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Exploring the German Brewing Tradition with a Private Beer Tasting Tour of Old Town Frankfurt

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Exploring the German Brewing Tradition with a Private Beer Tasting Tour of Old Town Frankfurt

For visitors to Germany, the chance to explore its vast offerings in beer and unique beer culture is an experience fit for Buckingham Palace. Germany is known for its commitment to quality and its diverse beer options, each dependent on style, history, and region. Frankfurt, Germany has long been considered for its strong and deeply rooted tradition of brewing beer in its many varieties. The city is home to a range of beer styles, and offers a plethora of opportunities to explore this traditional craft.

In this guide, we will explore a private German beer tasting tour of Old Town Frankfurt that allow guests the opportunity to experience the brewing heritage of this great city while sampling a range of authentic German beers. We will cover topics such as what you can expect from the tour, where to find a tour, and what the cost of admission to the tour includes. Finally, we will discuss the different types of beers you might experience during the tour and what makes them so unique and delicious.

What Can You Expect From a Private Beer Tasting Tour?

A private beer tasting tour of Old Town Frankfurt offers guests an enhanced experience of sampling great German beer in a brilliant atmosphere. This kind of tour follows an itinerary that has been carefully crafted to offer something unique and informative. When you sign up for one of the many private beer tasting tours, you can expect a guided experience that will take you through some of the more famous neighbourhoods in Old Town Frankfurt and provide ample opportunity to sample some of the best beer that Germany has to offer.

The initial part of the tour will consist of an introduction to the different types of beers that are available in Frankfurt and surrounding areas, as well as some historical facts about the city and its beer culture. You will be able to sample various types of beers from local brewers, as well as imported beers from around the world. Along the way, your guide will provide insights into the brewing process and reveal other interesting facts about German drinking culture. You will also have plenty of time to savor the different offerings and ask your guide any questions you may have about the beers or any other pertinent topics.

Once the private tour has come to an end, there are usually additional opportunities to purchase any beers that you particularly enjoyed, as well as snacks and other specialty items. Furthermore, your guide may also be able to offer expertise on other local pubs or likely destinations where you can continue your explorations taking in all Germany has to offer in terms of a great beer culture.

Where Do You Find a Beer Tasting Tour?

Many companies offer private beer tasting tours in Frankfurt and it can sometimes be quite overwhelming to filter through all the options. One great option we recommend when exploring potential tours is GetYourGuide. This Berlin based tour booking platform with fantastic global coverage is such an easy one stop shop for booking tours, activities, experiences and attractions throughout Frankfurt and beyond. Not only is booking through GetYourGuide seamless but they also have been proactive in providing customer service and guarantees against cancellations or changes to plans caused due to coronavirus which are always great peace of mind benefits.

What is Included on the Tour?

One of the primary advantages of booking a private beer tasting tour with GetYourGuide is that often these packages include everything you need for a successful outing including transport, insider knowledge and support from local professionals, a range of beer tastings (often with souvenir glasses) and food and snacks. If you prefer to forego bike tours or other equipment offerings, there are usually more pedestrian friendly tours available in the selection provided on GetYourGuide as well.

The primary focus of these tours revolves around getting a better understanding of German beer culture, including tasting options from several microbreweries located in Old Town Frankfurt. The local ingredients used for making these beers, their flavor profiles, aromas, and other nuances will be discussed by your guide as you embark on a private beer tasting adventure around some of the most interesting neighborhoods in Frankfurt.

An Overview of German Beer Types

PilsnerThis is a light lager style that clocks around 4%-6%. There are both pale variations brewed with pale malts and light coloured variations brewed with dark malts (Dunkel Pilsner). The two main variations prevalent today are German Pilsner and Czech Pilsner.
Weissbier (Wheat Beer)Wheat beers are brewed with at least 50% wheat malt in addition to barley malt (the rest). This gives them their characteristic cloudy appearance due to suspended wheat proteins. The two main styles available include Hefeweizen (unfiltered wheat beers) and Kristallweizen (filtered wheat beers).
MärzenThese are malty lagers that typically come in copper/orange colours. Traditionally they were brewed during cooler months due to a lack of refrigeration so they could last until summertime festivals.
AltbierAltbier is an old-style ale typically found around Düsseldorf and Dortmund areas in Germany. It is similar to other European ales such as Kölsch or English bitters but drier and richer with more dark malt.

Aside from well-known brews such as Munich’s Helles or Dortmund’s Dortmunder Export lagers, during your tour you may have the opportunity to expand your palate with more unique offerings such as a Kölsch or even one of Germany’s many specialty sour ales such as Gose or Berliner Weisse. The chance to drink some German craft beer that cannot be found anywhere else makes such tours uniquely rewarding experience full of exceptional taste sensations.

The Cost of The Tour

Costs of these types of tours will depend on your group size and what specific elements you decide to include. Adult ticket prices usually range from 35 – 50 Euro per person depending on how many participants’ join your excursion and what accommodation type they choose.

Keep in mind that if you go out from your way on Public Transportation during your excursion, then there may be associated costs for this depending on the structure of your outing.

However no matter what you decide on during the tour and what it ends up costing in total – isn’t it worth absorbing costs for such an amazing experience? We certainly think so!


< p>At the end of the day there are many ways for visitors to spend time in Germany. However for those looking for truly unique experience with deep connections to German Heritage – then exploring Old Town Frankfurt through a private beer tasting tour may just be exactly what you’re looking for! With so many amazing flavours to sample, wonderful sights to take in, and fascinating stories to learn – this type of tour makes it easy to connect with traditional German bits right smack dab in the heart of one its most infamous cities.

< p> If this activity sparks your curiosity then why not check out GetYourGuide, explore all available options, book your slot, grab some friends – and enjoy one of Frankfurt’s most iconic pastimes!

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