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What to Eat Before a Pub Crawl? A Comprehensive Guide

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What to Eat Before a Pub Crawl? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you about to embark on a pub crawl for the first time? If so, one of your main concerns is likely going to be what to eat before a pub crawl. Whether you’re visiting pubs for the first time, or you’ve been bar hopping for years, it’s important to have a satisfying meal before and during the crawl so as to prevent alcohol from hitting you too hard. In this guide, we’ll go over what to eat before a pub crawl so that you can stay safe, have fun, and make the most of the night.

Why Should You Eat Before Going on a Pub Crawl?

When people decide to hit up multiple pubs – or as many as they can during the night – they often forget that they need to fuel up before they go. Eating before you even drink a drop of alcohol is highly recommended when it comes to bar hopping, why? Well, to start off with, eating will help line your stomach with something other than alcohol and reduce the effect of the alcohol on your body.

Moreover, food will help you stay energized throughout the night. Between hopping from one pub to another and chatting up with friends, you will need energy throughout the night. Lastly, by having something in your stomach, you won’t have as much of an urge to drink too fast since your stomach won’t be empty.

What Kind of Food Should I Eat Before Pub Crawling?

When it comes to what to eat before a pub crawl, carbohydrates and proteins are usually a safe bets. That said, here are some nutritional options that are both delicious and filling:

  • Fruits and Veggies: Fruits and veggies like apples, oranges, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. are some of the best dietary options to have before heading out. They make a delicious snack and are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber that help keep your energy level steady.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is an excellent source of proteins and feels light on the stomach. It also helps balance the microbiome in your stomach and improves digestion.
  • Nuts: Nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews are also great sources of proteins and vitamins. Just a handful of them will not only keep your hunger pangs away but also make sure your body has all the important minerals during the pub crawl.
  • Sandwiches: Sandwiches like veggie sandwiches and grilled chicken sandwiches are already quite wholesome meals that can fill you up with proteins and carbohydrates. They are delicious and easy to grab on-the-go.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that eating too much food before you begin your pub crawl is also not recommended. Stuffing yourself with food may make you feel heavy and lethargic during the session.

Which Foods Should You Avoid Before Bar Hopping?

Apart from giving you some useful tips related to what to eat before a pub crawl, we should also take a look at the types of food that should be avoided when preparing for a pub crawl session. Generally speaking, any food that takes too long to digest should be avoided prior to starting the night out in pubs. Moreover, fatty foods should also be limited due to their slow digestion rate as well.

  • Fried Foods: Whether it’s fries, chicken bites, or burgers, fried foods are worrisome before going out for a pub crawl. Their high-fat content can be difficult to digest and slow down your metabolism, hit the back of your throat and give you an upset stomach while you’re out having fun.
  • Heavy Meals: Although a filling dinner or lunch may sound like a good way to get ready for pub crawling, heavy meals can be quite uncomfortable and may leave you feeling sluggish.
  • Sugary Beverages: Sugary beverages like soft drinks and candies should also be avoided prior to starting a pub crawl session.

Snacks to Eat During Your Pub Crawl

When it comes to what to eat before a pub crawl, many people often forget about snacks for during the crawl itself. Eating snacks during the night can help sustain your energy levels as well as keep you from drinking too much or eating unhealthy pub grub later on. Here are some snack ideas that you can have with you while you’re out:

  • Granola Bars: Granola bars are small in size yet full of essential oils and carbohydrates. They can be easily carried around during a pub session and help keep hunger pangs away for longer durations.
  • Popcorn: Popcorn is not only delicious but also feels light on the stomach. It is easy to carry around and can provide quick energy boosts.
  • Fruits and Veggies: Just like before the crawl session began, fruits and veggies are great healthy snacks that can keep your energy levels rocking all night long.
  • Chef’s Grilled Snack Sticks:

What Can I Drink Before Going Out Drinking?

When it comes to drinks before going out for a pub crawl, it’s best to limit yourself to non-alcoholic beverages like water or smoothies. Not only will these drinks help provide hydration for your body but they also contain essential nutrients that can provide energy boosts throughout the night. Fruit juices or energy drinks may look tempting but since they contain added sugar or caffeine, it’s best if they’re avoided. In short, water is the best drink option prior to starting a pub crawl session.

What to Eat Before a Pub Crawl? Conclusion

Pub crawls can be lots of fun provided you follow all safety guidelines such as eating properly before going out and keeping your hydration levels high throughout the night. That said, following this guide’s tips for what to eat before a pub crawl, what not to eat before hand as well as snacks for during the session should have given you some useful pointers that you can use while planning your upcoming pub session. So now that you know what to eat before going out for a night of drinking and fun, get ready to make the most of it!

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What to Eat Before a Pub Crawl? A Comprehensive Guide

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