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An Ultimate Guide to Budapest’s Nye Pub Crawl

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An Ultimate Guide to Budapest’s Nye Pub Crawl

Are you planning a New Year’s Eve bash in Budapest and can’t decide which pub to crawl? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you will find all the essential information about Budapest’s Nye pub crawl as well as a list of some of the best, locally-known pubs for an unforgettable roaming adventure!

Everyone knows about New Year’s, and it’s even more fun when spent with friends – and what better type of event to bring people together than a pub crawl? It’s an unending adventure in which you can discover new places, explore Budapest’s nightlife and simply have a blast before entering the new year! Wondering where to start? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered!

Organising your Own Pub Crawl in Budapest

Organising a pub crawl can be tricky. You have to make sure everyone has a good time, no one falls behind and everybody comes back safe! That’s why planning your pub crawl is very important.

It always helps to have at least two route masters that plan the route for the night. Ideally, these two people should be familiar with Budapest and know the best pubs in town. It is also a good idea to set a specific route or give everyone a list of pubs to choose from to ensure everyone stays together.

When it comes to the actual route of your pub crawl, it all depends on budgets, personal taste and the available time. You can get some good ideas from different websites or experienced pub crawlers. Many recommend starting in one place and then shifting to a different area for new bars and then back again for late-night parties. Of course, you could always end the crawl at one of Budapest’s famous ruin bars. These bars have a distinctive atmosphere appealing to tourists and locals alike.

Another important aspect of your pub crawl is the timing: Make sure that you don’t miss the midnight countdown because it is simply the highlight of every pub crawl. Whatever you do, do not rush your pub crawl! Enjoy it as much as you can because it will definitely be an eventful night. Finally, make sure everyone arrives home safely at the end of the night by providing transportation if necessary – trust us, no one wants a damper on the festivities.

Tipsy Tours Pub Crawl

You want to let someone else plan your Budapest’s Nye pub crawl for you? No problem, Tipsy Tours are here to take care of all the details for you!

Tipsy Tour’s pub crawls happen every weekend and on select public holidays, but for New year’s Eve they go all out! As part of their Budapest Nye Pub Crawl, they offer five different packages, ranging from 3-hour tours with all drinks includedenabling you to go hassle-free through five exciting spots of the city!

So what makes Tipsy Tours special? For starters, they provide an experienced guide who will entertain guests with hilarious anecdotes and take them on their journey. Furthermore, they know all of the best drinking spots in town, ranging from world-famous ruin bars to legendary (and off-the-beaten-path) local places – including exclusive discounts at every venue they hit!

You can rest assured that your experience will be both luxurious and awesome, as this tour takes you through some of the most beautiful locations in Pest. Plus, every participant will also receive a T-shirt with the Tipsy Tour logo at the end for an even more noteworthy experience. So if you wish to be part of something extraordinary for quite a reasonable price, then Tipsy Tours is the perfect choice for you. What are you waiting for? Get the party started today!

Best Pubs for your Nye Pub Crawl in Budapest

Still want to organize your own pub crawl in Budapest? Then you must know about some of the city’s top pubs for an extraordinary night out on New Year’s Eve! Let’s take a look at five recommended bars and pubs to make your party epic!:


One of Budapest’s coolest rooftop terrace with absolutely breathtaking panoramic views of Chain Bridge and StStephen’s Basilica is definitely Instant. Enjoy their terroir wines while admiring one of the best views in town. This place is quite popular among young locals and is quite busy during special dates such as New Year’s. So be sure to get there early if you want to secure the best spot!

360 Bar

Treat yourself with one of the most beautiful terrace views over St Stephen’s Basilica at this rooftop heaven in District 5. Favourite cocktails that nobody should miss out on are: Mezcalita, Espresso Martini and Paloma Brava. One more exciting feature here is that at midnight they light up a special fireworkon their terrace! Don’t forget your camera 😉


Fogashaz never fails to impress with its nightly parties! This casual baris a great place to start your pub crawl if you want to let your hair down and have fun with the DJ tunes throughout the night. It is difficult to argue about what’s better -drinks or music!

Morrisons 2

Morrisons ‘2’ is an authentic Irish pub located at Vaci utca – one of Budapest’s most famous streets. Often called as “the birthplace of Hungarian punk”, this bar has been around for ages! Choose between a wide selection of beers and ales, enjoy some traditional Irish snacks and be sure to stay here until midnight – their live band will blow everyone off their feet with iconic hits from traditional folk culture as well as famous international tracks.

Romai Parti Udulo

Nothing says partying like an all-day open-air beach club with great DJs playing in the background until morning hits! Romai Parti Udulo is located by River Danube and feels like summer throughout the year – this spot has great vibes and must be included in any serious pub crawl in Budapest. Delicious snacks are served until late night and free Wi-Fi helps with those post-party pictures 😉


As you mentioned in the beginning, planning a pub crawl from scratch can be overwhelming but there are several options available if you want something truly memorable. Soften up your burdens by having someone else plan your bar hopping journey for you or choose carefully from some fairly known pubs for an eccellent New Year’s Eve crawl – either way there is no shortage of fun awaiting you in Budapest!

If you are looking for a quick and hassle-free way to start exploring the city’s nightlife, then check out Tipsy tour’s all-inclusive packagesor their regular tours which feature some of Budapest’ best ruin bars and most iconic music venues– either way you are sure to have a blast!

So what are you planning on doing this New Year’s Eve? The choices are endless so just go out there and have fun!

If all this sounds appealing to you, feel free to book your own NYE pub crawl in Budapest today.

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An Ultimate Guide to Budapest’s Nye Pub Crawl

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