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What to See and Do in Gdansk, Poland

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What to See and Do in Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, the historic port city located in the north of Poland on the Baltic coast, is renowned for its huge shipyard and industrial past. While the city is purpose-built for exploring on foot, it has plenty of thing to see and do, from old-world churches to sandy beaches. Here’s an overview of the must-sees in and around Gdansk.

Visit the Solidarity Monument

The Solidarity Monument (Monument Komisji Egzekucyjnej) is the most important symbol of the city’s political past. The monument commemorates the formation of Solidarity, the first non-Communist trade union in Eastern Europe, formed by Lech Walesa. The monument is located at the corner of Slaska and Czerwinskiego Streets, just off the main Długa Street. One of the main symbols of Solidarity is a crane, which is painted in red and white on one of the walls of the monument.

Explore Old Town in Gdansk

Make sure to spend at least one full day exploring Old Town (Gdansk Stare Miasto), as this is where most of the action is. It’s also believed that this area was first established by Polish settlers in at least 976 AD. When strolling around this part of the city, be sure to check out medieval Onżega Castle, St Mary’s Church – one of the world’s largest brick churches – and Long Street (also known as Royal Road), which served as a path for the Polish kings visiting Gdansk.

Climb the City Walls

Gdansk’s defensive walls were built in the 14th century and are believed to be one of Europe’s best preserved medieval walls. This impressive fortress is still standing 34 meters (111 feet) tall and overlooks both Old Town and Main City. There’s a fee to get in, but it’s worth it for the view from the top!

Check out Neptune’s Fountain

One of the most memorable sights during a visit to Gdansk is Neptune’s Fountain (Fontanna Neptuna) located on Dluga Street in front of Artus Court. This stunning fountain was designed by Dutch sculptor Anton Müller and is made from bronze; it was first created in 1633. Take a few moments here to admire the intricate details and mythological scenes represented on the fountain – you won’t be disappointed.

The Amber Museum

The coastal city of Gdansk is synonymous with amber; this gemstone was crucial to the city’s prosperity up until World War II. Seeking a relic of this bygone era? Check out the Amber Museum (Muzeum Bursztynu), which offers an interactive tour and stunning display pieces that are truly extraordinary. In addition, visitors can also try their hand at making their own jewelry at workshops nearby; this is a great activity to do with kids.

Take a Boat Trip

As Gdansk is located along the Baltic Sea, boat trips are one of the most popular things to do here; there are plenty of scenic cruises that offer excellent views and photo opportunities. Boat rides usually take between 90 minutes and two hours, so you can learn about Gdansk’s maritime history or simply admire the views from the sea!

Hit Up Stogi Beach

For those looking for a chance to relax and sunbathe, Stogi Beach is an ideal spot. This stretch of sand runs along an idyllic bay between two cliffs and offers exceptional sunset views – perfect for romantics! Take a stroll along the mile-long promenade or grab a bite to eat at some of the beachfront eateries located nearby; there’s something here for everyone.

Sample Local Cuisine

Gdansk has become an increasingly popular destination among food lovers; it’s renowned for its excellent regional cuisine featuring plenty of fresh seafood. Some must-try dishes include pierogi (stuffed dumplings) cooked in melted butter and onions as well as bigos (slow-cooked sauerkraut stew with meat, bacon, and mushrooms). Wash it down with local craft beers or indulge in a glass of zubrowka (vodka infused with bison grass).

Take a Pub Crawl with Free Drinks

For people looking for a truly unique experience in Gdansk, why not join a pub crawl? This three-hour tour will take you through some of the city’s best bars and nightlife spots, complete with unlimited drinks and exciting nightlife venues. Plus, experienced guides will also provide insights about local culture and events happening in town during your visit – it’s a great way to get immersed in Gdansk’s vibrant nightlife. On top of all that, you can get free drinks along your journey; drinking your way through Gdansk never sounded so good! If you’re interested in such an experience while spending your time in Gdansk, you can book a Gdansk Pub Crawl with Free Drinks Tour on GetYourGuide and explore Gdansk in an absolutely unique way!

From historic landmarks to well-kept beaches, Gdansk offers something for everyone. Whether you want to sip beer while exploring lively pubs or observe landmarks with great historical significance, this ancient city will ensure you have a memorable stay. So, why not explore unique Polish culture while checking out some must-see attractions?

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What to See and Do in Gdansk, Poland

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