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Your Guide to the Perfect Tallinn Bar Crawl

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Your Guide to the Perfect Tallinn Bar Crawl

Tallinn, the beautiful capital city of Estonia, has established itself in recent years as a popular nightlife and bar scene destination. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or longer, a bar crawl is the perfect way to explore the city’s pubs, bars, and clubs. If you’re planning a Tallinn bar crawl, then you’ve come to the right place: in this guide, we’ll take you through all you need to ensure you have a fun, safe and enjoyable bar experience in the city.

What Is a Bar Crawl?

A bar crawl is an organised tour of bars and pubs inside one city or area. It’s the perfect way to discover multiple bars and nightclubs in one night, and a great way to save yourself navigating the area trying to find the places that offer the real Tallinn experience.

Bar crawls offer fun and interesting ways to explore the area’s bars and pubs, from pub quizzes and club entry passes to cocktail-making sessions and artist collaborations. Plus, there are bar crawls for just about every taste. Whether you’re looking for a student-friendly experience or an exclusive adults-only crowd, there’s a bar crawl for you in Tallinn.

Why Participate in a Bar Crawl?

Tallinn’s bar crawls offer a chance to interact with some locals, get advice on cocktails and spirits, meet new people and most of all have fun!

It’s easy to jump in and join one – simply check out our list of the best Tallinn bar crawls below and pick your favorite. Or if you’re feeling brave, why not go it alone? You can grab a drink at as many bars as you want (just be sure to take the stairs if need be!) Bar crawls organized by those knowledgeable in Tallinn’s incredible pours can help introduce visitors to the unique local liquors and specialties that complement each area.

Safety Tips for Enjoying a Tallinn Bar Crawl

As with any travelling experience, basic safety tips also come into play when taking part in a Tallinn bar crawl. Here are some we suggest:

  • If you’re alone, go with your own group.
  • Know your limits and stay within them.
  • Don’t overindulge – if you start feeling too tipsy, take a break or call it a night.
  • Let someone know where you’re going and what time you expect to be back.
  • Keep an eye on your drinks at all times.

And of course, don’t forget to bring your ID with you – it’s likely that you’ll need it at some of the bars you visit!

The Best Tallinn Bar Crawls

Looking for the perfect bar crawl experience? Here are some of our favorite Tallinn bar crawls – happy crawling!

  • Explore Tallinn Bar Crawl
    • This bar crawl includes a local guide who will show you some of the coolest places to go out in Tallinn. You will be taken to hidden spots and get behind-the-scenes access to bars and clubs that you won’t find in regular tourist guides! The tour also includes two drinks.

  • Tallinn Bar Crawl with VIP Club Entry
    • Explore some of the best bars in town with this bar crawl and get access to VIP clubs with your guide. You will enjoy drinks at each venue and make sure that your night is unforgettable. The tour also includes 3 hours of guided partying!

  • Tallinn Bar Crawl by Route Buddies
    • Explore some of Tallinn’s oldest and most popular pubs on this boozy bar crawl by Route Buddies. You will get complimentary snacks while sipping on Estonian beers and cocktails alongside locals.

And of course, if you don’t feel like hitting up pubs one by one, why not grab an all-in-one ticket to one of the scheduled weekly bar crawls in Tallinn? It’s a great way to see some of the best that Tallinn’s nightlife has to offer while saving both time and money. Just book online, show up at the meeting point, grab some drinks and join the group! It’s an evening of fun and entertainment that you won’t want to miss!

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide offers everything you need for planning your perfect bar crawl in Tallinn! From exploring new bars and pubs with local guides to enjoying drinks and snacks alongside locals at some of the city’s oldest pubs – there really is something for everyone to enjoy! Just remember to take it easy, know your limits and above all else have fun! And if you’re interested in really taking in the evening vibes, why not book an all-in-one ticket for one of Tallinn’s weekly bar crawls?

Ready for a night out? Book your Tallinn bar crawl today!

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