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What You Should Wear On A Pub Crawl

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If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ll probably be going on a pub crawl in the near future. And as someone who’s done a fair amount of pub crawls, I can tell you not to bother with anything too fancy or expensive. You’re going to end up walking from place to place, so why dress up? What you wear should be comfortable and easy to drink in.

The History of the Pub Crawl

Bar hopping is a centuries-old tradition that has been enjoyed by people all over the world. The first recorded pub crawl was in London in 1751, when a group of men decided to visit all the pubs in the city in one night. Since then, pub crawls have become a popular way to enjoy a night out with friends. There are many ways to do a pub crawl, but the basic idea is to visit a number of different pubs or bars in one night. Pub crawls can be planned ahead of time, or you can simply go where the night takes you. Either way, it’s important to dress for the occasion. Wearing comfortable shoes is a must, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. You also want to wear something that you won’t mind getting a bit dirty, as spilled drinks are inevitable. And finally, make sure your outfit is stylish—you never know who you might meet on your pub crawl!

Dressing for a Pub Crawl

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking out your outfit for a pub crawl. You want to be comfortable, but also stylish. Here are a few tips: -Wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking, so make sure your shoes won’t give you blisters. -Wear layers. pubs can get pretty warm, especially if you’re dancing, so it’s good to have a light jacket or cardigan that you can take off if you need to. -Go for something fun and festive. This is not the time to be wearing your boring everyday clothes. Dress up a little bit and have some fun with your outfit!

What to Wear On A Pub Crawl?

Bar hopping can be a great way to see your favourite bars and pubs, in any city in the world, while also getting a little exercise in. But what should you wear on a pub crawl? Here are a few tips to help you out. First, consider the weather. If it’s cold outside, you’ll want to dress warmly. But if it’s hot, you’ll want to dress in something lighter. In either case, comfortable shoes are a must. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, after all. Second, think about the dress code of the places you’ll be visiting. Some bars or pubs may have a dress code that you’ll need to adhere to. Others may be more casual. Choose an outfit that will be appropriate for all the places you’ll be going. Finally, don’t forget about accessories. A hat or sun visor can be helpful if it’s sunny out. And if it’s cold, a scarf can add some extra warmth. Just make sure not to bring anything too bulky that will get in the way when you’re trying to enjoy your drinks!

What NOT To Wear On A Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is a great way to spend an evening with friends, but there are a few things you should avoid wearing if you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb. Here are a few fashion no-nos for pub crawls: 1. Avoid wearing heels or other shoes that will make it difficult to walk or stand for long periods of time. You’ll be doing a lot of walking on a pub crawl, so comfortable shoes are a must. 2. Don’t wear anything too revealing. You’ll be spending a lot of time in close quarters with other people, so you don’t want to be showing too much skin. 3. steer clear of bright colors or anything that would make you too easy to spot in a crowded bar. Darker colors are more flattering and will help you blend in with the crowd. 4. And finally, don’t forget to accessorize! A cute purse or scarf can add some personality to your outfit and make it more fun.

Bring Out Your Inner Preppy Person

If you’re looking to have a more preppy-like experience on your pub crawl night, then that means transforming yourself into the best preppy person you can be. A great go-to outfit would be khakis or cropped trousers with a bright sweater and maybe a fun pair of plaid socks or plain ankle sneakers. You can add a pop of color or pattern according to the weather and the occasion, while adding coordinating accessories. A wine scarf or checkered pattern shorts can make sure your pub crawl outfit stands out from the crowd.

A Whimsical Yet Comfy Look

Who said that pub crawling should be taken too seriously? When aiming for a more whimsical look, the possibilities are infinite. Bright colors, bold patterns, flowery shirts, funky jewellery – mix and match them for your desired look! The key elements to dress for a whimsical look is comfort. You don’t want anything that is too tight or too restricting; instead look for relaxed fits and fabric that allows you to move and groove without having to trip over all night.

When going for a whimsical look for a pub crawl, having the right bag can be essential! You’ll want something with enough space in it to store all of those goodies you get along the way but also something that fits your overall style. Bright backpacks in colorful materials are the perfect accompaniment for a whimsical and quirky pub crawl look.

