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What to Eat During a Trip to Mexico City?

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What to Eat During a Trip to Mexico City?

Mexico City is one of the largest and most exciting food cities in the world. With its vibrant and diverse cultural history, there is no shortage of delicious dishes to sample while visiting. Whether it’s street food, local taquerías, regional specialties, or fancy fine-dining restaurants, the sheer culinary range will astound even seasoned food travellers. Mexico City’s rich culinary wealth means that everyone’s taste is catered for – from gastronomic adventurers to the more traditional diners. In this guide, we list the 10 must-eats for a memorable culinary experience in the Mexican capital.

1. Tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor is a local favourite and consists of marinated pork, onion, and pineapple cooked on spit, and served in fresh tortillas with coriander and fresh chilli. It can be sampled at street stands and taco restaurants throughout the city. For a taste of the authentic version, visitors should head to El Vilsito in the Colonia Guerrero neighborhood – a cinder block store made popular by Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

2. Churros con cajeta

This sugary staple is the perfect snack for any time of day. The traditional churro is made from deep-fried dough generously sprinkled with sugar and served hot from the fryer – but in Mexico City, you’ll also find a sweet version dolloped with cajeta (thick caramel-like sauce). Churros con cajeta is best sampled at Rosetta, a popular ice cream parlor also selling churros, crepes, and profiteroles.

3. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles is a popular Mexican breakfast dish made with tortilla chips, cheese, onion, salsa verde or roja (depending on preference), and crema Mexicana (or sour cream) topped off with chopped fresh coriander and avocado slices. It can be accompanied by eggs, pulled chicken, or steak. One of the best places to sample this dish is at the on-trend Bandido Food & Bar located in the Condesa neighbourhood.

4. Memelitas

These thick and crunchy mini-tortillas are made from corn and fired in a clay oven called a comal. Memelitas are served as an appetiser before the main meal – often with fresh cheese and salsa, adding to their savoury flavour. For a taste of these traditional Mexican snacks, visitors should head to Cantina La Punta Estilo San Joaquín, located near the metro San Joaquín station.

5. Antojitos

Containing various ingredients such as potatoes, cheese, beans and chilli sauce, antojitos are small dishes of Mexican cuisine served as appetisers or snacks before the main dish – often at neighbourhood markets or stands. They are also known as antolemol or tacos dorados. For a taste of some of the most original antojitos around, visitors should venture to Mercado Jamaica in the Iztapalapa neighborhood for a smorgasbord of specialty snacks.

6. Mole poblano

Mole poblano is a classic Mexican dish comprising of 30 to 40 different herbs and spices such as onions, chillies, sesame seeds, tomato, usually fried plantain pieces, almonds or peanuts. It’s usually served with either chicken or turkey on tacos or simply pouring over the side of the main dish. With its mix of strong flavours, it’s one of the most popular dishes in Mexico City – and El Califa in Polanco serves one of the best versions.

7. Carnitas

Carnitas translated means “little meats” – making it one of the more succulent dishes in Mexican cuisine. It is made with pork shoulder that has been slowly fried until crunchy on the outside but juicy on the inside – usually served with guacamole and tortillas made out of corn or flour. Taqueria El Paisano has been preparing some of the best carnitas for over 100 years in Mexico City (Barrio de Tepito).

8. Panuchos

Panuchos hail from Yucatán and consist of deep-fried masa tortilla filled with black beans and topped with pickled onions, shredded lettuce, fresh tomatoes and avocado slices. For some delicious panuchos right in the centre of Mexico City, Mercado de Jamaica specializes in these smashed-style tortillas overflowing with toppings – making it a must-try for any discerning foodie visiting the city!

9. Barbacoa

A traditional Mexican barbacoa typically consists slow-cooked meats such as lamb or goat that has been cooked in a subterranean fire hole – earning it UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage status in 2013. For one of Mexico City’s finest examples of this dish, locals flock to La Maina restaurant in Colonia Doctores neighbourhood for some truly delectable tender meat.

10. Elote

Corn on the cob can be found in Mexican cuisine since pre-Hispanic times – but street vendors throughout Mexico City have turned this into an art form! Elote is corn that has been boiled in water then grilled on hot coals before being served on sticks n’ smothered with chilli sauce, mayonnaise and sprinkle with salty Parmesan cheese as well as lemon juice squeezed all over it – by far one of the city’s greatest street eats! Try it at Elote Lady near Glasgow Bar in Condesa neighbourhood!

For an unforgettable culinary experience while in Mexico City be sure to sample all these 10 must-eats! With its huge diversity in culinary offerings there’s something for everyone! Bon appétit!

harpal singh 0MPtSJfg9J4 unsplash

What to Eat During a Trip to Mexico City?

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