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Exploring Torres del Paine – A Full Day Tour in El Calafate

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Exploring Torres del Paine – A Full Day Tour in El Calafate

El Calafate is a fantastic base for nature lovers and adventurers, especially those keen on exploring Patagonia. Located in the southernmost part of South America, this Argentinian city offers the opportunity to see some of the most amazing landscapes in the world.

One of the most popular destinations around El Calafate is Torres del Paine National Park. Named after the awe-inspiring three granite spires, or “towers’, which stand at the center of the park, Torres del Paine provides visitors with the opportunity to explore a variety of fantastic landscapes and areas. From glaciers and lakes, to soaring mountains and vast plains, it’s an area bursting with all kind of diverse wildlife, making it perfect for outdoors-lovers.

If you are interested in exploring Torres del Paine but don’t have too much time to spare, then a full day tour from El Calafate might just be what you need. Taking care of all the transportation and with knowledgeable guides, a full day tour is the ideal way of taking in this stunning park in a time efficient manner. But what should be looked for when picking a full day tour in El Calafate? What can visitors expect, and is it worth every penny? Read on to find out!

Choosing the right tour: What should I look for?

When choosing a full day tour in El Calafate, it’s important to ensure you do your research properly – this means looking into what different companies have to offer, their reputation, and customer reviews. Depending on your interests and priorities when traveling, there will be certain areas where you may want to spend more or less time. Make sure that you pick a company that covers the points that make sense for you.

A good tour should include transport from El Calafate to the park and back, and lunch should also be included in the price. Most full day tour companies are also happy to provide guests with an English-speaking guide. It’s usually well worth it to request a guide as they will be able to explain the history of the area as well as explain why certain areas are so significant, particularly if they are native to the area themselves.

Some tours may offer packages that include activities such as horse-riding or kayaking, or visits to additional nearby attractions. It’s also worth checking whether your tour includes entry tickets or if that needs to be purchased separately.

What will I see on a full day trip?

The main draw of a full day trip from El Calafate will be a visit to Torres del Paine national park itself. Most tours last between 8-10 hours and can usually cover a good part of the park. Expect to see some or all of the following highlights:

* Grey Glacier
* Los Cuernos
* Salto Grande Waterfall
* Los Perros Glacier
* Lake Pehoé
* French Valley

The way this works is that most tours provide what is known as a “circuit’ around the park – this means that you will cover one loop rather than exploring different locations within the park independently. The order and length of time spent at each attraction will depend on your tour operator and can vary, so always check with your guide or ask other travelers what their experience has been like.

What should I expect on my tour?

Much like with any other type of tour, it’s important to bear in mind that a full day tour from El Calafate is an organized trip with other guests and should be treated as such. Depending on where you go, you may be sharing a bus with up to 40 people or even more and despite your best efforts, this could easily result in delays. Try not to let this affect your overall experience of a Torres del Paine tour – remember that you are here for the stunning scenery!

As space on each shuttle is limited, it’s important to plan out what you hope to see before you arrive – this way you have a better chance of getting your desired stop(s). Due to the large size of the park and limited size of most buses, splitting into smaller groups and planning ahead can help save frustration down the line. Finally, ensure you have adequate supplies, such as sun cream and food, as these are not usually provided on the full day tours.

Personal opinion

Exploring Patagonia is on many adventurers’ bucket list, and for good reason! Seeing Torres del Paine for yourself is definitely worth it – nothing can quite compete with views of this grand national park. There’s something special about seeing so much history, nature and wildlife within one place. Plus, you don’t need too much time – a single day trip from El Calafate could be enough to make lasting memories if planned properly! With a little bit of research and planning ahead, any traveler can make the most out of their time there, soaking up as much of this enchanting place as possible – making it an ideal destination for busy souls!

If you would like to join a full day tour from El Calafate and explore some of South America’s gems, then consider booking one through GetYourGuide’s website. Make sure you check out reviews from previous customers before making any decision as each tour operator may offer something slightly different from another. Bon voyage!

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Exploring Torres del Paine – A Full Day Tour in El Calafate

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