Make It Fancier

Sometimes a pub crawl calls for a dressier approach. When this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the same boring dress and black heels combo. Instead, consider opting for fun dresses, utility jumpsuits or even slouchy suits with lots of eye-catching details that could turn any boring pre-drinking session into an unforgettable night.

No matter what you pick, try to incorporate some fun elements that can help make your outfit stand out from any other standard pub crawler’s wardrobe. This might include bold patterns, quirky accessories or colorful heels. If it’s an especially cold night, why not try throwing a cozy knit over your outfit for some warmth with chic flair?

A Mix of All Three

When planning ahead for your night out, why not combine all three ideas into one perfect pub crawl look? Take the comfortable elements from the whimsical look and spice it up by adding pieces from both the preppy and dressier looks. You can mix intricate patterns with bolder colors and sprinkle some accessories here and there. Utilize layers properly to show off your unique sense of style. Here is an example of a mix of preppy and whimsical: statement crocheted sweater, black pants, plaid mid-length socks, gold hoops and sneakers finished off with a colorful bag.

Create Your Perfect Pub Crawl Outfit

No matter what kind of outfit you decide to go with for your next pub crawl session, make sure it reflects your personal style for an effortless and comfortable look that is sure to make heads turn. Feel free to experiment with different looks and styles to find what works best for you, so you can take full advantage of those pub crawl shenanigans!

Choose The Right Shoes

Your shoes are your foundation for the night and getting them wrong can ruin your outfit completely. We recommend sticking to something comfortable and secure, like a pair of trainers or boots. Stilettos may look great for a few hours, but you’ll soon regret it when your feet are aching from all the standing and walking. Shoes made from canvas or leather will work just fine in most cases, but if your night calls for dancing then opt for something with more bounce in the sole and a slimmer profile.

Pick Appropriate Tops And Bottoms

This will depend a lot on personal preference and on what type of pub crawl outfit you want to create. If you’re going for a casual look, choose a mobile t-shirt and slim-fit jeans. If you want to dress it up a bit, go for a fun printed t-shirt and either some smarter jeans or trousers. Don’t forget to add layers if it might get cold – a blazer or light jacket will help keep the chill away without overdoing it. Whatever you decide on, ensure your top half is well connected to your bottom – nothing too figure-hugging or too loose. That way you’ll look supported, but also comfortable.

Accessories With Style

Accessories can evoke the finishing touches that no pub crawl outfit would be without. Whether it’s a simple silver watch for men or a statement necklace for women, accessories are what separates an average look from a great one. Choose wisely here and don’t choose too many – one bold item of jewellery is enough to get people’s heads turning in admiration. If you feel like you need a bag to carry all your essentials with you, think minimal – a thin small purse should do the trick.

What Are the Best Ideas for Pub Crawl Outfits?

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what a pub crawl is, let’s focus on the best clothing ideas for this fun night out. Here are some tips and styling tricks to help you put together an outfit that celebrates the evening while helping you feel comfortable and stylish.

1. Pre-Plan Your Outfit

Because the dress code can vary from one bar crawl location to another, it’s important to plan ahead and decide what to wear in advance. Some bars may be more casual and allow streetwear attire, while others may have a dressier dress code requiring such clothing items as dress jeans and blazers for men and dresses for women. Depending on this factor, you can choose the specific items you need for a complete outfit.

2. Choose Stylish Shoes

With bar crawls, you’ll be on your feet for much of the night traveling from spot to spot, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes. Heels may seem like the most stylish pick for a night out, but a good pair of sneakers or sandals can be just as chic—not to mention a whole lot more comfortable! Try stylish pairs like glittery or metallic kicks—these will upgrade your look while still providing comfort throughout the night.

3. Accessorize Wisely

When it comes to accessories for your pub crawl outfits, less is often more. We suggest selecting one or two unique pieces that will help enhance your look without going overboard. A statement necklace or earrings can add glamour to your outfit, while layering your jewelry pieces will help you make your look stand out even more. Or trade jewels in for a stylish bag or belt—this can be your go-to accessory each time you attend a crawl.

