What to Visit in Newcastle?

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What to Visit in Newcastle?

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What to Visit in Newcastle?

Newcastle upon Tyne is a bustling destination and the vibrant city of North East England. With a long and rich history, there is a never ending list of things to see and do in the bustling city centre. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, Newcastle has something to offer everyone from art-lovers to history enthusiasts. Whether you are after a leisurely afternoon or taking a weekend away, this article will point you in the right direction for a perfect day out.

Castlemere Gallery

Displaying one of the widest ranges of original British art in the region, Castlemere Gallery is a must-visit on the cultural itinerary. Perfectly located near the banks of the River Tyne, this charming gallery offers breathtaking glimpses of some of the best art in the North East. Once you’ve finished browsing the impressive collection, take moments to appreciate its unique setting – situated close to iconic landmarks like the Tyne Bridge and quayside.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

No visitor to Newcastle would be complete without marveling at one of its most iconic landmarks – Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Standing atop the River Tyne like a huge sculpture is a sight like no other. Open 24 hours a day and free of charge, the bridge offers the best views of Newcastle’s nightscape when lit up. Take a walk over the bridge at night for some beautiful scenery away from the neon lights of the city centre.

Great North Museum: Hancock

The Great North Museum: Hancock is an award-winning museum in the heart of Newcastle. Offering access to art, natural history and science collections, there is something for every age group here. Be sure to pay special attention to the bronze sculptures and touch table exhibitions that offer something really special. If you’re visiting with children, they will not want to miss out on a hands-on exploration in the museum’s fossil gallery!

Newcastle Cathedral

Built in 1844, Newcastle Cathedral stands proudly at the centre of Newcastle’s cultural life and religious heritage. Visitors able to trek up multiple flights of stairs will be awarded with unparalleled views one of Newcastle’s most renowned spiritual sites. You can also explore inside – marvel at its beauty and even visit one of their free daily services.

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art provides an excellent trip for anyone fascinated by art and design. With regular exhibitions throughout the year, it is well worth taking some time out to admire its newest pieces and take in its stunning World Heritage quayside views. There is a café too, so you can make your visit into an excellent day out.

Theatre Royal

Nestled in the centre of Newcastle lies the Theatre Royal – one of Britain’s most loved venues. Ballet and theatre productions occur almost every night throughout the week – so snap up some tickets in advance to make sure you don’t miss out. Along with an impressive programme of plays, musicals, concerts and opera events – the theatre also offers a range of workshops both online or in-person at their city centre premises

Hadrian’s Wall

No visit to Newcastle is complete without exploring what lies outside the city walls and in this case, it couldn’t be clearer – Hadrian’s Wall. Just a short drive away from Newcastle, you can find this awe-inspiring ancient structure that stretches more than 73 miles across Great Britain’s North West coast. Originally built by Romans, it still stands as a symbol of strength, power and creativity that has shaped our country’s past and present. Newcastle offers a rich mix of activities from century old monuments to present day galleries that appeal to all ages regardless of their interests. From ancient castles to modern day artworks – take your time and let yourself explore this vibrant city, full of characters, history and culture!

What to Visit in Newcastle?

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