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Who are the New Orleans Legends and Folklore Superstitions?

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Who are the New Orleans Legends and Folklore Superstitions?

For centuries, New Orleans has been home to some of the most fascinating stories and vibrant characters in the world. From voodoo priests to pirate legends and from Jazz artists to Mafia dons; the Crescent City has seen it all. As such, there are a plethora of legends and folklore superstitions that can be traced back to the diverse cultural roots of New Orleans. In this article, we will give an overview of the many legends and superstitions that are still associated with the city today.

Which Legends Are Associated With New Orleans?

One of the most celebrated New Orleans legends is that of Pirate Jean Lafitte, who is believed to have hidden his wealth on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain in the early 19th century. Jean Lafitte was a renowned Caribbean pirate who had made a fortune raiding ships on the Spanish Main. He is believed to have had a base of operations in what is now known as Barataria Bay, south of Lake Pontchartrain. The legend states that one day, Lafitte would come back for his hidden treasure and reclaim it for himself.

Another local legend is that of Henry the Wonderman, a blind voodoo priest who was said to possess exceptional powers. He is believed to be responsible for some of the most unique rituals in New Orleans and to possess supernatural abilities. In fact, during multiple contacts with other paranormal beings in the city, he claimed to have control over “human machines” that could move objects and cause fires through sheer force of will.

The famous Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau, is another legendary figure of New Orleans. She was an iconic figure in the city and a highly respected voodoo priestess. Marie Laveau was believed to be able to predict events before they happened and to have strong magical powers that she could use to control people’s lives. There is also a famous story about her traveling through time to meet her own ancestor in the future.

The Ghost Bride is another popular superstition in New Orleans. It is said that her spirit prowls the streets of the French Quarter and if you meet her eyes you will be cursed with bad luck for three days. Many believe that the ghost bride is actually searching for her long lost love, who went off to sea many years ago and never returned.

Finally, there are a handful of other legends that are well-known among locals, such as the Great Native American War Chief Owanonhaimo and The Beast of Bayou St. John. Both of these characters have stories associated with them that are equal parts fascinating and chilling.

What Are Some Of The Folklore Superstitions In New Orleans?

There are several superstitions around New Orleans which locals believe can bring either bad or good fortune. One popular superstition is that when one sees a white cat, good luck will follow. This superstition is especially prevalent among fishermen, who claim that white cats are specifically associated with luck while out at sea. Additionally, French coins tossed into fountains are believed to bring good luck, as people traditionally wish for something when doing so. Other popular superstitions related to New Orleans include walking around a person three times for good luck and never giving away a jinxed item, as it could end up bringing misfortune to the recipient.

In addition to superstitions, New Orleans also has its own distinct folkloric culture as well. According to its folklore, symbols like skulls, talismans, crosses, and roses painted on doorways can protect a home from evil spirits. Additionally, some families still practice a prayer ritual they call Laveau Mounde, which is named after Queen Marie Laveau. This involves sacrificing chicken’s blood and setting up a cross in front of the house with twigs that have been soaked in the blood and covered with breadcrumbs.

What Are Some Famous Supernatural Characters In New Orleans?

In addition to folkloric traditions, New Orleans has become a popular destination for paranormal activity enthusiasts due to its superstitions and legends about mythical creatures and supernatural beings. One popular mythical creature associated with New Orleans is the Rougarou aka loup garou – a sort of werewolf creature said to roam the swamps near Lake Pontchartrain preying on unsuspecting locals.

Other supernatural characters frequently featured in tales from New Orleans include the ghostly figure known as La Malvada – a white-haired woman who appears at night along the bayou in search of lost souls who cross her path at night – and Les Faeux du Gombo – mystical fireflies who appear every night at dusk along Bayou St. John near Mid-City bringing news from beyond our world to those fortunate enough to witness them.

Finally, another famous supernatural character in New Orleans isThe Voodoo Queen herself – Marie Laveau – who is believed to still haunt some parts of the city, even today!


The myths and legends of New Orleans are deeply rooted in its rich history and vibrant culture. From pirate treasures hidden in swamp caves to ghostly brides searching for their eternal loves and from voodoo queens who can conjure fires with their minds to flying fireflies who bring news from beyond our world; all these tales weave together to create an unforgettable tapestry of supernatural beings, mystical creatures, and folklore superstitions that are unique to the Crescent City.

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veliko karachiviev hSvagWirWPA unsplash

Who are the New Orleans Legends and Folklore Superstitions?

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