bachelor party!

Stuttgart’s Nightlife Adventure

When it comes to having some wild and memorable time, Stuttgart’s nightlife offers plenty of opportunities. You can enjoy numerous night clubs featuring different music genres – you can find a club for every taste: from Europop, rap and rock to other styles. Several venues also offer live music. Stuttgart is also home to some international DJ’s, who often hold their own events in the city. In addition to the night club offers, Stuttgart also has many bars for relaxing with some drinks.

Due to the wide selection of available nightlife possibilities in Stuttgart, it is advisable to plan in advance your bachelor party events. This way, you can make sure that you get to enjoy the activities and experiences you want. To help you organise your special event, we have listed our top ten nightlife activities in Stuttgart:

  1. Pinstripes – located near the airport, this club features a bit of rock, rap, RnB and other music genres.
  2. Fettklub – often praised as one of the most beautiful clubs in Germany, it offers a wide selection of music genres and also good food.
  3. La Mancha – a night club situated in a former chapel and full of surprises.
  4. Relexa-Hotel Airport – this club features background house music and offers live streams from all over the world.
  5. Family Club – one of the most popular clubs in Stuttgart and is known for welcoming a diverse crowd.
  6. Ginmac – an inventive bar, featuring over 350 different kinds of gin.
  7. Panorama Bar – located on top of one of the tallest buildings in Stuttgart, this bar offers some great views as well as drinks, especially gin.
  8. Voelkermord – this alternative club offers punk music and visual shows.
  9. Jazzclub – a great spot to experience some live jazz music.
  10. LÄngelesle – a classic jazz bar, located near the festival area.

This selection of activities should give you an idea of which places are worth visiting during your bachelor party in Stuttgart. For those of you who value adventure and fun even more than some restful drinks at a bar, there is also something taking place outside of the city centre: The Popular Stuttgart Pub Crawl. The Pub Crawl is a guided tour through some of the most popular bars and even after-hours clubs in town. It lasts approximately 3 hours and includes complimentary entry to two venues as well as welcome shots at all the spots on the tour. The Pub Crawl also offers DJ sets at two venues for you and your friends. This way, it is the perfect activity to start off your bachelor party celebrations in Stuttgart!

Experience a wild bachelor party with your friends in Stuttgart with a Pub Crawl.

City Sightseeing in Stuttgart

Not only is Stuttgart famous for its exciting nightlife, it is also famous for its impressive sightseeing spots. There are numerous interesting places that can be visited during the day in Stuttgart. First off, we have the Königstraße – the main shopping street of the city can be found here. Furthermore, there are the welll known places like the Mercedes-Benz Museum or the State Opera House – both being landmark buildings of the city.

For those of you who are looking for something more off-beat, we have also compiled a list featuring some of our favourite non-touristy places in Stuttgart:

  • Arthur Kaestner Platz – A relaxed area surrounded by restaurants and bars, often hosting small concerts and shows.
  • Café Lotsenviertel – A lovely café located directly at Neckar river with lovely pastel coloured buildings.
  • Killesbergpark – A stunning garden park with many fancy rose variety gardens and great views.
  • Bohnenviertel – A restaurant located inside an old oil mill which dates back to 1790 and offers special ‘steamed’ dishes.
  • Town hall observation tower – One of the tallest towers in Germany with great views from up above.

Besides these places Stuttgart has a lot more unique sightseeing spots to offer, so make sure to plan some time during your bachelor party to explore them!

Relaxing Time in Stuttgart

Last but not least we want to suggest some activities which might give your bachelor party some calm moments as well. Relaxing at one of Stuttgart’s spa locations is one good example of switching off during the party weekend. One gorgeous spa that we definitely recommend is called ‘ErlebnisbadMare’ and is located right next to Neckar river. Moreover, there are countless recreational activities on offer that might provide you with some rest and relaxation during your stay in Stuttgart:

  • Horseback riding
  • Table tennis
  • Ice skating
  • Cinema & theater

And finally, there are many great places throughout Stuttgart that invite you to have some good time with friends while enjoying nice drinks and delicious food: restaurants like Biergarten “Kaminski” at Seebad Ufer or Les Salons at Kempinski Hotel Graf Zeppelin provide amazing settings to hang out with friends while enjoying some delightful dishes.

With that being said, there are plenty of things to do and enjoy when celebrating a bachelor party in Stuttgart and we hope that this article has been helpful for you making up your mind and deciding what part of all the diverse activities you want to enjoy! Make sure to check out Stuttgart: Bachelor or Bachelorette Party with Pub Crawl, one of the most exciting activities for bachelor parties – an adventure through some hidden gems of the city’s nightlife!

What to do in Stuttgart for a Bachelor Party in 2020?

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