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What Are the Best Tourist Attractions in Mexico City?

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What Are the Best Tourist Attractions in Mexico City?

Mexico City is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. It’s full of art, culture, history, and all sorts of amazing things to do and see. With so much on offer, it can be hard to narrow down your options when it comes to planning a trip. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of our favorite tourist attractions in Mexico City so you don’t miss out on anything.

The Floating Gardens of Xochimilco

Head to one of the most iconic places in Mexico City – Xochimilco, often referred to as the Venice of Mexico! Here you’ll find the famous floating gardens, or chinampas, which were built by the Aztecs over 500 years ago. It’s an amazing sight to behold and a great experience escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. You can take a boat tour around the canals and enjoy the stunning scenery, traditional Mexican food, and Mariachi music that fills the air.

The Historic Center

The Historic Center of Mexico City is a must-see for any tourist visiting the city. The wide streets are lined with well-preserved colonial buildings, grand plazas, parks, and historic monuments from Mexico City’s rich past. The iconic Zocalo square has plenty to explore and is a great starting point for any visit. The Metropolitan Cathedral is another highlight and the oldest church in all of Latin America. Be sure to check out the Palacio de Bellas Artes too – it’s a stunning piece of architecture and filled with impressive works of art from local Mexican painters.

Chapultepec Park

No trip would be complete without a visit to Bosque de Chapultepec – Mexico City’s largest park. Covering over 1,700 acres, it’s easy to feel lost in this idyllic green oasis surrounded by tall trees and flowers. You can spend hours walking around the man-made lakes, historical sites and museums, or exploring the zoo, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. For more thrills, head to the theme park; Lacitos del Bosque. It’s great fun for both adults and children and full of exciting rides!

The Anthropology Museum

The Anthropology Museum houses over 600,000 artifacts from cultures around the world. It’s one of the largest and most important museums in Mexico City and should definitely not be missed. As well as interactive exhibits and cultural displays, there’s also an outdoor garden showing sculptures from 21 countries. Spend an afternoon discovering centuries-old relics from ancient civilizations that once lived in this part of the world – such an informative and interesting experience!


Coyoacan is a charming district filled with colourful buildings and cobblestone streets. It has a distinct atmosphere that seems to be lost in time; it’s as if you’ve been transported to a different era! Take a stroll around the area, explore the museum dedicated to acclaimed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, or visit the vibrant local markets – there’s something here for everyone. Once you’re hungry, head to the Mercado de Coyoacan; it’s a great place to sample some traditional Mexican dishes at affordable prices too.


With so much to do and see, Mexico City is sure to provide an unforgettable visit for tourists. From the man-made beauty of Xochimilco to Coyoacan’s delightful atmosphere, there are so many wonderful things to experience in this vibrant city. For anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure filled with culture, history and art – Mexico City is just what you need! For more information about visiting Mexico City, visit this website.

An Insider’s Guide to the Best Tourist Attractions in Mexico City

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is a vibrant and colorful city, that is full of life and history. It has a rich cultural heritage that is expressed in its cuisine, art, music, and architecture. It is filled with plenty of attractions that cater to every interest and is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Mexico.

Local Attractions

There are many local attractions in Mexico City that will keep you mesmerized throughout your stay in the city. Some of the top attractions include:

Chapultepec Castle: This is a magnificent castle located in the middle of the Chapultepec Park, with stunning views over the city. It houses one of Mexico City’s most important museums with exhibits on the history of Mexico and its pre-Columbian civilizations.

The National Museum of Anthropology: This museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in history or anthropology. It houses an impressive collection of artifacts from pre-Columbian civilizations, including the Aztecs and Maya.

The Palace of Fine Arts: This beautiful building is undoubtedly the most iconic in the city, with Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences. It hosts a variety of exhibitions, concerts, and shows, making it a great place to relax and soak up some culture.

Dining Spots

Mexico City is famous for its delicious food and has a flourishing dining scene with restaurants that cater to every budget. Here are some of the best dining spots in the city that are worth a visit:

Balcón del Zócalo: This restaurant that offers one of the best views of the city from its balcony overlooking the Zócalo Square. It serves delicious, traditional Mexican cuisine, and is the perfect place for a romantic dinner.

Rojo Bistrot: This upscale restaurant is famous for its steak dishes, which are cooked to perfection and served with a variety of sides. With its cozy atmosphere and high-quality food, it’s the ideal place for a special occasion.

El Califa: This spot is famous for its tacos pastor and serves some of the best Mexican street food in the city. It is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike.

Cultural Experiences

Mexico City is known for its indigenous culture and has many cultural experiences that visitors should check out. Here are some of the best cultural experiences you should add to your itinerary:

Frida Kahlo Museum: Also known as the Blue House, this is the house where the famous artist Frida Kahlo was born and lived. Her home has been transformed into a museum showcasing her works, as well as her personal belongings.

Teotihuacan Pyramids: These iconic pyramids are located about an hour outside the city and were built by the Teotihuacan civilization. It’s a fascinating place to visit if you’re interested in archaeological sites, and offers breathtaking views of the city.

Lucha libre: This is Mexico City’s version of wrestling and is something that should definitely be experienced. This form of entertainment features wrestlers dressed in colorful costumes performing acrobatic moves.

Local History

Mexico City is filled with a rich and fascinating history, going back centuries. Here are a few historic sites to visit that will give you insight into the city’s past:

Templo Mayor: This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico City. It was once the center of the Aztec Empire and is home to a variety of artifacts.

Palacio Nacional: This palace is located in the Zócalo Square and was once the residence of the Aztec emperors. Today, it is the seat of the Mexican government and houses a variety of historical murals.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

Finally, for those who like to get off the beaten path, here are a few hidden gems in Mexico City that you might want to explore:

Coyoacán: This is a charming neighborhood in the southern part of the city, known for its beautiful colonial architecture, art galleries, and restaurants.

Xochimilco: This is a network of canals and islands that was once an agricultural area but is now a popular tourist attraction. You can hire boats called trajineras, and float around while enjoying food, drink, and live music.

San Ángel: This is another historic neighborhood in Mexico City with a village-like atmosphere. It’s full of beautiful colonial architecture, art galleries, and restaurants.


Mexico City has plenty to offer for tourists, with vibrant architecture, rich cultural heritage, impressive cuisine, and numerous attractions steeped in history. From fine dining to off-the-beaten-path locations, there is something for every traveler in this iconic city, and you are bound to enjoy your stay.

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What Are the Best Tourist Attractions in Mexico City?

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