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Why Visit Arnhem? 7 Reasons to Make It Your Next Destination

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Why Visit Arnhem? 7 Reasons to Make It Your Next Destination

As you plan your travels for the coming year, it may not have occured to you to include Arnhem, Netherlands as a destination in your itinerary. But why not? This vibrant destination is definitely worth a visit, and there are several reasons why it should be on your radar!Arnhem is the capital of the Gelderland province of the Netherlands, the largest province in the country. Its central location, nestled among forests and rivers and easily exploreable on foot or by bike, makes it the perfect choice for a short break or longer holiday. Whether you’re looking for nature, culture, history or activities, Arnhem will have something to offer. Read on to discover why Arnhem could well be an ideal place to visit in 2020.

1. Historic Battlefields and War Sites

For those interested in military history, it is impossible to miss the legacy of World War II present in and around Arnhem. The city was the site of the Allies’ Operation Market Garden, which is memorialized by a suggestive monument placed along the Royal Air Force Monument in the center of town. Located near the Heveadorp forest, the John Frost Bridge was an iconic battle scene from this mission. Next to the bridge is a museum addresssing this and other operations that occured in the area during World War II. Outside of Arnhem, one of the most peaceful spots to visit is Oosterbeek, a picturesque village located a short distance from the city. The Bridge to Far Cemetery is located here, where 4,000 soldiers who fought during the Battle of Arnhem are buried. A lovely spot to admire and reflect.

2. Accessibility from Every Corner

If you’re planning a trip to Arnhem, you’ll be delighted to find out how easy it is to get there, whether you’re travelling by train, car or even plane! The city is situated just east of Utrecht and to the north of Nijmegen – making it well connected with other destinations and cities located in the Netherlands and beyond.Arnhem itself has two train stations – Arnhem Centraal and Arnhem Zuid – so whichever direction you’re coming from, you’ll be able to find an arrival point close to your accommodation in Arnhem. Those travelling by car will be able to drive from Amsterdam Airport to Arnhem via the A1 or A24 motorways in just 2 and a half hours, whilst flights from other European countries and beyond will land at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. From there, travellers can get a direct train or take a journey with just one changeover in Utrecht.

3. Biking, Cycling and Outdoor Activities Galore

Visitors to Arnhem who love outdoors activities won’t be disappointed with what the city has to offer. Of particular note is its network of biking routes and trails – making it possible to get around with ease both within Arnhem itself and out into the nearby countryside. If you’re looking for activities outside of cycling, you can take boat tours along the majestic Lower Rhine River or take a hike within at Hoge Veluwe National Park – known for its rolling hills and abundance of wildlife. Other must dos include visiting Pasje Ebeling Botanical Garden, admiring its exotic flowers, trees and plants; and sampling some Dutch street food including bitterballen (a crisp beef-and-potato snack) – best enjoyed with a Heineken beer whilst soaking up some local culture in one of Arnhem’s bustling outdoor squares!

4. Rich Culture and Amazing Architecture

Despite its small size – around 160 thousand inhabitants – Arnhem offers plenty of cultural activities too. Firstly, its city centre is straightforward easy to explore on foot. With its many shops, cafés, bars and historic buildings lining the narrow cobbled streets you won’t get bored even after hours! One such building is St Eusebius Church – an impressive gothic building featuring distinctive spiral-shaped bell tower that seems to stretch up endlessly into the sky. Every Sunday morning church bells send out their melodic ringing that almost begs visitors to walk into the building. Inside, steeples vaults set above a marble floor await – adding to its aura of grandeur. Other important architectural landmarks include Nederlands Openluchtmuseum (the Netherlands Open Air Museum) with its hippie/seventies era wooden structures nestled within trees; an old style water mill; building from every era since 1850; a traditional windmill; as well as various greenhouses, orangeries and a beautiful walled garden – all giving testimony to traditional Dutch life.

5. Cinema, Events and Clubs

For those looking for nightlife entertainment in Arnhem, there are plenty of drinking holes and clubs buzzing with activity on weekends. Ease yourself into one of the city’s more traditional pubs where you can sample some classic Dutch beers before hitting up one of the city’s many clubs such as DNA or Café de Amer, where you can let loose until late into the night! For culture lovers there are also several excellent cinemas offering art-house films – as well as regular film screenings outside during summer evenings (usually lasting until 11pm). More conventionally minded cultural events take place throughout the year too – including classical music concerts held at Parkgebouw ConcertHall – presenting some of the country’s finest musicians – as well as jazz gigs at City Café de Vierwegen (Four Ways Café) where guests can enjoy classic food alongside live music entertainment in a charming setting that oozes old-school vibes.

6. Outdoor Shopping at Its Best

Shopping fans will love Arnhem! For starters there’s a wonderful central Shopping District with all sorts of stores from large international chains such as Tommy Hilfiger and H&M through department stores such as Hema and C&A – whose flagship store on Janssestraat are transforming this shopping district into one of greatest European shopping destinations. There are boutique stores selling specialist items such as wines & spirits pieces of jewellery too – it’s defintely worth taking a wander around here! Fashion connoisseurs should also check out modern Zuidpoort – an outdoor mall re-invented as a vibrant hub for window shoppers and serious customers alike with its year-round festivity atmosphere and plenty of trendy stores from leading fashion brands. If you have time, don’t forget to investigate their monthly flea markets – held during weekends – where one-on-one interaction between buyers and sellers is still possible!

7. Delicious Dutch Cuisine

Visitors immersed in Dutch culture without sampling their cuisine would be missing something truly special! For those keen on trying Dutch specialties such Eredlibben (a type of lamb stew) or Groenten (Dutch vegetables) – there are plenty of restaurants in town serving up these delights! Other favourites include Stammpot (potatoe mash blended with smoked sausage) cheese & potato pancakes known as Boerenkaas or Oliebollen (dutch doughnuts) all of which can be enjoyed during late night sessions at any of the cafes located throughout the city centre – as well as at one of Arnhem’s many street food events throughout summer months!


In conclusion – if you are looking for an inspiring holiday destination next year that has something for everyone – I urge you check out Arnhem in 2020! With its mix of shopping attractions (including Zuidpoort), historic war sites, fantastic outdoors activities such as biking around Hoge Veluwe National Park – together with museums, galleries, traditional Dutch cuisine and lively nightlife – I can assure you that your days here will never be dull! So what are you waiting for? Visit arnhemmarketing.nl today to start planning your trip!

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Why Visit Arnhem? 7 Reasons to Make It Your Next Destination

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