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Experience a Spectacular Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with Glass of Cava in Málaga

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Experience a Spectacular Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with Glass of Cava in Málaga

Are you looking for a unique way to take in the stunning views of Málaga during the sunset? Whether you are in the city for a day or a week, booking a Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with a glass of Cava will turn your visit into an unforgettable experience.

A sailing trip on the Mediterranean Sea promises to be one of the highlights of your visit to Málaga. And to make your experience even more special, you can choose to add a glass of Cava as an accompaniment to your trip. This special offer includes all the necessary equipment, including a professional skipper who can provide instructions and guide you while on the trip.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about sunset sailing trips in Málaga. We will share some of the best things to do while in this exciting city and provide you with detailed information about all the available options for sunset sailing in Málaga. We will also provide tips regarding what to bring with you as well as how to find the best deals and discounts. Finally, we will provide a step-by-step guide explaining how to book a Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with Glass of Cava in Málaga.

Where to Find the Best Sunset Sailing Tours in Málaga?

Málaga is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, historic monuments, and vibrant nightlife. But it is also one of the best places for sailing in Europe. The Mediterranean Sea offers calm waters, ideal for those looking for adventure or just a relaxing cruise.

If you are looking for the best place to book your Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with Glass of Cava in Málaga, then you can explore the options offered by local tour operators and companies. P&L Sailing, Coast Adventures, and Get Your Guide are some of the most reliable online tour operators that offer sailing tours in Málaga.

Sail with P&L Sailing

P&L Sailing offers a wide range of experiences in sailing, ranging from private charters to sunset cruises. The company provides an experienced and professional team specialising in smooth sailing and providing excellent customer service.

The Sunset Catamaran Sail & Prosecco cruise with P&L Sailing is one of their most popular experiences. This tour takes visitors on a 90-minute journey that combines incredible views of both the city and the sea. It includes a glass of Prosecco to enjoy while taking in the stunning views.

The tour departs from the Malagueta Beach and the staff provide everything from lifejackets to the drinks. This tour is available from Monday to Sunday at different times depending on the season and availability. You can check current rates and book online directly on their website: P&L Sailing.

Sail With Costa Adventures

Costa Adventures provides sailing trips from from Malaga’s seafront and provides an amazing view of the coastline. They offer different sailing experiences along the Costa del Sol coast.

Their Sunset Prosecco Sail is a unique experience that allows visitors to sail out into the Mediterranean while enjoying the sunset and drinking a glass of Prosecco or other drinks that are included in the package. The experience takes around 3 hours and is available every day except Monday.

This company also provides a professional skipper as well as essential safety items such as life jackets. More information about this experience can be found on their official website: Costa Adventures.

Sail with GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is an online platform that makes it easy for visitors to find last minute activities as well as pre-booked experiences. They offer a wide range of activities in Spain including sailing trips around Málaga.

Their Sunset Catamaran Cruise with Glass of Cava experience is perfect for those looking for an incredible evening cruise on board a catamaran. It provides stunning views of Málaga bay while taking in the beautiful sunset. Visitors have the chance to enjoy seafood snacks, fresh fruit, and cool drinks while sailing.

The tour is offered daily with different departure times depending on availability. It is important to arrive 15 minutes before departure time in order to check-in and board the catamaran with enough time. You can find more information and book this tour directly on their website: GetYourGuide.

What Else To Do in Málaga?

No visit to Málaga would be complete without exploring one of its many attractions. Here are some of the best things to do during your stay in this incredible city:

Visit The Alcazaba:

This fortress is a Moorish palace located at the foot of The Gibralfaro Castle and was built during 1057– 1063 by Badis Ben Habus, Sultan of Granada and Málaga’s governor at that time. The Alcazaba is open to visitors every day between 9:30am-8pm during winter months and 9:30am-11pm during summer months.

Explore The Picasso Museum:

The Museo Picasso Malaga is one of the largest collections of original works from the world-renowned painter, Pablo Picasso. This museum houses an impressive 224 original works of art from Picasso himself as well as works from other renowned painters such as Paul Cezanne, Francisco de Goya, Eyvind Earle and more. The museum is open daily between 9:30am – 8pm during winter months, and 9:30am – 11pm during summer months.

Visit Málaga Cathedral:

Malaga Cathedral is a beautiful Baroque cathedral that was built during 1528–1782 with stone from the old mosque that stood at its place in the past centuries.The cathedral is open to visitors every day between 10 am – 6 pm during winter months and 12 pm – 6 pm during summer months.

Explore Castillo de Gibralfaro:

Gibralfaro Castle was built during 1028–1487 by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada, as a military fortress located at the top of Gibralfaro mountain. The castle is open from 9am – 8 pm every day except on Monday when it is closed all day long.

Walk along La Malagueta Beach:

La Malagueta Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Málaga and its surroundings. Located along La Malagueta Boulevard, this beach is ideal for swimming, watersports activities, riding bikes or simply wandering around. This beach has blue flag certification which means it meets quality standards as per criteria introduced by the Spanish Tourist Board, making it one of the best beaches in Europe.

Stop by Oficina del Mar:

Oficina del Mar is one of Málaga’s oldest attractions where visitors can enjoy great activities like scuba diving, jet skiing and boat trips around the coastline or around its neighbouring islands Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. The office is open Monday – Saturday from 9am – 7pm, while on Sundays they are open from 11 am – 2pm & 4 pm – 7pm.

Walk Down Calle Larios:

Calle Larios is considered one of the most beautiful streets in all Andalusia and one of the shopping centres par excellence of Málaga where visitors can find a variety of boutiques, shops and restaurants offering delicious local dishes and drinks from many different countries around Europe. This street is open from Monday – Saturday 10am – 10pm, while on Sundays it is open 12pm – 10 pm.

With so many things to see and do in Málaga, it’s no wonder why this destination is one of Spain’s most popular cities! From wandering around its vibrant streets ad admiring its vibrant street art to tasting its delicious cuisine, Malaga will always have something new and exciting waiting for you!

Overview – What To Expect From The Sunset Sailing Trip with Glass And Cava

A Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with Glass of Cava promises to be an incredible experience in this wonderful city. Here’s an overview of what you can expect during this tour:

  • Duration :: 1 – 2 hours depending on availability.
  • Experience :: 90 minutes sailing cruise included with a glass of Prosecco.
  • Location :: Departs from Malagueta Beach.
  • Check-in :: 15 minutes before departure time in order to check-in.

Price may vary according to different providers but at GetYourGuide you will find amazing deals like a 79€ package including not only a glass of Cava but also snacks such as fresh fruits, seafood snacks including local prawns or mussels and much more if you book your trip through this link: GetYourGuide.

A Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip combined with a glass of Prosecco is definitely an experience not to be missed while visiting Málaga! This relaxation experience promises stunning views while taking in unrivaled views of Málaga bay during sunset without missing out on sampling some delicious tapas dishes that can be served along with your glass of Prosecco or any other drink you choose! While it may be a bit pricy for some budget travelers, it would totally be worth it for those looking for a unique way to truly explore what Spain has to offer!

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Experience a Spectacular Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with Glass of Cava in Málaga

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!