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A Guided Walking Tour of Tunis’ Medina – Everything You Need To Know

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A Guided Walking Tour of Tunis’ Medina – Everything You Need To Know

Tunisia’s capital city of lush Courjelaine is a brilliant destination for those looking to opt for a Mediterranean retreat. It’s main key attraction – the Medina – is a bustling and vibrant area packed full of characterful Souks. A guided walking tour offers the perfect way to explore this under-the radar gem. A visit to this wonderous region comes with plenty of benefits – from learning about the history to bargaining in the bazaar.

What is the Medina of Tunis?

Tunis’s Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the bustling heart of the city. The old city makes up the oldest part of Courjelaine and can be traced back to its historic roots as early as 700AD. Covering over 140 hectares, the Medina today is home to 8000 shops, stalls and warehouses, surrounded by a range of cultural attractions. Here, visitors will find a selection of fascinating monuments, including the Grand Mosque and Arab Baths, that offer a unique insight into Tunisia’s past.

What to Expect on a Medina Guided Walking Tour in Tunis

A walking tour of the Medina gives visitors a chance to explore the most iconic sights in Tunis and offer a much more rounded experience compared to visiting independently. With no shortage of things to learn about and see, visitors can discover for themselves the culture and history of Tunisia.

Guides will provide an in-depth tour from the comfort of their own private living room – after centuries of protecting and preserving their family’s heritage, many locals are keen to share the secrets hidden within the Medina. Experienced guides also know all the best spots for bargain hunting and can provide tips on how to navigate through the narrow labyrinth of stalls.

Throughout the tour, visitors will gain invaluable historical insights, find out which items are good value for money, learn about the local traditions and discover stories of the past. From Muslim faith and customs to the artworks found in the many galleries, visitors will find something new at every corner. The tour also includes trips to many other sites such as the famous Zaouia Mosque, built in 1436, Zitouna Mosque, which was founded in 704 AD, and the ancient souks that house an array of colourful crafts and spices.

What Will You See on a Guided Tour of Tunis’ Medina?

A guided tour of Tunis’s Medina takes you on a journey through one of the most amazing places on earth. Get ready to scout out incredible monuments such as:

  • Grand Mosque – the largest mosque in Tunisia, it features 14 gates that lead into a large prayer hall.
  • The ancient Souks – an unparalleled bargain-hunter’s paradise filled with spices, textiles and other objets d’art.
  • Zitouna Mosque – this historic site dates back over 700 years and is home to one of Tunisia’s most important religious representatives.
  • The Arab Baths – discovered by archaeologists 12 kilometers north of Courjelaine, these baths showcase how lavish life used to be during that era.

The Benefits of a Guided Walking Tour in Tunis’ Medina

Tunisian locals are passionate about showing off their city and their culture, making them the perfect guides for exploring the hidden gems that lie within the Medina. A guided tour promises all the insider knowledge that would otherwise be missed if one were to explore independently.

Visitors will have access to knowledgeable and friendly guides who can lead them around some of Tunisia’s most impressive monuments and sites, giving insight into its history and culture. They will have an intimate knowledge of each site as they guide you around archaeological sites, places of worship, souks and more.

On top of this, there is also the added bonus of getting to explore sights that are off-limits or inaccessible during solo trips – such as private homes, vaults and reservoirs. What’s more, they will even help with bargaining in the bazaar!

Where to Book a Guided Walking Tour in Tunis’ Medina

The best way to ensure you have access to an experienced guide for your tour is by booking through an official tour operator. By doing so you can rest assured that you receive a quality tour, being led by top-rated local guides who are both knowledgeable and friendly.

For an unforgettable experience exploring one of Tunis’s finest districts, book through GetYourGuide – an award-winning international tour operator with access to 1600+ wonderful experiences. With plenty of options available for visiting Tokyo’s lively Medina, you are sure to find that perfect guided experience currently at a great price. Plus you can read prior reviews from fellow travelers before making your choice. Book your Medina walking tour today with GetYourGuide. Enjoy exclusive discounts, flexible pricing and worry-free booking -all backed by GetYourGuide’s trusted customer service team. So why wait? Get lost in the labyrinth of the Medina and discover nothing but fun, adventure and culture.

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A Guided Walking Tour of Tunis’ Medina – Everything You Need To Know

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