Hidden Bar Tour in Melbourne

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Hidden Bar Tour in Melbourne: A Guide to Nightlife and Drinking Tips

Melbourne offers a vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, pubs, clubs and dancefloors. For those of you who are interested in exploring the hidden gems of the city without having to search for hours and hours, this guide will be a great help. We will provide you with the tips and tricks on how to sip cups of the finest cocktails, enjoy local beer and listen to the best music. Let’s jump right in!

Bar & Pub Scene

Melbourne is known for its lively and diverse atmosphere which you could witness when you visit bars and pubs in the city. When it comes to beer and drinks, Melbourne offers a real treat as there are tons of options – from local craft beer to some mouth-watering cocktails. Not only do you get to enjoy great drinks but you can also mingle with people from different parts of the world and listen to some of the best music here.

When you decide to sample some of the classic or rare beers that Melbourne offers, start your journey at any of these pubs: The Box Kite, Dear O’Dea’s, Gertrude’s Blues & Brews, The Kurnell Hotel or The Small Footprint. Here you can get a taste of traditional beers and ales, as well as more daring concoctions if you wish.

Speaking of more adventurous options, there are plenty of hidden bars in Melbourne worth exploring. Get your passport ready and list landmarks like The Manhattan Club, Press Club, The Croft Institute, The Everleigh and Society Melbourne. These bars specialize in different styles of cocktails and drinks. Here you can get a glimpse of bartending with top bartenders who are passionate about creating unique drinks for their guests.

Nightclubs & Music Venues

Apart from awesome beer places, there is a wide selection of nightclubs and music venues in Melbourne to try out. Whether you are into EDM music or prefer classic rock or R&B music, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can start your journey by dancing at Capitano, Playroom, Swanston Hall or Balzac. All these places have their own vibe, so make sure to explore them all and see which one suits your music preference the most.

If you are looking for live music then start planning your night out at Esplanade Hotel, Corner Hotel, The Tote or DingDong Lounge. Here you will find music from different parts of the world and genres – from funk, soul and reggae to jazz and alternative. Or if you want to create your own world-wide experience then visit venues like Yarraville Club or Retreat Hotel where local teams are ready to welcome you with open arms.

Hidden Gems In The City

When searching for hidden gems within the city you will come across some of the most extraordinary bars and venues in Melbourne. At places like Pawn & Co., Loose Moose Stringers Club or Eau de Vie you can experience more than just a regular bar – each one of them offers something unique. From unique interior design to amazing service and cocktail choices – these establishments are not to be missed.

Another hidden gem worth exploring is The Keys Bar in South Melbourne – this place is well known for its cocktail crafting as well as vintage wines served with fresh antipasto platters. For a unique dinner experience – try Faraday’s Cage located upstairs in an old distillery – line down delicious seafood and sizzling steaks while joining in on a beer brewing session.

Choose The Right Experience

Choosing the best experience during your nightlife adventure in Melbourne might seem like a daunting task – however, don’t worry as with a little bit of research you will be able to find something that suits your need perfectly. Depending on what you want out of your evening activity we suggest one of these experiences:

For a holistic bar experience – head straight for The Melbourne Un Pub Crawl – an entertaining guided tour through some of the city’s finest pubs and bars. You get to explore a variety of drinks and snacks provided in different establishments while learning about each place’s unique history.

For gin fans – try the Gin Masterclass Tour in Richmond where you get to create your own gin as well as tasting gin from all around the world accompanied by tasty snacks.

If craft beer is more your thing – why not take a self-guided tour around some of the finest craft beer breweries that Melbourne has to offer? Visit places like Westside Ale Works, Coppersmith Brewing or Stomping Ground Brewery, learn about beer brewing process while enjoying some delicious beers with friends.

Safety Tips

No matter what type of experience you choose it is always important to stay safe. Here are some tips that will help:

  • Know your limits – Melbourne drinking culture might be appealing but keep in mind that it is never too late to stop drinking or have glass of water.
  • Always keep an eye on your drink – even if it is a closed bottle.
  • Stay with your friends – don’t wander alone during late hours.
  • Know when to say “No’ – if someone is asking for drink that is too strong for your taste or pressuring you into drinking more – just say “No’.
  • Plan your journey – don’t plan on driving after drinking.

These few tips should make your nightlife experience in Melbourne safer and more enjoyable. With so many attractions available there should be no difficulty in organizing your own unique tour around this amazing city. From rooftop bars serving exotic cocktails to well known beer establishments surrounded by tasty food – plan your journey according to your interests or explore all at once!

No matter what type of nightlife experience you choose – keep safety in mind and remember that The Melbourne Un Pub Crawl is always a great way to explore some amazing places that this city offers.

Hidden Bar Tour in Melbourne

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