4. Bring Swappable Pieces

You never know what type of atmosphere you’ll find at each location of your pub crawl script—some stops may be more casual than others—so it’s smart to bring along accessories that can help you quickly adjust your look. A few swappable items that you can add or remove depending on the atmosphere include light jackets or blazers, hats, and sunglasses or sunglasses.

5. Layer Your Look

Layering pieces such as light jackets, sweaters, and cardigans is an easy way to make your outfit more flexible for any bar crawl situation. Whether the venue requires more dressed-up attire or casual looks, these pieces can help you modify your look to suit the atmosphere—plus, layering pieces allow for an easy transition as temperatures drop throughout the night.

Pub Crawl Outfit Ideas for Guys

Guys attending a pub crawl should opt for fashionable yet comfortable pieces such as jeans, sneakers, t-shirts and hoodies, hats, and jackets or blazers. Consider these style ideas to help put together a great look:

  • Jeans and a T-Shirt: Get classic pub crawl style by pairing jeans with a short-sleeved graphic t-shirt or collared shirt.
  • Shorts and Sneakers: During warmer months, shorts are a great option since they’re comfy and still fashionable at the same time. Go for classic sneakers such as Converse All Stars or neutral sneakers to complete the look.
  • Hoodie and Jeans: If it gets cooler at night, layer up with a hoodie for added warmth without sacrificing style.
  • Jacket and Jeans: To make your look dressier without sacrificing comfort, finish off your pub crawl outfit with classic jeans and a blazer or lightweight jacket.

Here are some additional tips for men’s pub crawl outfits:

  • Hat: The right hat can add cool style to any pub crawl outfit. Try classic styles such as baseball hats or fedoras—these will help keep your head warm during cooler months.
  • Shirt: When wearing shorts or khaki pants, try shirts such as lightweight henleys or collared shirts.
  • Footwear: To ensure comfort without sacrificing style, swap out traditional dress shoes for canvas sneakers or sandals.

Pub Crawl Outfit Ideas for Women

Ladies looking for the perfect pub crawl ensemble should go for items that are comfortable yet still make a statement such as dresses, jeans and tees, light jackets and cardigans, hats, accessories and stylish shoes. Here are some styling tips to get you started:

  • Dress Up Your Jeans: Jazz up your slim-fitting jeans with heels or strappy sandals—this simple move can instantly upgrade your look.
  • Opt for Flattering Dresses: When dressing for a pub crawl, choose dresses that are both flattering and comfortable such as wrap dresses or mini dresses.
  • Layer Up: If temperatures drop at night it may be chilly in some of the bars you visit—so it’s wise to layer your look with coats, sweaters, vests or blazers.

Here are additional ideas on how to accessorize your woman’s pub crawl outfit:

  • Accessories: Statement accessories such as bold necklaces will add something special to your outfit without being too showy.
  • Shoes: Sandals are great options during warmer months while boots are must-haves when temperature drops.

Women’s Pub Crawling Attire

Women have plenty of easy outfit variations when it comes to pub crawling. The key is to choose something that you’re comfortable in and allows you to be flexible enough when it comes to sitting, dancing or taking part in other activities that pubs offer.

  • A nice dress or skirt with a casual top that is easy to pair with a light jacket.
  • Jeans paired with a t-shirt or long sleeve top tucked in at the waist.
  • A skirt with leggings and a casual top that can give you plenty of warmth.
  • For colder temperatures, leggings and a dressy tunic sweater can provide enough warmth while looking chic.

When it comes to footwear, choose comfortable shoes such as flats, sneakers, or even boots that are stylish yet durable.

Men’s Pub Crawling Attire

Men have just as many options when it comes to pub crawling clothing ideas as women do. Whether you’re looking for something casual yet dressed up or even semi-formal, there’s an outfit combination perfect for your pub crawl.

