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Arnhem – What Is It and What Makes It So Special?

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Arnhem – What Is It and What Makes It So Special?

Are you looking for the answer to the question “Arnhem – What is it and what makes it so special?” If so, you have come to the right place! Arnhem is a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands that has plenty to offer both visitors and locals alike. In this article, we will explore what Arnhem is, what makes it special, and why you should visit this historic city.

What Is Arnhem?

Arnhem, also known as Arnemuiden, is a city and municipality located in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. It is located on the Nederrijn river and is the largest city in Gelderland, with a population of about 157,000 as of January 2020. The city itself dates back to medieval times but was developed more thoroughly during the 20th century when industry led to a significant population increase. Arnhem is known as a “green city” due to its abundance of parks, trees and green open spaces. It is also home to an impressive number of museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. The city also has a significant shopping district, which makes it a popular tourist destination for those looking for a unique shopping experience.

What Makes Arnhem Special?

There are many things that make Arnhem special, but here are some of the most interesting elements that make this city stand out:

  • History: Arnhem has a rich history that stretches back to the 12th century when it was founded. It has served as an important trading post and cultural center throughout its history. Various buildings and landmarks associated with its past still exist in the city today and visitors can get a good feel for the history of Arnhem when they explore its many attractions.
  • Museums: The Papendal Museum is one of the most popular museums located in Arnhem, offering a unique insight into the history of the region as well as other aspects of Dutch culture and heritage. The Rijksmuseum Arnhem offers a comprehensive overview of Dutch history, from the Renaissance to the present day. Other museums such as the Stadsmuseum “s-Hertogenbosch, Nederlands Openluchtmuseum and Kasteel Brederode are also worth a visit.
  • Arts and Culture: Arnhem has a thriving arts and culture scene with many music, theatre and film venues dotted around the city. The Museum de Smidse offers an insight into the past of independent film while other venues such as Club Jazz Marathon, De Kroon and Park Hoog Oost serve as hotspots for live music. A visit to one of these venues can provide you with an exciting evening out.
  • Events: Arnhem hosts numerous events throughout the year that are perfect for locals and visitors alike. From music festivals such as Openluchttheater Nieuwegein + Doornroosje to markets such as Vrijdagmarkt, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the city.

Why You Should Visit Arnhem

Arnhem is a city that offers plenty of attractions and fun activities for visitors of all ages and interests. Its rich history and culture provide an interesting contrast to other cities in the region while its vibrant arts and culture scene make it an exciting destination for those looking to experience something new and different. If you’re looking to plan a trip to Arnhem, then there are many reasons why you should make it your next destination. The city has plenty to offer in terms of leisure activities, museums, galleries and other attractions so there won’t be a shortage of things for you to explore and enjoy. Also, if you’re looking to learn more about Dutch culture and heritage then visiting Arnhem is certainly something you should strongly consider. From visiting its many museums to exploring its historical sites, this is a great place to further your knowledge about this unique culture. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an interesting destination that offers plenty of history, culture and leisure activities then visiting Arnhem is an excellent choice. Its quaint streets and vibrant atmosphere make it uniquely special and something that shouldn’t be missed when planning your next trip to the Netherlands. Want to find out more? Check out, a website dedicated providing visitors with all there is to know about this amazing city!

The Insider’s Guide to Arnhem – Discovering the City’s Hidden Gems

Local Attractions: Uncovering Arnhem’s Hidden Gems

Arnhem has its fair share of popular tourist attractions, but the city’s hidden gems are what make it truly special. One such gem is the Sonsbeek Park, located in the heart of the city. A beautiful and serene park, it is perfect for family outings, picnics, or evening strolls.

Another lesser-known attraction is the Openlucht Museum, an open-air museum that traces the history of the Dutch people through the centuries. It features authentic buildings, gardens, and artifacts from different periods of Dutch history.

For a more intimate experience, visitors can explore the street art in Klarendal, a neighborhood that is known for its artistic community. The colorful murals and graffiti will give visitors a unique perspective on the city’s artistic culture.

Dining Spots: Savoring the Rich Flavors of Arnhem

Food and drink have always been a critical part of the Dutch culture, and Arnhem has a vibrant food scene. The city’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its location and cultural history. Visitors must try traditional Dutch dishes like Stamppot, a hearty mashed-potato dish topped with vegetables and smoked sausage. Another local favorite is the Poffertjes, fluffy mini-pancakes served with butter, sugar, and syrup.

For a unique dining experience, visit Arnhem’s Korenmarkt Square, home to a variety of restaurants and bars housed in beautifully restored historic buildings. Savor local cuisine while enjoying the picturesque view of the city.

Cultural Experiences: Embracing the Rich Heritage of Arnhem

Arnhem has a rich cultural heritage that visitors can explore in many ways. The city is home to several museums, including the Netherlands Open Air Museum, the Watermuseum, and the National Heritage Museum.

Visitors can also explore the city’s music and theater scene, which features concerts and performances from local artists. For a unique cultural experience, visitors can attend the annual Bridge to Liberation event, which commemorates the city’s role in World War II.

Local History: Discovering Fascinating Stories from Arnhem’s Past

Arnhem has a long and rich history, with tales of triumph and tragedy dating back centuries. Visitors can explore the city’s wartime history by visiting the Airborne Museum, which tells the story of the Battle of Arnhem in 1944.

For a lesser-known historical gem, visit the Eusebius Church, which has a turbulent past that includes being struck by lightning, damaged during the war, and rebuilt over the centuries. It offers visitors an awe-inspiring glimpse into the city’s tumultuous history.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Unforgettable Experiences in Arnhem

For those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure, consider exploring the Veluwe National Park. Located just outside Arnhem, the park offers hiking trails, bike paths, and stunning natural landscapes.

Another unique experience is the Sonsbeek Theater Avenue, a summer festival where performers, musicians, and artists entertain visitors with eclectic performances and installations.

In conclusion, Arnhem may not be the first city on a traveler’s itinerary, but by exploring its hidden gems and unique cultural offerings, visitors can experience a one-of-a-kind adventure that they won’t forget.

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Arnhem – What Is It and What Makes It So Special?

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