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Where can you experience the best of Eindhoven’s nightlife?

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Where can you experience the best of Eindhoven’s nightlife?

If you’re looking for a lively night out in Eindhoven, you’ve come to the right place. Eindhoven is known for its vibrant nightlife and packed bars, so you won’t have any problem finding a place to party. There are countless bars and pubs to visit, and a large selection of clubs to choose from. This guide will introduce you to some of the top spots in the city, so you can get the most out of your night out in Eindhoven.

1. Plaza Futura

Located a stone’s throw away from Eindhoven Central Station, Plaza Futura is one of the city’s premier spots for nightlife. This large venue not only plays host to music events, comedy shows, and cinema screenings, it also has two bars, offering a wide range of drinks to enjoy. As well as enjoying drinks, you also have the chance to play arcade games and darts. During the summertime, the venue has an outdoor courtyard area to enjoy.

2. Club 5

Club 5 is at the heart of Eindhoven’s nightlife. This popular nightclub has everything you’d expect from nightclub – vast dancefloors, guest DJ’s, a top sound system, and plenty of lighting. The club also has an outside smoking area, so those who need to smoke cigarettes won’t miss out on all the fun. Furthermore, the club has an entrance fee that is very affordable for student prices.

3. Stratumsedijk 51

Stratumsedijk 51 is one of the best clubs in Eindhoven. It is known for having a wide variety of music genres playing every night, ranging from house and electro to hip hop and Latin. This popular club has four floors and three outdoor gardens. Its menu includes cocktails, beers, and spirits, which you can enjoy while the resident DJs play music all night long.

4. Danssalon de Bree

Danssalon de Bree is a great spot for those who enjoy dancing until late in the evening. Located right in the city centre, this bar is great for meeting fellow party-goers before hitting the dancefloor. With a great mixture of music genres being played throughout the night, including jazz, pop and rock, there’s something for everyone at this salon.

5. Club Poema

Club Poema is one of Eindhoven’s most iconic clubs. It has become renowned across Europe as one of the best places to experience a range of musical genres, including techno and tech house. This venue also offers private functions such as birthday parties and corporate events, as well as catering for larger events such as open-airs and live-streams.


Eindhoven is undoubtedly one of the top cities in The Netherlands for its nightlife. There are many bars and clubs in the city that offer a range of different music genres, catering to different tastes. From popular clubs such as Club 5 to underground venues like Stratumsedijk 51; there’s something for everyone in Eindhoven’s nightlife scene. The city also has many options for late nights, such as Danssalon de Bree and Club Poema – so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your partying needs! For more information, visit, where you’ll find more detailed information about each nightspot in Eindhoven.

Insider’s Guide to Eindhoven’s Nightlife

Eindhoven, located in the southern Netherlands, is a vibrant city known for its stylish modern architecture, excellent museums, and bustling nightlife. The city offers a fantastic mix of restaurants, bars, clubs, and cultural experiences, sure to entice adventurous travelers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best experiences Eindhoven’s nightlife has to offer.

Local Attractions

When visiting Eindhoven, it is worth prioritizing a visit to the Van Abbemuseum. This contemporary art museum is home to some of the most acclaimed pieces of modern art in the world, including works from Picasso and Kandinsky. For a more unique attraction, head to the Strijp-S district. It is home to various trendy shops, hip cafes, and an engaging cultural center that regularly hosts events and exhibitions. Another must-visit attraction is the modern and artistic Light Art Collection.

Dining Spots

Eindhoven offers an incredible selection of international cuisine. For a sophisticated night out, the Michelin-starred Zarzo is an excellent choice. Those looking for something less formal should try Phood Kitchen, an eco-friendly restaurant, and specialty sausage deli. Another local favorite is Meneer De Boer for a casual, yet modern dining experience.

Cultural Experiences

Eindhoven’s cultural and creative scene is thriving, and tourists should not miss out. The Natlab Cinema is an excellent spot to catch a movie or documentary while enjoying a delicious snack and drink. Those interested in contemporary art and design would enjoy visiting Piet Hein Eek, an innovative artist’s studio, and shop.

Local History

Eindhoven has a unique and exciting history. Fans of design need to visit the Designhuis, which offers a glimpse into the city’s industrial past and how design influenced its identity. Lovers of architecture would enjoy a walking tour through the city, discovering buildings built by the famous Dutch architect, Jan van der Putten. The city’s textiles industry inspired the creation of the “Museum voor Textiel en Sociale Kunst,” showcasing the important role of textiles in the region’s social and cultural history.

Off the Beaten Path

If you want to experience something less known, head to the wild forests near Eindhoven. The De Kempervennen is a natural reserve where visitors can indulge in a range of sporting activities such as hiking, cycling, and horse riding. Another unearthed gem is the brewerij Het Veem. Enjoy a cold beer in the grand industrial building and learn about the history of beer brewing in the region.


Eindhoven’s nightlife is diverse and exciting, with endless options for tourists to choose from. Whether travelers are looking for chic restaurants, unique attractions, cultural experiences, local history, or off the beaten path gems, Eindhoven has something to offer everyone. So, immerse yourself in everything this city has to offer and experience an unforgettable vacation.

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Where can you experience the best of Eindhoven’s nightlife?

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