Yerevan – What are the Best Activities to Do and See in Armenia’s Capital?

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Yerevan – What are the Best Activities to Do and See in Armenia’s Capital?

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Yerevan – What are the Best Activities to Do and See in Armenia’s Capital?

Yerevan, Armenia’s vibrant capital, is widely known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful churches, and attractive pedestrian avenues such as Northern Avenue. However, the city has much more to offer than just strolling along its streets. Whether you are interested in nature and wildlife, culture and architecture, or simply need to unwind after a long day, there is a range of activities to experience in Yerevan.

1. Get Educated About Armenia’s Soviet Past

One of the most interesting things to do in Yerevan is exploring the city’s Soviet past. Armenia was an integral part of the former Eastern Bloc, and accordingly, its capital Yerevan contains many of the monumental structures built during this period. To gain a deeper insight into this part of the country’s history we recommend a visit to the Armenian National History Museum, one of the most interactive clusters of Soviet-era artifacts in the world. The collection takes visitors through time, starting from prehistoric times and leading up to the present day. The museum also features an excellent interactive exhibit on modern-day Armenia, giving tourists a better appreciation of the geopolitical tensions and other issues facing its people.

2. Go Shopping Before Your Flight Home

Yerevan’s thriving fashion scene might be overshadowed by its status as a Soviet city, but there are plenty of spots to shop if you’re looking for something special. Fashionistas should check out Proshyan Plaza in Yerevan’s central Republic Square – it contains a variety of high-end stores which feature some of the best names in international fashion. For something more traditional, we suggest a stop at the Vernissage Market where prices are lower than in the plaza and you can find handmade crafts such as carpets, jewelry and woodcarvings. For last-minute souvenirs, make sure to visit the Mastara Shop or Basement – it stocks a range of Armenian-themed items such as lavash (a type of flatbread), cognac, and traditional clothing.

3. Savor Armenian Cuisine at Yerevan’s Restaurants

Yerevan’s cuisine is a delicious mix of meze (small starters to share) and kebabs spiked with generous portions of herbs and spices. Popular dishes include dolma (stuffed vegetables), khash (a soup traditionally eaten for breakfast) and khorovats (barbecued dishes). Remember to wash it down with Armenian cognac or their excellent wines. TripAdvisorhas a comprehensive list of restaurants in Yerevan and is an excellent resource for discovering new flavors.

4. Learn about Yerevan’s Architecture and Monuments

A stroll through Northern Avenue and Republic Square will give visitors an opportunity to appreciate Yerevan’s architectural diversity. The two central streets were built in the 1920s out of tufa stone, a soft volcanic rock quarried from nearby mountains. As you take in the atmosphere of these two central sights in Yerevan, don’t forget to visit some of its monuments, like the Cascade Complex or Yerevan City Hall. The Cascade features an amazing array of stairs and modern art installations, while City Hall sits atop architect Aivazovsky’s building built at the beginning of the 20th century which was remodeled a few years ago.Yerevancityguide has compiled a very complete list of all the monuments, points of interest, music venues and other attractions operating in Yerevan along with full descriptions and multimedia content for each one.

5. Unwind at One Of Yerevan’s Spas

If you’re looking to wind down after a day spent exploring all that Yerevan has to offer, look no further than its spa scene. The city boasts a number of spa facilities where visitors can enjoy treatments such as massage therapy, sauna sessions, yoga classes, and hydrotherapy. Some spas are operated by hotels while others offer standalone services.Bookyerevanhotelprovides comprehensive information about these spa centers with maps and contact details for each one for your convenience.

6. Visit One of the Tourist Attractions Near Yerevan

If you’re looking for something different from the hustle and bustle of Yerevan itself or just need to get away from it all for a day or two, there are some incredible attractions just outside of the city boundaries. These include Garni Temple – an antique Roman temple built by King Tiridates III around 170–200 CE – as well as Geghard Monastery, an important religious site that has been part of Armenia’s Eastern Orthodox Church since its establishment in 1215 CE.Yerevisit is a comprehensive source for discovering all of these tourist attractions outside of Yerevan as well as detailed descriptions and photos to accompany them. To conclude, Yerevan is a city that offers something for every kind of traveler; whether you’re looking to take advantage of its storied history or just need to relax after a long day, there’s something here to make your experience unforgettable. We recommend starting with its Soviet past by visiting its many museums before indulging in its rich culinary scene or its booming fashion industry before continuing outside of the city to explore astounding monuments like Garni Temple or Geghard Monastery. Whatever you decide to do, you’re sure to have an amazing time in Yerevan – Armenia’s vibrant capital.

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Yerevan – What are the Best Activities to Do and See in Armenia’s Capital?

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