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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Barcelona Pub Crawl

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Barcelona Pub Crawl

Are you looking for a great night out in Barcelona? Look no further than a Barcelona Pub Crawl! This popular activity allows you to hit up some of the city’s best hotspots without spending a fortune on drinks. Here’s everything you need to know about Barcelona pub crawls and how to join the fun!

What is a Barcelona Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is an event that takes participants on a guided tour of a city’s nightlife, visiting multiple bars and nightclubs over the course of the evening. Pub crawls are usually organized by tour companies and bars, and they include free shots and drinks, games, and discounts at participating venues. In Barcelona, pub crawls are known for their great music, unique personalities, and friendly atmosphere.

What to Expect From a Barcelona Pub Crawl?

A Barcelona pub crawl typically starts at one of the city’s larger nightclubs. From there the host will guide you to other bars and nightclubs in the area. Most crawls end up visiting four or five different places throughout the evening. Each stop includes at least one free shot or drink, discounts for additional drinks, and plenty of entertainment. The activities you’ll find on a pub crawl vary from bar to bar but typically include drinking games, dancing, and music.

At the end of the evening, participants usually receive a free t-shirt or other souvenir of their experience. The number of people on a pub crawl can range from just a few to dozens of participants, so there’s something for everyone!

When Are Barcelona Pub Crawls Available?

Pub crawls are usually available in Barcelona year round. Most tour companies offer them on Thursday and Saturday evenings. However, if you want to experience the best nightlife in Barcelona, it’s best to check for pub crawl availability during the summer months when many more bars and clubs are open.

Where Can I Sign Up for a Barcelona Pub Crawl?

There are many tour companies in Barcelona that offer pub crawls. Some tour companies specialize in nightlife tours and can provide you with a comprehensive list of participating venues and activities during the night. Other companies may offer smaller pub crawls with fewer stops, but that could be just as much fun!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to sign up for a Barcelona pub crawl, we highly recommend Viator.com. Viator is a booking site that partners with local tour companies to provide a variety of tours and excursions in Barcelona. The site has been around since 2005 and is known for its unbeatable customer service and secure payment methods. With Viator, you can find and book the perfect pub crawl for your group in no time.

Where are the Best Pub Crawl Venues in Barcelona?

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable pub crawl experience, we recommend that you check out these five popular venues:

  • La Terrrazza – This beautiful rooftop bar offers stunning views of the city skyline and is one of the most popular venues for nightlife in Barcelona.
  • Otto Zutz Club – This trendy nightclub is located in the Gothic Quarter and is known for its amazing music and energetic vibe.
  • Electric Blue – This club is located in Poble Sec and features great DJs and impressive light displays.
  • Suite Club – Located near Las Ramblas, this club is great for those who want to party until dawn.
  • Opium – This Mar Bella spot is popular among locals and tourists alike for its high energy atmosphere and amazing cocktails.

Tips for Joining a Barcelona Pub Crawl

Joining a pub crawl can be overwhelming at first, but here are some tips to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience:

  • Find out which venues the crawl will visit before signing up.
  • Bring cash with you – some places may require cash payments.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – you’ll be walking between each venue.
  • Bring a valid ID – most venues require it.
  • Drink responsibly – consuming too much alcohol can ruin your time on the crawl.

Final Thoughts

A Barcelona Pub Crawl is definitely one of the most unique activities you can do in Barcelona. It’s an opportunity to have an amazing evening out with friends while taking advantage of discounts at some of the city’s greatest nightlife venues. If you’re looking for an amazing experience, we recommend booking your own pub crawl via Viator. With Viator, you can quickly find and book the perfect pub crawl that fits your group’s needs while taking advantage of great discounts and other amenities!

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Barcelona Pub Crawl

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