  • A t-shirt worn with jeans and a lightweight jacket is a good option.
  • Jeans or chinos paired with a dressy shirt for a casual yet formal look.
  • A dressy button-down shirt worn with dress pants for a semi-formal look.
  • For colder temperature months, a knit sweater with chinos will keep you warm and dapper.

When it comes to footwear, like women, choose to wear comfortable shoes such as all-weather boots, loafers, or even sneakers, but make sure they coordinate with your overall look.

Pro Tips: Other Considerations When Picking Your Pub Crawl Look

When picking an outfit for a pub crawl there’s more to consider than just clothes. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you have the perfect look:

  • Bring Personal Essentials, like money and wallet, lip balm, deodorant and at least one extra shirt. You’ll never know what comes your way on the night of your pub crawl.
  • Keep Makeup Minimal, but still accentuate your natural features. For men and women alike, consider going with some waterproof mascara and balm just in case you get caught in the rain.
  • Spray on Some Cologne. A good scent can boost your confidence when heading out on your pub crawl.
  • Roll & Go!. Choose an outfit that can travel with you easily in case you decide to stop at more than one pub during the night.

Always remember to accessorize the outfit according to your own personal style and the theme of the pub crawl you’re headed to. A great accessory can instantly COMPLETE and transform your look from normal to extraordinary!

What is Casual Wear for Pub Crawls?

When it comes to prepping for a pub crawl, it’s important to consider everything you have planned. Are you simply bar-hopping with friends or do you plan to go dancing at the end of the night? What sort of dress code do the bars you’re visiting have? Finally, what kind of climate are you planning to pub crawl in? Temperature and the forecast can play a big role in what type of clothing you choose.

Whether you’re out in hot summer weather or chilly winter temperatures, casual wear remains the most practical choice for a pub crawl. That said, there are still plenty of ways to look stylish when it comes to casual wear. Let’s break down some of the key pieces and looks for men and women below.

Pub Crawl Outfits for Men

First and foremost, comfort is key. You should pick pieces that are both comfortable and functional. Men’s pub crawl outfit ideas keep this in mind while still looking fashionable.

T-Shirts and Tanks

A solid neutral t-shirt or tank top is a great starting point for men’s pub crawl outfits. Pair a simple v-neck tee with dressier chinos and casual shoes for a dressed-down look. Wearing a t-shirt in a slightly darker shade than your chinos helps keep lighter colors from sticking out too much.

Alternatively, a slim fitting henley looks great with more adventurous choices like patterned shorts or jeans in a slightly faded wash. Henleys are flattering for most body types, making them a great option for those wanting to show off their physique without feeling overexposed. Plus, many options nowadays come with thumbholes to keep your shirt from flapping while you’re walking and dancing.

Blazers and Jackets

Throw on a lightweight blazer or cardigan over a t-shirt to add a touch of sophistication to your pub crawl look. Surprisingly, you can pair this with anything – think dressier jeans paired with ankle boots or chinos and sneakers. Both options work. But you can go even further with this look by adding a pocket square or tie. It’s surprisingly easy to take your look from day to night when pub crawling with just a few well chosen pieces.


Finally, boots add an unexpected touch of style that can be dressed up or down depending on the rest of your outfit. Desert boots, chukkas and chelseas are all great choices for casual environments like pub crawls. For those venturing out into winter weather, leather boots like combat boots or snow-resistant versions are best for keeping your feet warm and dry throughout the night.

Pub Crawl Outfits for Women

When it comes to women’s pub crawl fashion, comfort reigns supreme. Just like men’s pub-crawling fashion, women have plenty of options when it comes to looking fabulous while keeping their comfort in mind.

Dresses and Rompers

Fun and flirty rompers and dresses are always a winning look when hopping from bar to bar on a pub crawl. Depending on the weather, choose from breezy wraps, knit numbers, or tailored styles with an airy feel. As for colors and patterns, more neutral hues might be the way to go if the environment you’re expecting calls for more serious feels like upscale cocktail bars. On the other hand, if you’re heading to relatively casual bars like brewpubs and pubs, feel free to have more fun with colors and prints!


