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Melbourne New Year’s Eve Bar Crawl

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Melbourne New Year’s Eve Bar Crawl: All You Need to Know for 2023 Festivities

New Year’s Eve is a time where we all get together to celebrate the end of one year and the start of a new one. And what better way to do it than in the vibrant city of Melbourne? Whether you’re looking for a wild and crazy night out with friends or a more intimate celebration for two, the city has something for everyone to enjoy. One of the best ways to experience this blissful night and make sure you hit up all the hottest spots is to join a pub crawl.

What Exactly is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is an organised social event, usually held in the evening, where people move from bar to bar, enjoying discounts and drinks along the way. Melbournian pub crawls are typically open to anyone that is over 18 and can provide a unique and fun way to mix and mingle while exploring different parts of the city.

What Can I Expect on a New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl?

On a Melbournian pub crawl, you can expect an entire evening filled with great music, drinks, and games. You’ll also have the chance to meet interesting people and make some unforgettable memories. The crawls are guided by experienced professionals that can help guide you throughout the night and make sure you’re having the night of your life.

What Will I Get on the Melbourne Pub Crawl?

The ultimate Melbourne pub crawl experience is something truly unforgettable. Participants will get access to exclusive New Year’s Eve discounts, experience the nightlife of Melbourne in style, and get to enjoy beverages from top quality bars located around the city.

What Other Benefits Do Pub Crawls in Melbourne Offer?

Besides getting access to exclusive discounts and drinks, participants on pub crawls in Melbourne will get laid-back vibes, amazing memories, and some time away from their bustling everyday lives. Crawls are also great if you’re new to the city and looking for an fun way to get familiar with its multiple neighborhoods. Not only that, but pub crawls can make planning your New Year’s Eve a breeze – no more worrying about where you’ll go when or who will be there; everything is already taken care of.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The only potential disadvantage of pub crawls is if you don’t have a designated driver along with you on the crawl or if your driver spills one too many drinks. Without a plan for getting home safely, you may end up stranded somewhere or having to pay for a cab ride back to your destination.

What Are Some Popular Pub Crawls in Melbourne?

When it comes to pub crawls, there are plenty of great options to choose from in Melbourne. For those looking for an energetic and lively bar crawl, there’s the Legendary Pub Crawls tour which takes participants to some of the area’s hottest bars and live music venues. For those looking for something a bit more exclusive and upscale, there are smaller boutique bars located around the city such as Melbourne Laneway Pub Tours and Melbourne Grand Pub Tour. Lastly, for those more interested in cocktails and craft beers, there’s After Dark: A Craft Beer & Cocktail Bar Crawl which takes place in both the CBD and St Kilda.

How Much Do Pub Crawls in Melbourne Typically Cost?

The cost of a pub crawl can vary if tickets are purchased through an agency or directly with the bar organizers. However, typical cost ranges from $15-$50 per person depending on the type of crawl you participate in and the types of beverages you enjoy along the way.

Where Can I Find More Information About Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve Bar Crawls?

If you are interested in joining a New Year’s Eve Bar Crawl in Melbourne, you can find more information about tickets and packages at Viator. By booking through their site, you’ll be able to get the most up-to-date information regarding special offers and discounts, as well as other add-ons that may be available such as transportation services and destination guides so you know where to go next!


As mentioned before, New Year’s Eve is a great time to let loose and celebrate with friends old or new. With so many amazing bar crawls available throughout Melbourne this 2023 season, finding your perfect celebration should be easy! From discounted drinks to getting access to some of Melbourne’s hottest bars, all while meeting new people, what more could you ask for? Make sure you plan ahead by purchasing tickets through Viator so you don’t miss out on any of this year’s festivities!

sander sammy Rrms3mAAn1M unsplash

Melbourne New Year’s Eve Bar Crawl

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