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Pub Crawl and International Party in Prague

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Pub Crawl and International Party in Prague

For those who travel to Prague, the Czech Republic, looking for an authentic and exciting nightlife experience, then a pub crawl and international party is just the right choice. Whether you’re a tourist staying in Prague or a local who wants to explore the city, a pub crawl and international party tour is something you will definitely enjoy. This guide will provide helpful information and top tips on how to experience the most vibrant and fun-filled nights in Prague.

What to Expect From Pub Crawl and International Party Tour?

During the pub crawl and international party tour, you and a group of fellow explorers will be guided by a professional guide and socialize with locals who know the secrets of the nightlife. As you make your way through the alleys and bars that compose the famous Prague nightlife, you’ll gain useful information about various pubs, clubs, and local drinks.

The variety of nightlife activities is endless. Depending on the tour that you choose and opt in for, your group may have the opportunity to boogie your way in the dynamic clubs, sample traditional Czech drinks such as beer and wine, or even perform elegant salsa steps.

What Are Benefits of Pub Crawl and International Party Tours?

Pub crawl and international parties are ideal for those first-time visitors in Prague who want to immerse themselves in Czech culture, music, dance, and drinks. Not only are there great chances to mingle with local people, but you’re always guaranteed to have a lot of fun. Furthermore, pub crawl and international parties provide wonderful opportunities to explore the city further during the night and discover hidden corners of Prague’s incredible nightlife.

Planning Ahead For Your Pub Crawl and International Party Tour

Before going out on a pub crawl and international party tour, be sure to do some research on the day’s plan. Make sure you plan ahead and check out the tour itinerary before-hand. It’s also important to check their reviews beforehand to ensure that the outfit is reliable, the drinks are safe, and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

It’s also beneficial to read about other participation stories on websites like Tripadvisor or for an unbiased overview about the experience. Reading about others’ experiences may give you an idea about which venues you might prefer to visit and also allow you to get a glimpse into the selection of drinks available on the pub crawl.

Best Time to Visit Prague

As it is quite a popular destination, Prague is quite frequently visited throughout the year by both local people and tourists alike! Knowing when to hop onto the pub crawl tours is key if you want to benefit from exclusive discounts or particular events occurring throughout the year.

Prague’s warmest month is July with an average daytime temperature of 24°C (76°F). This period generally coincides with fewer visitors due to most families being away on holiday during this time as colleges are closed. Nevertheless, it isn’t hard to assume that this month can be quite an intense one with higher prices for accommodation, flights and everything else related.

The shoulder seasons from mid-May to June, September to mid-November, can be more reasonable both for your wallet and for certain experiences. Pragues’ autumn is quite nice as there are fewer crowds at this time; nonetheless it’s also worth mentioning that temperatures may drop as low as 10°C (50°F) during this period.

Where to Find The Best Pub Crawl And International Party Tours?

Finding a great pub crawl and international party can be easily done online these days. The best tours out there are all listed on reputable ticket vendors like GetYourGuide who provide a variety of international party tours and pub crawls, that feature unique experiences depending on each traveler’s needs. GetYourGuide offers a wide selection of different pub crawl tours as well as international parties which enable you to find an excursion that caters to your nighttime needs without having to attend several companies yourself. All details such as meeting times and locations are conveniently listed so that you don’t have any hiccups on your big night out.

When booking your tour on GetYourGuide, you can pick from weekday or weekend options where the pubs offered for each day may differ in terms of popularity or themes chosen for each outing. The types of activities can also vary depending on what has been booked – some tours may feature specific music genres or special events taking place from one week to another so it is important to read descriptions carefully before making any decisions.

If you are looking for a comprehensive yet truly unique pub crawl and international party experience in Prague then consider signing up for one of GetYourGuide’s amazing tours today! From traditional Czech beer tastings to attending world-class parties around town with access to exclusive venues – whatever your wildest dreams may be – GetYourGuide can make them come true! For full details and updates about tours visit this link.

Other Night Activities In Prague

Aside from the amazing pub crawls and international parties in Prague there are various other activities that might interest tourists when coming here.

Theater Performances

The Theater Go Round at Smetana Plaza has been successfully showcasing theater performance since 2010. It’s an outdoor mini theater but it’s fully equipped with professional sound equipment, a stage and then rest of technical gear necessary for awesome shows. The performances takes place during all seasons where a new show is produced each week by local actors in genres like comedies, dramas or musicals catering to a wide range of audiences.


Paintballing has become a very popular activity among locals and tourists alike in Prague these days especially due to its awesome game scenarios like replica of Ancient Rome city or Old Castle Entrance from which players can choose from before competing against one another. Paintballing is both exciting and challenging; its an awesome way for first time travelers to Prague meet new people during their stay here as its quite an interactive sport that can involve both small and large groups of players.

Night Street Art Tours

Art is an integral part of any culture and it’s arguably the most vibrant form of expression in the world today. The night street art tours in Prague will take visitors through some gaping alleyways while they view amazing murals that tell stories about contemporary art or culture without saying anything at all. Alongside activities like watching fantastic projections done by talented local artists or playing board games in cozy cafes, no trip to Prague would be complete without experiencing its vibrant street art culture firsthand!

Prague is sure to give visitors an unforgettable experience no matter whether they decide go on a pub crawl or international party tour or choose another activity worthy of their time here. With its vibrant culture, ample nightlife activities, and great mix of diverse entertainment options – Prague has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking to just chill out during dinners or explore all that Prague has to offer after sunset – each traveler could potentially find something special here just right for them! To get more information about the pub crawl or international party tour visit this link.

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Pub Crawl and International Party in Prague

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