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What is a beer bike and is it worth seeing Prague by one?

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What is a beer bike and is it worth seeing Prague by one?

Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital city, is a stunning European destination brimming with culture, beauty and nightlife. With so much to see and do, many holidaymakers and visitors are torn over which attractions should take priority. One increasingly popular way of getting a unique view of the city and its landmarks is to explore by beer bike. But just what is a beer bike, and is investing in one of these tours worth it?

What is a beer bike?

A beer bike tour lets you do exactly what it says on the tin – sightsee around Prague while pedalling along on a multi-hectoliter beer pedal cart. These carts can fit up to 16 people at once, and come supplied with beer, snacks and space for your own food and drinks. The driver for the tour is also the designated beer pourer and will be on-hand to help keep the drinks topped up as you tour around.

You will have an expert tour leader who will discuss the city’s history and culture while you pedal around the streets, passing by landmarks such as the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the 17th-century Astronomical Clock. Your guide may also point out some of the local pubs to stop at if you wish.

How much does a beer bike tour cost?

There is a variety of beers on offer throughout the tour, as well as snacks such as cheese platters, cold meats and salads. The cost of a beer bike tour varies, but it is generally around €30 – €50 for two hours. For those who are celebrating a special occasion such as a stag or hen party, there are also tours available from €90 to €120. It is recommended to book at least 3 days in advance to avoid disappointment.

What experience can one expect?

The beer bike experience starts before you even enter your transport for the tour, with vibrant door decorations that set the atmosphere for the rest of your time on the bike. You will be feeling joyous and content from the get go, due in no small part to the available beer, soft drinks and snacks that are provided for all participants.

Once you are settled into your designated driver seat, expect full concentration from everyone involved in the tour to ensure that everyone moves together silently and in synchronization. Don’t be surprised if you quickly break into singing whilst enjoying your refreshments from the cooled beer fridge that’s located in front of each seat.

The ride itself is quite smooth and stable, meaning you won’t be jostled about whilst attempting to enjoy the views of Prague’s iconic scenic spots. Plus, your designated guide will be pointing out all of the fascinating facts about each landmark as you pass by, giving you a true insight into the city and its history. After completing your two hour tour you may well marvel at the impact this unique experience has had on your time in Prague.

What are the benefits of a beer bike tour?

From entertainment value, to experiencing the beauty of Prague’s old cobblestone roads and art galleries, there are plenty of advantages to signing up for a tour by beer bike. First and foremost, what better way to get around and take in the sights of such an elegant European city than to pedal away at your own leisure? A relaxed journey behind the wheel gives you plenty of time to create photographs of your memories between pints!

Plus, you get to enjoy all the attractions that this city has to offer, such as Vyšehrad which houses some of Europe’s most famous artwork – cue an epic walking tour for those who can manage it post-pedal! Finally, all of your drinks are included in the cost of your ticket – a treat that most can’t ignore.

How long does a beer bike ride usually last?

The length of your beer bike tour depends on what option you have chosen when booking with your tour operator. Most tours run for two hours covering around six kilometers of focal points around Prague’s Old Town. This normally allows time to take in some sights as well as allowing some regular stops along route to enjoy drinks and snacks that have been supplied in your ticket price.

Is a beer bike worth seeing Prague?

A beer bike is without a doubt worth considering when choosing an activity for exploration in Prague! These tours are perfect for daytime sightseeing or enjoying at night with friends – plus there’s always your dedicated driver who takes care of pedaling duties whilst you sit back and relax with your preferred beverage from a selection provided by your tour operator.

If you’d like to experience something unique during your visit to Prague, then a beer bike from GetYourGuide should be at the top of your list! Not only do you get views of breathtaking sights like Prague Castle, but also get delight in fantastic prices for tickets starting from only €50. Plus there’s no need to worry about being able to handle the vehicle – all bikes come with an experienced driver who represents your group throughout the event!

If you’d like to experience something truly special whilst discovering Prague by pedal-power, why not book an unforgettable Prague Beer Bike Sightseeing Tour? This two-hour adventure includes everything from spectacular views of landmarks like Charles Bridge to bubbled perfection from an array of beers laid on for all riders. Plus there’s even options for onboard snacks should you get peckish en route! GetYourGuide offers several choices between both public and private sessions for those wishing to add a truly unique cultural spin to their Prague trip – book now and make those memories last!

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What is a beer bike and is it worth seeing Prague by one?

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