Jeans are always a good option because they are both comfortable and fashionable. Choose light colored jeans if hot summer evenings are ahead or opt for darker shades on chillier nights. Add texture with ripped knee details or colored details at the bottom hemline of your jeans. Plus, adding a leather jacket over your favorite t-shirt will make any pair of jeans look edgy and cool – plus keep you warm during colder evenings!

Wedges and Ankle Boots

Walking around for hours during a pub crawl doesn’t have to lead to cold toes and sore feet! Go for wedges if you want to slim your ankles but also give yourself height with some heels. Ankle boots will also do the trick – just make sure that you wear either socks or tights so that your feet don’t get too cold throughout the night!

Packing Essentials

No matter which pieces make up your outfit, it pays to have important items handy as you hop from place to place. If temperatures are chilly or quickly going down in evening hours, accessories like scarves, beanie hats or trademarked styles like plaid scarves can help keep you and your style quotient looking fresh all night long – even if the evening chill hits!

If it’s an especially long night, consider bringing along a small cross-body bag or clutch that can fit all the essentials — keys, an emergency credit card, lip balm and compact mirror — without weighing you down as you bar hop. Otherwise, keeping cash or other necessities tucked away inside pockets go without fail if all else fails!

What to Consider When Choosing Outfit for a Pub Crawl?

When it comes to selecting the right outfit for a pub crawl, there are several points to consider. Although dress codes for pub crawls may vary depending on particular venues, certain factors always play a role in determining what you should wear.

Here is what you should keep in mind:

  • Location. Consider where you’re attending the pub crawl and the types of places you’ll be visiting. If you’re going somewhere more upscale, you may want something more formal than if it’s just a casual night out with friends.
  • Weather. Does your pub crawl involve visiting outdoor bars? If so, then make sure you also dress accordingly. Layering clothing, such as lightweight sweaters or blazers are some smart pieces to consider when outdoors.
  • Duration. Consider how long it will take before you reach the final destination. The length of your pub crawl should be taken into account when deciding what to wear.

Casual Pub Crawl Outfit Ideas

When it comes to deciding on the perfect pub crawl outfit, it’s important to know your personal comfort level. If that means maxing out your look and choosing something slightly dressier, by all means! But if you don’t feel comfortable in something too flashy or sparkly, go for something more casual.

When it comes to casual attire for a pub crawl, anything goes as long as you feel comfortable and able to enjoy your time. Here’s an idea of what to wear for more relaxed pub crawls:

  • Comfortably Fitted Top , such as a colored t-shirt or blouse
  • Printed or Solid Denim Pants or jeans
  • Comfy Shoes such as sandals or sneakers
  • Long Cardigan or layer over top
  • Optional Accessories such as clutch bag, statement necklace, earrings, hat and others

When selecting clothing pieces for casual pub crawls, try to keep it coordinated but feel free to express your individual style. For example, mix colors and patterns, play with different textures and accessorize as you wish.

Formal Pub Crawl Outfit Ideas

If your pub crawl is going for more of a formal outing, then it’s time to take it up a notch with your outfit choices! Here are some ideas of formal outfit pieces that are perfect for a slightly dressier pub crawl:

  • Chic Dress such as a sleeveless midi dress or jumpsuit
  • Classy Blouse such as an off-the-shoulder blouse or one with interesting details
  • Statement Skirt such as an A-line frill skirt or pleated midi skirt
  • Classy Heels in matching color or print
  • Dressy Blazers such as tweed blazers or linen jackets

For formal evening pubs, consider wearing something that won’t require frequent touch-ups – no one wants to worry about their clothes all evening long! When shopping for appropriate clothing for formal pub crawls, try sticking to pieces that are classic and flattering – so you know you’ll look stunning every time.

In Conclusion:

Bar hopping is a great way to explore a new city or town, and to sample the local nightlife. But what should you wear? The answer is: anything you feel comfortable in! Whether it’s a t-shirt and jeans or a pretty dress, make sure you’re wearing something you can walk (and drink!) in. And don’t forget to accessorize with a map of the area, some cash, and your ID. Have fun!

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What You Should Wear On A Pub Crawl

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